The Battle over Smoking

The Battle over Smoking : Opinion Brief
Hookah bars are the latest front in the war on tobacco, with new studies linking hookah smoking to the same diseases associated with cigarettes.

Are hookah pipes more dangerous than cigarettes?

With its hippie look and fruit-flavored tobaccos, the communal water pipe may seem like innocent fun. But some say the hookah is a stealthy killer

The Battle over Smoking : Controversy
As smoking becomes less socially acceptable, Blu is trying to make it easier for those who do smoke to find one another.

Blu: The cigarette that helps you social-network

Electronic-cigarette maker Blu has made a new cigarette pack that vibrates and flashes when another e-smoker is near. Is this the future of slightly sad friendship?

The Battle over Smoking : Opinion Brief
A driver in South Carolina who lights up a cigarette while there is a child in the car could face a $25 fine under a new law.

Should it be illegal to smoke in a car with kids?

South Carolina lawmakers are debating whether they ought to ban smoking when children are in the back seat

The Battle over Smoking : Instant Guide
Women in developing countries may be gaining more power, but they are also turning to cigarettes in increasingly dangerous numbers.

Smoking: The 'disturbing' downside of female empowerment?

Women are making big gains in the developing world. But as they secure more rights and money, they're also picking up a dangerous habit

The Battle over Smoking : Opinion Brief
Some hospitals have begun disqualifying job applicants who smoke.

Is refusing to hire smokers fair?

Hospitals in some states are turning away job-seeking smokers to cut health and insurance costs. Is that discrimination?

The Battle over Smoking : The List
Despite indoor smoking bans, health warnings, and advances in anti-smoking technology, Americans just can't quit the habit.

Why Americans can't quit smoking: 5 dangerous facts

Millions of Americans try to wean themselves off cancer sticks each year, and millions fail. Science explains why it isn't just a question of willpower

The Battle over Smoking : Instant Guide
According to new laws in Bhutan, police can actually enter the homes of suspected smokers, who could face up to nine years in prison if caught.

The world's first smoke-free country?

The small nation of Bhutan plans to prosecute citizens who light up. Do its ultrastrict regulations go too far?

The Battle over Smoking : Opinion Brief
The "spiraling costs of cigarettes" has been a big factor in smoking's decline to date.

Will cigarettes be obsolete by 2050?

Quite likely, says a new Citigroup report on declining smoking rates in Britain — but is the claim just hot air?

The Battle over Smoking : Fact Sheet
Inhaling cigarette smoke causes more than 7,000 chemicals to spread through the body.

Can a single cigarette kill you?

The surgeon general says that a simple drag on a cigarette can be deadly. Why is even limited exposure so dangerous?

The Battle over Smoking : Timeline
A graphic warning on a pack of Canadian cigarettes.

Gruesome cigarette warnings: A global timeline

The FDA has mandated newly repulsive cigarette packaging. But when it comes to anti-smoking imagery, the U.S. is playing catch-up with the rest of the world

The Battle over Smoking : Opinion Brief
The FDA has proposed nine warnings that include "cigarettes are addictive" and "tobacco smoke can harm your children."

The FDA's 'shocking' new cigarette packs

The federal agency has unveiled grisly images it wants to plaster on every cigarette package. Will photos of dead bodies prevent people from smoking?

The Battle over Smoking : Opinion Brief
Mayor Bloomberg's new smoking ban would prevent people from lighting up while sitting on benches or hanging out in parks.

Should New York ban smoking outside?

The city wants to make it even harder for New Yorkers to light up outdoors. Is this a good idea or overkill?

The Battle over Smoking : Opinion Brief
One in five Americans still smoke, a statistic that hasn't changed since 2005.

Why America can't stop smoking: 5 theories

For the fifth year in a row, U.S. smoking rates failed to decline in 2009. Why do 1 in 5 Americans continue to smoke cigarettes?

The Battle over Smoking : Best Column
There is evidence that more children are killed by parental smoking than by all unintentional injuries combined.

Sorry, but smoking is child abuse

Smokers hate doctors' lectures, says Dr. Steve Field in the Guardian. But when it's a matter of life and death — unfortunately, that's our job

The Battle over Smoking : Instant Guide
She's just trying to stay sane.

Can secondhand smoke make you crazy?

A new British study shows a remarkable correlation between exposure to secondhand smoke and an increase in psychological problems

The Battle over Smoking : Best Column
Is Big Tobacco to blame for the two-packs-per-day 2-year-old?

2-year-old smoker: Is Big Tobacco at fault?

In the case of chain-smoking Indonesian toddler, argues Mary Elizabeth Williams in Salon, bad parenting wasn't the only risk factor

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