Fast Food, USA : Instant Guide
A pig is herded through a confinement facility: McDonald's announced it will do away with gestation pens, which keep pregnant pigs confined from one another.

McDonald's ban on tiny pig crates: A 'tipping point' for animal welfare?

The fast-food giant pleases animal-rights activists with a promise to phase controversial cages out of its supply chain

Fast Food, USA : Instant Guide
Dig in! McDonald's hamburgers will soon be free of beef trimmings washed in bacteria-killing ammonium hydroxide, or "pink slime."

McDonald's burgers: Now without 'pink slime'?

The fast food giant will stop using ammoniated beef following pressure from Naked Chef star Jamie Oliver

Fast Food, USA : Opinion Brief
Taco Bell's "First Meal" is the Mexican fast food chain's foray into breakfast with menu items including a sausage and egg wrap and egg burritos.

Can Taco Bell own breakfast?

The Mexican-inspired restaurant chain is targeting the morning market. But can it lure customers away from McDonald's?

Fast Food, USA : Opinion Brief
Have it your way, at home: Burger King is testing out home delivery on select items at several Washington, D.C.-area fast food joints.

Burger King's home delivery plan: A 'couch potato's dream'?

America's No. 3 burger chain is testing a new plan to get its mojo back: Delivering Whoppers to your door

Fast Food, USA : Instant Guide
McDonald's is temporarily replacing the little plastic trinkets in British Happy Meals with children's books in an attempt to boost literacy, creativity, and, perhaps, its public image as well.

Could McDonald's become a leading book retailer?

It's not as far-fetched as it may seem. Mickey-D's will soon be replacing the toys in its British Happy Meals with children's books — at least for a month

Fast Food, USA : Instant Guide
A high-fat diet can actually re-program the structure of the brain, new research conducted on rodents suggests.

Does fast food cause brain damage?

Burgers and fries might not only be bad for your heart and waistline — they could also hamstring your brain's ability to help you shed pounds

Fast Food, USA : The List
Wendy's is expected to rack up more than $8.4 billion in U.S. sales this year, besting Burger King by about $50 million.

How Wendy's beat Burger King: 5 theories

Boasting a new menu and gourmet ingredients, Wendy's has knocked BK from our fast food nation's No. 2 slot

Fast Food, USA : Analysis
McDonald's McRib sandwich is reportedly too low-margin for the fast food joint to offer it year round.

The McRib's suspiciously 'limited' availability: 4 theories

Fans of McDonald's enigmatic pork sandwich demand to know why they can't chow down on McRibs all the time. Good question...

Fast Food, USA : Controversy
Hogs in the holding pen of the Smithfield Hams factory, which is the pork supplier for McDonald's McRib and is facing scrutiny for inhumane farming methods.

McRib controversy: The pork supplier’s 'hellish' methods

Will fans of McDonalds' saucy sandwich still be lovin' it after the Humane Society's disturbing allegations?

Fast Food, USA : Wit
A customer sits at a table near an HDTV screen playing McDonald's new TV channel, which is being tested in California before a national rollout.

McDonald's new TV channel: The wisecracks

The Golden Arches pairs fattening food and slothful entertainment with a new network just for burger-scarfing Americans

Fast Food, USA : Opinion Brief
Heinz's new "Dip and Squeeze" ketchup containers may make the industry-standard tiny packets obsolete, but could also encourage bad eating behavior.

Heinz's new 'high-tech' ketchup packet

A new condiment container debuts at fast food restaurants across the country. But do we really need to make it easier to dunk French fries?

Fast Food, USA : Opinion Brief
Taco Bell and sister brands KFC and Pizza Hut want government permission to accept food stamps in what critics say would amount to government-subsidized obesity.

Should food stamps be redeemable at Taco Bell?

Fast-food chains are lobbying the government for permission to accept food stamps. Not on your life, say anti-obesity advocates

Fast Food, USA : Opinion Brief
Burger King joins the list of fast-food chains trying to clean up an unhealthy image by adding an oatmeal breakfast option, but critics say it may be too late.

Can oatmeal save Burger King?

Faced with declining sales, the home of the Whopper is hoping Quaker Oats can help it keep up with changing breakfast trends

Fast Food, USA : Timeline
McDonald's caves to public pressure with a healthy update of its classic kids' Happy Meal including half as many french fries and obligatory apples.

The fight for healthier McDonald's Happy Meals: A timeline

After years of pressure to trim the fat from its popular kids' meals, McDonald's opts for a leaner form of happiness

Fast Food, USA : By the numbers
Pizza-gorging Americans consume more than 2.5 million pounds of pepperoni each year.

America's pizza obsession: By the numbers

U.S. pizza vendors sell the equivalent of 10 pies a year to every single man, woman, and child in the country. Are we really that addicted?

Fast Food, USA : Irony Alert
A KFC Mega Jug of regular soda contains more than 50 spoonfuls of sugar ââ¬â perhaps not the best way to promote diabetes research.

Irony alert: Buy KFC's 800-calorie soda to support diabetes research

A fast-food restaurant's misguided attempt at a good deed leaves rational people scratching their heads in confusion

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