School Bullying

School Bullying : Controversy
Students at a Utah high school eat during Mix it Up at Lunch Day on Oct. 18, 2011: One Christian group says the anti-bullying initiative has a homosexual agenda.

The conservatives protesting an anti-bullying day for its 'gay agenda'

The American Family Association claims that encouraging kids to make new friends at lunch oppresses Christians and promotes homosexuality

School Bullying : Opinion Brief
Nadia Ilse's protruding ears have been the focus of bullies' taunts since the first grade, but a non-profit organization pinned back the 14-year-old's ears for free.

Should bullying victims get free plastic surgery?

A nonprofit organization gives a bullied teen free plastic surgery, but is going under the knife the right way to address the taunting?

School Bullying : Opinion Brief
Harassed bus driver Karen Klein plans to give some of her $648,000 (and counting) to charity, and some to her grandchildren.

Should the bullied bus lady keep her six-figure donations?

After a video of middle schoolers tormenting 68-year-old bus monitor Karen Klein goes viral, supporters raise money to send her on vacation — and then some

School Bullying : Opinion Brief
Students at Valley Elementary School in Bensalem, Pa., walk past a banner explaining the school's anti-bullying program: Two teachers at a San Antonio elementary school have received disciplinary action for their attempts to teach a class bully a lesson.

The Texas teacher who allegedly made kindergartners beat up a bully

A kindergarten teacher in suburban San Antonio allegedly had her students line up to hit a kid accused of bullying. Is there any way her actions were justified?

School Bullying : Burning Question
Bullying, like any form of abuse, stresses children's DNA, and increases their susceptibility to age-related diseases down the line.

Does school bullying cause young victims to age prematurely?

A new study suggests that exposure to violence damages children's DNA, making them susceptible to the diseases of old age years before their peers

School Bullying : Controversy
A still from "Bully": The Weinstein Company is reportedly planning to re-edit the controversial documentary to snag a PG-13 rating and ensure wider distribution.

Bully's planned PG-13 re-cut: So much for principles?

Despite his insistence that re-editing the buzzy documentary would blunt its impact, Harvey Weinstein will reportedly sanitize the film for an upcoming wide release

School Bullying : Analysis
The anti-bullying documentary "Bully" is being released Friday, but only at a handful of theaters willing to screen a film with no MPAA rating.

Bully: Oscar-worthy documentary or 'extended PSA'?

Critics are hailing the anti-bullying documentary as a must-see movie — which is tricky since a controversial ratings battle will prevent most kids from seeing it

School Bullying : Controversy
A still from the new documentary "Bully," which will open Friday with no rating after first being branded "R" by the MPAA.

Bully's unrated release: A big mistake?

After failing to convince the MPAA to back off an R rating, the producers of the controversial anti-school-bullying documentary opt to send it to theaters with no rating at all

School Bullying : Fact Sheet
Alex Libby, one of the bullied children in the documentary "Bully," urged the MPAA to overturn the film's R rating.

Bully: Why kids can't see the must-see documentary

The MPAA slaps an R rating on a film about the dangers of adolescent bullying, potentially preventing the target audience from even viewing the movie

School Bullying : Best Video
Through tears and a series of brave admissions, eighth-grader Jonah Mowry delivers an inspirational anti-bullying message.

A bullied gay teen's 'heart-wrenching' video message 

Young Jonah Mowry bravely explains how he has been persecuted since first grade, considered suicide, but is finding the strength to carry on

School Bullying : Instant Guide
Ashlynn Conner, an Illinois fifth grader who complained of being bullied and asked to be home-schooled, died from an apparent suicide last Friday.

A 10-year-old's 'gut-wrenching' suicide: Is bullying to blame?

Parents in a small town in Illinois suspect their young daughter, Ashlynn Conner, took her own life after enduring years of bullying

School Bullying : Burning Question
From nose jobs to pinning back ears, more and more teens and children are getting parent-approved cosmetic surgery to help stop the in-school teasing.

Is plastic surgery the answer to bullying?

As a desperate measure, some parents are putting their kids under the knife to keep the bullies away

School Bullying : Opinion Brief
Student Graeme Taylor says there's a "silent holocaust" going on in which an estimated six million gay people kill themselves every year.

An openly gay 14-year-old's 'inspiring' speech

A young man defends a Michigan teacher's controversial decision to kick two apparently anti-gay students out of class

School Bullying : In-depth briefing
The number of students between 12 and 18 who have reported bullying abuse more than doubled between 2001 and 2007.

Battling bullies

They've driven youth to suicide and thwarted the best-laid plans of schools and parents. Is there any cure for bullying?

School Bullying : Opinion Brief
Schools from elementary on up to university level must establish plans to tackle bullying or face losing federal funding.

Should the feds fight school bullies?

The federal government says schools must protect students from bullies or they'll lose federal aid. Is this the right way to fight the problem?

School Bullying : The Bullpen
Tish Durkin

Tish Durkin: Tyler Clementi and the case against 'hate crimes'

However well-intentioned, these laws deny the value of all humans — and the hate in all crimes

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