Dogs : Best Column
Certain dogs, including Uggie from "The Artist,"  have what it takes to convey enough charisma and emotion to be considered actors, says Brian Wheeler at BBC News.

The Artist: Can Hollywood dogs actually act?

As the argument continues over whether a Jack Russell terrier deserves an Oscar nod for his work in the silent film, says Brian Wheeler at BBC News, a parallel debate emerges

Dogs : Instant Guide
It may be more than a look: New research finds that dogs sense human emotion based on our eye contact and facial expressions.

Does your dog actually know what you're thinking?

A new study claims that dogs are able to read our facial expressions and anticipate our desires — just like human babies do

Dogs : Controversy
A drug-sniffing chocolate Lab detected marijuana outside a private home, and its resident argues his right to privacy was violated.

Searching a house based on a drug dog's sniff: Unconstitutional?

A Labrador and his sensitive nose have raised thorny questions about the Fourth Amendment

Dogs : The List
Otis the skydiving dog was easily one of 2011's most captivating canines.

The 7 most newsworthy dogs of 2011

From a skydiving pug to a Navy SEAL hero, the year was distinguished by captivating canines

Dogs : Burning Question
Dogs can get the flu, too, and the fatality rate is between 5 and 8 percent.

Should your dog get a flu shot?

Perhaps you already got inoculated — but Fido could benefit from the vaccine, too

Dogs : Analysis
Pablo, a military working dog pictured with his handlers in Afghanistan: Dogs suffering from PTSD may withdraw completely or become unusually aggressive.

The 'disturbing' effects of war on military dogs

German shepherds and Labrador retrievers returning from war suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome — just like their human handlers

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How could anyone hurt that face? Well, some pet owners have reportedly gone so far as to maim or kill their pets to cash in on the insurance policy.

Dog abuse for dollars: The 'dramatic' rise of pet insurance fraud

The animal insurance industry is booming, and some customers are reportedly going to horribly inhumane lengths to cash in

Dogs : The List
Dogs tend to be more aggressive when they are on the leash, according to a new study by Czech researchers.

The world of dog walking: 5 surprising facts

New research suggests that a dog's behavior on the leash depends on whether he's being walked by a man or a woman

Dogs : Instant Guide
Daniel, a 5-year-old beagle, got a second chance at life after surviving an Alabama shelter's gas chamber.

The 'miracle dog' that survived the gas chamber

Hundreds are clamoring to adopt a little beagle that somehow managed to survive being euthanized via carbon monoxide

Dogs : Last Word
German Shepherd Rin Tin Tin and actors in the popular TV series from the 1950s.

Rin Tin Tin Reborn

He was the world's most famous dog, says Susan Orlean, but his star had faded—until the baby boom arrived.

Dogs : Best Column
German Shepherds, seen here with Italian police, were in such high demand in the 20th century that cruelly expedient breeding practices became common.

The welcome decline of the German shepherd

The stately dog isn't the popular superstar it once was, and that's a good thing, says Susan Orlean in The New York Times

Dogs : Fact Sheet
In San Francisco, where dogs outnumber kids, a canine special interest group has been successfully lobbying several mayoral candidates.

Dogs: The key wedge issue in San Francisco's mayoral election?

The owners of the city's 150,000 dogs are exerting their political influence to tip divisive doggy issues in their favor

Dogs : Best Video
Purina dog food is taking targeted marketing to a whole new level, with a commercial featuring high-pitched squeaks audible only to dogs.

The TV commercial that targets your dog

A new dog food ad features sounds only your pup can hear. Will it make humans more likely to purchase the product?

Dogs : Burning Question
Dogs have long helped out in the classroom, sometimes with reading programs (pictured) and stress relief: Now, canines are being recruited to help teach compassion and reduce bullying.

Can dogs reduce bullying in schools?

Educators across the country are using canines to teach compassion and social responsibility

Dogs : Slideshow
Dogs that surf competitively: A slideshow

Dogs that surf competitively: A slideshow

Strapping on a lifejacket and some courage, these pups show how four legs can be better than two out on the water  

Dogs : Best Video
Sit, roll over, jump... rope? A group of 13 dogs in Japan sets a world record by jumping rope in unison.

The 13 dogs that can jump rope in unison

A group of talented canines turns a playground game into an adorable world record

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