NPR Under Fire

NPR Under Fire : Best Column
While PBS' growth has been stunted, says Mark Oppenheimer at Slate, "NPR is the most resounding media success story of the past 40 years."

Why we should save NPR... and kill PBS

Taxpayers should keep funding NPR, says Mark Oppenheimer at Slate. But PBS, its "hideous, ugly televised brother," ought to be put out of its misery

NPR Under Fire : Opinion Brief
James O'Keefe's NPR sting lead to the ousting of CEO Vivian Schiller last week, but a new look at the tapes reveals some irresponsible editing.

Were the NPR sting tapes misleadingly edited?

Many news outlets agree that conservative activist James O'Keefe cut the footage to make NPR executive Ron Schiller seem more extreme than he is

NPR Under Fire : Burning Question
NPR itself gets only 2 percent of its annual budget from the federal government, but some of its member stations might be seriously affected if the feds pull their funding.

Could NPR survive without federal funds?

A new scandal energizes conservatives who want to stop giving tax dollars to public radio stations. How badly would that hurt NPR?

NPR Under Fire : The List
James O'Keefe dressed as a pimp when he appeared on Fox in 2009 after his ACORN prank: the hoaxster recently caught an NPR exec criticizing the Tea Party.

The NPR prankster's 5 biggest controversies

James O'Keefe, the young hoaxster behind the NPR hidden camera scandal, has been at the center of several headline-grabbing stunts. Here's a look back

NPR Under Fire : Opinion Brief
With NPR's federal funding hanging in the balance, the public radio's board reportedly asked CEO Vivian Schiller to leave after Tuesday's taped conversation scandal.

NPR ousts CEO over embarrassing sting: Overreaction?

By pushing Vivian Schiller out the door, is NPR simply handing a scalp to conservative critics? If so, are they backing down too easily?

NPR Under Fire : Opinion Brief
Just as NPR is justifying its worthiness for federal funding, NPR executive Ron Schiller is caught on tape saying the network would be better without it.

NPR exec caught on tape: The last straw for federal funding?

In an ACORN-like sting, a senior NPR executive is caught calling conservative Tea Partiers racist, and saying NPR would be "better off" without government funding

NPR Under Fire : Opinion Brief
NPR held onto its funding, but conservatives suggest the issue will be revisited.

Is NPR's future in jeopardy?

Republicans failed to slash National Public Radio's federal funding, but vowed to try again when they seize the House in January. Is dead air ahead?

NPR Under Fire : Opinion Brief
The criticism of the Juan Williams firing has turned to action as some Republicans look to strip NPR of its federal funding.

How badly has the Juan Williams firing hurt NPR?

NPR is getting slammed from all sides for its handling of the Williams affair. Can it recover?

NPR Under Fire : Opinion Brief
NPR's controversial dismissal of Juan Williams has renewed the conservative drive to strip the radio network of its federal funding.

The Juan Williams uproar: Time to stop funding NPR?

After NPR fired Williams for saying that Muslims can make him nervous, conservatives are asking Congress to defund the radio network. Commentators weigh in

NPR Under Fire : Opinion Brief
Juan Williams listens to Bill O'Reilly's list of reasons why he is better off for having been fired.

Juan Williams on NPR: 'I don't fit in their box'

After being fired by NPR for supposedly bigotted remarks, the news analysts returns to Bill O'Reilly's show to discuss the saga. What does he make of it?

NPR Under Fire : Opinion Brief
After his NPR termination, Juan Williams got a twitter shout out from Sarah Palin who said "they screwed up firing you."

NPR fires Juan Williams: First reactions

The liberal news analyst remarked that seeing people in "Muslim garb" on airplanes makes him uneasy. Did that merit giving him the boot?

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