The Battle over Smoking

The Battle over Smoking : Health
Fear not, smokers: Mitch Greenlick's plan to jail cigarette buyers doesn't stand a chance of becoming law.

An Oregon Democrat's doomed plan to require prescriptions for cigarettes

Mitch Greenlick wants to put cigarettes in the same category as LSD and steroids

The Battle over Smoking : Burning Question
Nearly one-third of all U.S. deaths from heart disease are related to smoking. New research suggests the unhealthy habit may be linked to dementia, too.

Do cigarettes rot your brain?

Need another reason to quit? An alarming new British study links smoking to mental diseases like dementia

The Battle over Smoking : Instant Guide
The city council in California's San Rafael township has unanimously banned smoking in all homes with "shared walls," meaning condos, duplexes, and other multi-family structures.

The San Francisco suburb with the country's toughest smoking ban

First restaurants, then bars... now private homes? A California township ups the anti-smoking ante

The Battle over Smoking : Analysis
Electronic cigarettes emit a vapor rather than carcinogenic smoke which allows users to skirt smoking laws in public places.

The skyrocketing popularity of e-cigarettes: A guide

Smokeless tobacco is booming, thanks to a widespread belief that newly affordable e-cigarettes are actually better for you — but not all doctors agree

The Battle over Smoking : Instant Guide
Scientists say this new vaccine works better than previous smoking cessation vaccines because it helps the body create its own antibodies that continue to work long after a person receives the shot.

Coming soon: A vaccine to help smokers quit?

A new method effectively nixes the high smokers experience after puffing on a cigarette — by attacking nicotine with the body's own antibodies

The Battle over Smoking : Fact Sheet
A Marlboro billboard over Los Angeles in 1990: Big tobacco companies are now looking into less-harmful smoking alternatives to help boost their bottom lines.

The future of Big Tobacco: Tobacco-free products?

With strict new FDA warnings and more smokers kicking the habit, many cigarette makers are seeing their old business models go up in smoke

The Battle over Smoking : Best Video
A new anti-smoking ad features former smoker Teri, who wears false teeth, a hands-free tracheotomy device, and a wig.

The CDC's shocking new anti-smoking campaign: Will it work?

The best way to scare smokers into quitting? Ask former smokers to demonstrate how ruthlessly tobacco destroyed their bodies

The Battle over Smoking : By the numbers
3.6 million American teens smoke cigarettes, according to a new report.

America's teen smoking 'epidemic': By the numbers

Roughly 1 in 4 high school seniors smoke cigarettes, according to an unsettling new federal report

The Battle over Smoking : Burning Question
Americans spend $1.5 billion per year on nicotine replacements, like the patch, but a new study suggests they're not much help kicking the smoking habit.

Are nicotine patches a waste of money? 

A new real-world study takes a look at nicotine replacement products like gum and the patch, and finds they might not be much help to smokers hoping to quit

The Battle over Smoking : Opinion Brief
In an effort to curb rising employer health care costs, some companies are making employees who smoke pay higher rates.

Should smokers and obese workers pay more for health care?

Companies have long tried to get workers to quit smoking and start exercising. Now employers are aiming where it hurts: The paycheck  

The Battle over Smoking : By the numbers
Construction workers take a cigarette break: Construction, food service, and mining are the three industries with the highest smoking rates in America, according to a CDC study.

America's blue-collar smoking trend: By the numbers 

After years of interviewing Americans, the CDC finds that the nation's smokers are most likely to be young, poor, white — and working blue-collar jobs

The Battle over Smoking : Analysis
U.S Tobacco companies say the gruesome cigarette warnings unfairly push consumers away from their legal product.

Are the new graphic cigarette warning labels unconstitutional?

Five major U.S. tobacco companies say yes, arguing that they shouldn't be forced to scare consumers away from their own products

The Battle over Smoking : Instant Guide
Most teens whose hearing has been damaged by exposure to second-hand smoke don't even realize it.

The 'surprising' link between secondhand smoke and hearing loss

Kids exposed to secondhand smoke have a higher risk of cancer, heart disease and, according a new study, hearing loss

The Battle over Smoking : Fact Sheet
In a British study, smokers who received motivational text messages were twice as likely to quit as those in a control group.

Quit smoking by... texting?

Motivational messages sent to smokers' cell phones — "like a little electronic Jiminy Cricket" — could help them end their unhealthy habit for good

The Battle over Smoking : Opinion Brief
The FDA has unveiled nine stomach-turning images that will appear on cigarette packs in September 2012.

The FDA's 'gruesome' new cigarette warning labels

Nine new images will appear on cigarette packaging in an effort to convince smokers to quit. Are the pictures too gory — or not gory enough?

The Battle over Smoking : Instant Guide
Nicotine has been known to suppress the appetite, but now scientists may have figured out a way to isolate the weight loss part of the drug from the health risk part.

Nicotine: A cure for obesity?

A new study suggests it is possible to get the appetite-suppressing benefits of smoking without the cigarette... or the health risks

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