Fast Food, USA : Opinion Brief
McDonald's fans in Sweden can use their iPhones to try and win a free meal by playing Pong on a giant video screen.

McDonald's 'ingenious' video game billboard

An interactive marketing campaign in Stockholm allows hungry pedestrians to win free food using their iPhones

Fast Food, USA : Instant Guide
The ooey-gooey grilled cheese is the latest focus of inventor, entrepreneur Jonathan Kaplan who is planning to open a fast food chain called The Melt.

The Melt: The Chipotle of grilled cheese?

The inventor of the Flip camera gets into the sandwich business — with a chain of restaurants aiming to make fast food faster, and cheesier

Fast Food, USA : Opinion Brief
Luring kids into obesity: Is Ronald McDonald the Joe Camel of fast-food?

Should Ronald McDonald be forced to retire?

Healthy-eating activists say the 48-year-old "spokesclown" hooks kids on junk food, and are calling on Ronald to hang up his floppy shoes

Fast Food, USA : By the numbers
Don Gorske bites into his 25,000th Big Mac, defying all nutritional odds by living on a nearly all-burger diet for some four decades.

A Big Mac fanatic's record-breaking 25,000 burgers: By the numbers

Don Gorske's queasy quest to consume the most Big Macs ever hits a gut-wrenching milestone

Fast Food, USA : Fact Sheet
Taco Bell is crowing after a law firm questioning the real ingredients of the fast-food giant's so-called "mystery meat" drops its case.

'Mystery meat' lawsuit dropped: A victory for Taco Bell?

The fast-food giant is all smiles after charges that it falsely called its taco filling "seasoned beef" are scrapped

Fast Food, USA : The List
Burger King Japan wants to clog your arteries with the "Meat Monster": Two hamburgers, a chicken breast, two slices of cheese, and three slices of bacon.

Japan's 'Meat Monster' and 5 other outrageous sandwiches

Burger King Japan unveils a 1,160-calorie sandwich stuffed with a chicken breast and two beef patties. A look at other American-inspired mega meals

Fast Food, USA : Opinion Brief
Carl's Jr. hired a bikini-clad Miss Turkey to help customers remember the restaurant chain's new line of turkey burgers.

Will real men eat turkey burgers?

Carl's Jr. and Hardee's hire Miss Turkey, in a bikini, to convince men that there's nothing unmanly about wanting a (relatively) low-calorie burger

Fast Food, USA : Slideshow
The news that Taco Bell raised the price of its beefy crunch burritos by $0.50 sent a Texas man into a shooting rampage.

The Taco Bell shooter and 7 more fast-food freakouts: A slideshow

When he learned his beloved burrito had increased in price, a Texas man opened fire. He's just the latest to go postal over fast food

Fast Food, USA : Only in America
Marathoner Joe D'Amico, the self-labeled McRunner, is carbo-loading on only McDonald's meals in advance of the Los Angeles marathon.

Only in America: The marathoner who only eats McDonald's

A Chicago man calling himself the "McRunner" will attempt a marathon on March 20... after 30 days of eating nothing but fast food

Fast Food, USA : By the numbers
Cause for sandwich celebration: Subway surpasses fast food giant McDonald's in number of worldwide outlets, even if the latter is represented in more countries.

Subway, the world's biggest restaurant chain: By the numbers

Who knew? The self-appointed "healthy" fast-food outlet now has more outlets worldwide than McDonald's (even if its annual revenue is still considerably smaller)

Fast Food, USA : Opinion Brief
McDonald's might do well to jump on its novelty sandwich fame and bring back the McLobster. Or, perhaps, the lobster roll is better left to the pros.

Should McDonald's bring back the McLobster?

The fast good giant denies rumors of a return for its legendary snack. Should it reconsider?

Fast Food, USA : The List
In Hong Kong, couples can now opt for a McWedding (not pictured) complete with Hamburgler decor.

McWeddings and the fast-food nuptial trend

Tying the knot at McDonald's, renewing vows at White Castle: Are fast-food chains the next frontier for romance?

Fast Food, USA : Opinion Brief
Currently, more than 35 million people per week enjoy Taco Bell's "cheap eats," whether its taco filling contains 35 percent or 88 percent beef.

Is the Taco Bell beef lawsuit justified?

In response to a lawsuit alleging that their "ground beef" is mostly filler, Taco Bell unleashed a massive PR counter-offensive, claiming that their mix is 88 percent beef. Really?

Fast Food, USA : Opinion Brief
A class-action suit alleges that the "beefy" part of this "Cheesy Beefy Melt" consists largely of water, oats, "anti-dusting agents," and other fillers.

Does Taco Bell serve real beef or 'meat filling'?

A lawsuit says the filling in the chain's tacos is largely a mixture of flavored oats, water, and "anti-dusting agents." Is the company misleading consumers?

Fast Food, USA : Petty Controversy
Subway is testing out a falafel sandwich in the Chicago market but some Facebook fans are already begging for it to spread to the East Coast.

Petty controversy: The Subway falafel flap

The chain is adding a Middle Eastern staple to its roster of sandwiches, and not everyone approves. Is Subway straying too far from what makes it popular?

Fast Food, USA : Instant Guide
Oil-repellent chemicals in fast food wrappers may prevent grease stains, but they also migrate into food and, when ingested, can stay in the body for years.

The chemical risks in your fast-food wrapper

As if that bacon triple cheeseburger wasn't enough of a health threat, a new study shows that the greaseproof wrapping it comes in might be harming you, too

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