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Drinking in America

Drinking in America : Opinion Brief

Kombucha: The problematically boozy health drink

After reports that the fermented drink might contain up to 3 percent alcohol, some grocers are voluntarily pulling it from shelves and the government is investigating

Drinking in America : Instant Guide
A young man "eyeballs" vodka at home.

What is 'vodka eyeballing'?

London's Daily Mail is reporting a dangerous new trend at colleges worldwide — but other commentators say it's nothing more than "scare journalism"

Drinking in America : The List
Choosing between the glass and the wheel.

5 most shocking anti-drinking ads

Shame-inducing alcohol PSAs only make American college students drink more, says a new study. Good thing they're not watching these (far more brutal) international PSAs

Drinking in America : Instant Guide
Could wine keep you slim?

Wine: The new weight-loss miracle?

A new study says women who drink wine daily are less likely to gain weight than non-imbibing counterparts. What gives?

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