Sesame Street

Sesame Street : Instant Guide
Kevin Clash, puppeteer and voice of Sesame Street's Elmo, is facing allegations that he conducted a sexual relationship with an underage boy and has taken a leave of absence.

Elmo's puppeteer accused of sex with underage boy: A guide

The man behind the beloved furry red monster takes a leave of absence after sex allegations surface

Sesame Street : Opinion Brief
Though a previous movie adaptation flopped in 1999, Sesame Street's Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Elmo are reportedly heading to the big screen again.

Could a Sesame Street movie match The Muppets' success?

On the heels of Kermit's big-screen triumph, Elmo and Co. announce their own plan to capitalize on nostalgia

Sesame Street : The List
In the 1980s, puppeteer Kevin Clash changed Elmo's voice from a low-pitched bark to the lovable squeal children know and love today.

Being Elmo: 5 revelations about Sesame Street's star

A new documentary profiles the lovable red monster — and the 6-foot-tall black man who gives him voice

Sesame Street : Opinion Brief
The new impoverished Muppet, Lily: Too "upbeat"?

Sesame Street's new 'poverty-stricken' Muppet

In an upcoming special, the kids show will introduce Lily, a purple puppet who doesn't always know where her next meal will come from

Sesame Street : Only in America
A gay-rights protester brandishes a sign begging Muppets Bert and Ernie to tie the knot, though Sesame Street insists that the roomies are merely asexual assemblages of cloth and fur.

Only in America: Sesame Street clarifies puppets' sexuality

Quit ringing those wedding bells! Bert and Ernie are neither gay nor engaged, insist the beloved Muppets' creators in a stinging statement

Sesame Street : Analysis
Sesame Street roommates Bert and Ernie should finally take the next step in their relationship and get hitched, argue gay-rights activists.

Should Bert and Ernie get married?

A debate-sparking petition urges the Sesame Street buddies to tie the knot — even though they've never come out as gay

Sesame Street : Burning Question
Bert recently tweeted that his hair was "a little more 'mo,'" which some have read as slang for homosexual.

Is 'Sesame Street' becoming more gay-friendly?

After a string of gay-friendly guest stars and a controversial muppet tweet, pundits are wondering whether the iconic TV series has an agenda

Sesame Street : Twitter Take
Twitter image

The latest Tweets on 'Sesame Street'

Unfiltered, real-time commentary from the world at large

Sesame Street : Controversy
Katy Perry responds to the furor over her "Sesame Street" cleavage with more cleavage on "Saturday Night Live."

Katy Perry and 10 other 'Sesame Street' controversies

Even before a certain pop star showed Elmo her cleavage, Sesame Street wasn't a scandal-free zone

Sesame Street : Opinion Brief
Katy Perry went with a minimalist look in her Sesame Street guest appearance

Katy Perry: 'Too sexy' for 'Sesame Street'

After previewing a clip of the habitually skin-baring "I Kissed a Girl" singer on YouTube, the producers of "Sesame Street" thought better of airing it

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