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Dogs Deserve Better bought Michael Vick's old home in Surry County, Va. and plans to turn the former dogfighting compound into a rehab center for pups.

Whatever happened to... Michael Vick's dogfighting compound?

The Bad Newz Kennels that temporarily destroyed the NFL star's career are getting a rebirth of sorts

Dogs : Opinion Brief
The Cane Corso Mastiff, the same breed that fatally mauled a toddler in New York this weekend, has come under criticism as a "monster dog" that should be kept away from kids.

When family dogs attack: Are some breeds too risky?

After a Mastiff fatally mauls a toddler in his New York home, many parents insist the "monster dog" should have been kept away from kids

Dogs : Opinion Brief
It may look messier, but a dog's approach to drinking employs the same elegant physics as a cat's.

The science of how dogs drink

Slurping dogs have long been maligned as messy drinkers, but new video evidence shows that pups drink just as elegantly as their feline rivals

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In the event the Rapture leaves Christians' pets untended, entrepreneurial atheists are ready to assist with post-apocalypse pet care.

Who will care for your pet after the Rapture? Hire an atheist!

For a small fee, enterprising atheists say they'll adopt the pets of Christians who'll be zipping up to heaven this weekend

Dogs : By the numbers
A dog bites a young girl on a street in central China: In the U.S., insurers paid out $412 million in dog bite claims in 2010.

The (unbelievable) cost of dog bites: By the numbers

Dog-bite claims bled $412 million from insurance companies last year, and some say vicious pooches have become a serious threat to public health

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Brit, a bomb-sniffing military dog, searches for explosives in Afghanistan: The American commando team that killed Osama bin Laden on Sunday included a similar "war dog."

The heroic war dog who helped nail bin Laden

A specially trained dog was part of the gutsy mission, and he's just one of thousands of courageous canines employed by the Pentagon

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The "Dog Wars" smartphone game has appalled many, even former dog-fighter Michael Vick, but the makers insist it's just a harmless video game.

The 'absolutely sickening' dog-fighting app

A game for Android phones lets players fight with virtual pit bulls, and has many howling in protest... including Michael Vick

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Though little dogs tend to live longer than larger breeds, they're also more prone to cardiovascular disease, according to a new study.

The 'what's killing our dogs' study: 5 takeaways

A landmark study reveals which dog breeds are most prone to certain diseases

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A puppy sniffs at a camera lens in a town near Tehran: Iranian officials want to criminalize dog ownership, saying the pets are unclean and too western.

Iran's 'ridiculous' dog ban

Iran considers a bill that would criminalize dog ownership. What do the ayatollahs have against man's best friend?

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A Tibetan Mastiff during an annual Tibetan Mastiff Exposition in China: A red member of this coveted breed recently sold for $1.5 million.

China's new status symbol: A $1.5 million dog

A wealthy Chinese coal baron buys the world's most expensive dog, a rare red Tibetan Mastiff puppy named "Hong Dong"

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The new seeing-eye dog, Opal, sitting at his owner's feet, has become fast friends with Edward (left), who recently went blind.

Meet Opal, a guide dog for a guide dog

When an Englishman's guide dog loses his sight, the owner finds another canine to show them both around

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Foxcliffe Hickory Wind is the first Scottish deerhound to take home the coveted "Best in Show" prize.

Best in Show: Did 'Hickory' deserve to be Westminster's top dog?

For the first time, a Scottish deerhound has won the highest honor at America's most prestigious dog show. Was the Pekinese robbed?

Dogs : Opinion Brief
A new law in Missouri that would help prevent animal cruelty in "puppy mills" may be overturned.

Should Missouri ban puppy mills?

Last November, Missouri voters passed a law to regulate the state's massive puppy mill industry. Now, some lawmakers want to overturn the vote

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Dogs have famously helped out in airport security, but now they are also putting their muzzles to use detecting cancers, concealed cellphones, among other things.

Lung cancer and 7 other surprising things dogs can sniff out

Everybody knows that trained pooches can sniff out drugs. But inmates with concealed cellphones and anyone with pirated CDs should be wary of these dogs, as well

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If pit bulls get "guidance, socialization, attention, love, and exercise" then they are no more vicious than golden retrievers, says one dog trainer.

Should owning a pit bull be a crime?

Parents of a boy fatally mauled by a pit bull want lawmakers in Texas to make it a felony to own one of the dogs. Does the breed deserve its bad reputation?

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Cuddling with your pet may be comforting but it could also lead to meningitis or the plague, according to one report.

Why loving your dog too much is dangerous

Bad dog! A report from the Centers for Disease Control has found that pets can infect their owners with a host of dangerous ailments, including meningitis and the plague

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