Dogs : Opinion Brief
Should Fido get the Body of Christ?

Communion for dogs?

A Canadian priest's decision to give a mutt a communion wafer has some Christians panting with fury

Dogs : Best Column
What's he thinking?

How to read your dog's mind

Can pet psychics, asks Newsweek's Caroline H. Dworin, help you extract the latest bit of gossip from your horse or evidence of your snake's dry sense of humor?

Dogs : Opinion Brief
Is it a poodle or a boa constrictor?

'Extreme Poodles': Ethical?

On TLC's new show, relentlessly creative groomers turn dogs into "works of art." Is it entertainment or animal cruelty?

Dogs : Fact Sheet
Man's best friend: Psychologists say married couples should treat their spouses more like their pets.

Marriage advice: Treat your partner like a dog?

A psychologist says your relationship will improve if you show your significant other the same unconditional love you give your pet

Dogs : Opinion Brief
Pitbulls, like the one seen here, are often trained to fight to the death.

Watching dog fights: A constitutional right?

The Supreme Court has struck down a ban on videos depicting animal cruelty, citing free-speech grounds. Defensible or deplorable?

Dogs : Opinion Brief
It's a dog's world

Should 'bad dog' insurance be mandatory?

Though violent-canine attacks are on the rise in Britain, a plan to make all owners buy insurance should be muzzled, say critics

Dogs : Opinion Brief
Debarking Fido: necessary or inhumane?

Is 'de-barking' dogs cruel?

Yes, some people have their dogs' vocal cords cut to quiet them down. Is the operation ever justified?

Dogs : Only in America
Giant George.

'World’s Tallest Dog' showdown: Titan vs. Giant George

Guinness just crowned a Great Dane named Giant George the world's tallest dog — but was the former titleholder robbed?

Dogs : Flashback
The official portrait of the Obama Family Dog 'Bo' sitting on the South Lawn of the White House.

Most newsworthy dogs of 2009

The canines that captivated the media — and the world's — attention in the past 12 months.

Dogs : By the numbers
He doesn't even know how big his environmental footprint is.

How green is your pet?

A new book translates the environmental impact of Americans’ beloved dogs, cats, and fish into cold hard numbers

Dogs : Essay
Old dogs are good companions.

The last word: Why old dogs are the best dogs

They can be eccentric, slow afoot, even grouchy. But dogs live out their final days, says The Washington Post’s Gene Weingarten, with a humility and grace we all could learn from.

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