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Drinking in America

Drinking in America : Fact Sheet
A vodka cranberry may loosen up your focus and encourage more creative thinking, a new study suggests.

How drinking vodka makes you more creative

A new study suggests that a couple of swigs of the clear spirit can make a man think quicker on his feet. Time to break out the Belvedere?

Drinking in America : Instant Guide
Investigators say a researcher falsified information about some of the health benefits of red wine.

Are red wine's health benefits 'wishful thinking'?

The University of Connecticut fires a widely cited researcher accused of falsifying vino-boosting data — but don't put down the glass just yet

Drinking in America : By the numbers
Somewhat surprisingly, Americans 65 and over tend to have more binge-drinking sessions each month than youngsters in the 18-24 age group, according to the CDC.

America's 'alarming' binge-drinking problem: By the numbers

The CDC says far too many Americans are hooked on booze. Here, a numerical look at just how big our drinking problem really is

Drinking in America : Best Video
Will Ferrell stars in a series of pro-bono Milwaukee beer commercials of his own design filmed and airing in Iowa.

Will Ferrell's 'hilarious,' Iowa-only Old Milwaukee beer ads

The comedian filmed a series of grainy local TV spots promoting the unsavory lager, reportedly on his own initiative. Is there more to the story?

Drinking in America : Fact Sheet
In order to curb that college weight gain that comes with heavy drinking, some coeds are skipping out on meals in a new trend called "drunkorexia."

'Drunkorexia': A 'disturbing' new trend?

To stay both thin and blotto, college students are saving money by skipping meals — and buying booze instead

Drinking in America : Instant Guide
Parents and college administrators should pay closer attention to students' late-night Facebook photos to ID problematic drinkers, a new study suggests.

A new use for Facebook: Identifying problem drinkers?

New research shows that, yes, college students who post about "getting drunk" on Facebook are more prone to alcohol abuse. Time for an intervention?

Drinking in America : Analysis
A new in-development drug treatment may help prevent drunkenness and potentially stave off those embarrassing moments of public intoxication.

A 'stay-sober' pill: Coming to a pharmacy near you?

An in-development drug may help drinkers avoid embarrassing themselves — if not in time for this year's company Christmas party

Drinking in America : By the numbers
A beer ad from 1959, when Budweiser was king: Sales of the full-calorie American brew fell 30 percent between 2005 and 2010.

Budweiser's 'staggering' sales slump: By the numbers

Increasingly, beer drinkers are eschewing the red and white can and opting for lower-calorie brews, imports, and craft beers

Drinking in America : Burning Question
A memorial to Amy Winehouse outside her London home: While many suspected it was drugs and alcohol that caused the singer's demise, her family says it was the lack there of.

Amy Winehouse: Did she die of alcohol withdrawal?

The famous singer may have tried to quit alcohol by going cold turkey, a bad idea for many alcoholics

Drinking in America : Opinion Brief
Molson Coors is targeting women with a new "bloat-resistant" beer that comes in supposedly seductive flavors like "Crisp Rosé" and "Zesty Lemon."

Molson Coors' 'no-bloat' beer: Will it win over women?

The brewing giant is thirsting for more female customers, but drinkers aren't exactly lining up for a "Crisp Rosé" lager  

Drinking in America : By the numbers
Vineyard workers in Napa Valley, Calif., pick grapes during harvest season: California accounts for 61 percent of the booming U.S. wine market, by volume.

America's wine boom: By the numbers

For the first time, the U.S. is gulping down more wine annually than France. A numerical guide to America's vino victory

Drinking in America : Opinion Brief
An Alcoholics Anonymous meeting: Some wonder whether it's time for A.A. to drop its demands for anonymity.

Should recovering addicts really be anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous has long viewed secrecy as crucial to getting people to seek help, though some are questioning whether that's still really necessary

Drinking in America : Controversy
Snoop Dogg promotes Pabst's new fruity malt liquor drink, Blast by Colt 45, a single can of which contains five servings of alcohol.

Snoop Dogg's Four Loko rival: 'Binge in a can'?

Blast by Colt 45 is the newest beverage to mask high alcohol content with fruity flavor. And some lawmakers aren't too happy about it

Drinking in America : Fact Sheet
After a night of this kind of drinking, you might forget where you parked your car, but a new study says alcohol does aid subconscious learning... about how fun alcohol is.

The educational value of booze

Sure, drinking may make you forget where you parked your car, but a new study claims that liquor can actually increase the brain's ability to learn... about how great drinking is

Drinking in America : Opinion Brief
Beer and baseball have long gone hand-in-hand, but now Boston's Fenway Park is enraging traditionalists by selling cocktails.

Do gin and tonics belong at the ballgame?

Now you can enjoy a cocktail while you watch baseball at historic Fenway Park. Sacrilege?

Drinking in America : Opinion Brief
New Zealand's Moa Brewery is banking on a belief that a cherry-flavored lager will catch on as a breakfast and brunch option.

The world's first 'breakfast beer'

A New Zealand brewery is unveiling a new beer especially brewed to complement your morning eggs and toast. Is that really a good idea?

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