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The Tablet Race

The Tablet Race : Analysis
Acer is reportedly unveiling a $99 tablet (not pictured) next year.

Acer's $99 tablet: Just what the world needs?

The PC maker reportedly plans to unveil a gadget that will undercut the gadgets that undercut the iPad

The Tablet Race : The List
The Microsoft Surface features a uniquely appealing removable keyboard flap — but at $100, it's an expensive add-on.

What kind of tablet should I buy? A holiday shopping guide

Not sure how to choose between the Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, or iPad Mini? Don't worry. The Week is here to help

The Tablet Race : Opinion Brief
Google's Nexus 7 tablet: While Apple reportedly shrinks its iPad, Google and Samsung may expand their product lines with a massive 10-inch tablet.

Could a 10-inch Nexus tablet dethrone Apple's iPad?

Rumor has it that Google and Samsung are partnering on a new high-resolution super slab

The Tablet Race : Burning Question
Nook HD users can download videos from Disney and others, and store their existing DVD favorites in the Nook Cloud Service.

Will Nook Video be a Kindle killer?

Alongside new high-definition tablets, Barnes & Noble quietly announces a streaming and download service to challenge Amazon's digital offerings head on

The Tablet Race : Opinion Brief
The new Kindle Fire HD is tested at a press conference on Sept. 6: Amazon's budget-friendly tablet may put pressure on competitors to lower their prices, too.

iPad vs. Kindle Fire HD: Should Apple be worried about Amazon?

In an aggressive move, the e-tail giant unveils high-definition tablets that are dramatically cheaper than the iPad — but are arguably just as good

The Tablet Race : Opinion Brief
A journalist tries out Google's Nexus 7: The diminutive tablet may not be perfect, but its price and portability have made it a major competitor to  the iPad.

Was Steve Jobs wrong about 7-inch tablets?

Google's Nexus 7 has drawn rave reviews and retailers are running out of the popular gadget, fueling debate that the late Apple boss was wrong about smaller tablets

The Tablet Race : Fact Sheet
Tactus' technology uses a layer of microfluid underneath the touchscreen that "inflates" keys on command.

The touchscreen tablet with a pop-up keyboard

A new company tries to give tablet users the best of both worlds by combining the ease of swipes and gestures with physical keys that "magically" appear

The Tablet Race : Opinion Brief
With Microsoft as its partner, Barnes & Noble may make a run at Amazon's Kindle Fire by upgrading its Nook to a Windows 8 operating system.

Microsoft's deal with Barnes & Noble: Is a Windows Nook coming?

The two former rivals are teaming up, and a slide-tiled, sub-$200 tablet might just be on the horizon

The Tablet Race : Instant Guide
A new glass created by MIT scientists could change the way we use a number of products from glasses to iPads.

The self-cleaning, glare-free glass that doesn't fog up

A new wonder material would keep eyeglasses from fogging up, create self-cleaning windows, and make tablets readable outdoors

The Tablet Race : Forecast
Intel's "Letexo" prototype combines the touchscreen functionality of a tablet with the keyboard capabilities of a PC.

Are tablet-PC hybrids doomed?

Apple CEO Tim Cook fires a not-so-subtle shot at rival Microsoft, saying that converging touchscreens and laptops is like combining "a toaster and a refrigerator"

The Tablet Race : Opinion Brief
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 may be $50 more than the Kindle Fire, but it features the superior Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS and 50GB of Dropbox space for one year.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab 2: The best cheap Android tablet yet?

The Korean manufacturer's affordable new 7-inch device will have to compete with proven winners like Amazon's Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble's Nook Tablet

The Tablet Race : Analysis
Intel's new "Letexo" Ultrabook will fold out into a laptop mode with a full keyboard or slide together for a touchscreen experience.

Intel's brilliant laptop-tablet hybrid: Did Apple miss the next best thing?

Cupertino may have met its match in Intel's new Letexo Ultrabook, which operates as both a super-thin notebook computer and a touch-screen tablet

The Tablet Race : Opinion Brief
On Tuesday, Toshiba unveiled three new Excite tablets, but the giant 13.3-inch version is hogging all the attention.

Toshiba's 13-inch tablet: A colossal mistake?

The Android-powered Excite 13 dwarfs the competition with an extra-large touchscreen — but in the tablet market, bigger might not be better

The Tablet Race : Opinion Brief
Goodbye, Notes: Microsoft Office is reportedly coming to the iPad, which could give Apple's device a distinct advantage over Android tablets.

Are Microsoft and Apple teaming up to 'destroy' Android?

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are reportedly coming to the iPad — but not to Google's tablets

The Tablet Race : Opinion Brief
The Kindle Fire (right) next to the iPad: Sales of Amazon's cheaper, smaller tablet are gaining on the iPad's.

Should Apple make a mini iPad?

With the Kindle Fire making major inroads in the tablet market, some think Apple would be wise to take on Amazon with a cheaper 7-inch iPad

The Tablet Race : Opinion Brief
Barnes & Noble has captured one-quarter of the e-reader market with its Nook, but associated costs have left the company in the red.

Should Barnes & Noble spin-off the Nook?

With its promising but costly e-reader business dragging down its bottom line, the bookstore chain is considering a separation

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