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2011 Oscar Race

2011 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
James Franco at the Oscar-nominee luncheon; Had the actor showed this much enthusiasm during the show, perhaps his career wouldn't be in question.

Will a disastrous Oscars ruin James Franco's career?

Some wonder if the young actor can recover from his epic Oscar-hosting fail

2011 Oscar Race : The List
The Oscars lost 12 percent of the 18-49 demographic this year, despite the supposed lure of "young and hip" hosts.

Top 5 ways to fix the Oscars

While critics ravaged Hollywood's biggest awards ceremony, ratings drooped. How can the Academy improve the Oscars next year?

2011 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
James Franco seemed to bring little but apathy to his Oscar hosting gig, leading some bloggers to speculate that he may have been stoned.

James Franco's Oscar fail: 5 theories

By nearly all accounts, the likable actor bombed in his Oscar co-hosting gig. What went wrong?

2011 Oscar Race : Instant Guide
The ladies of "Sex and the City 2" may be curbing the celebration after the weekend's Razzie Awards, for which their ensemble acting was hailed as the year's worst.

The anti-Oscars: 4 big losers

The night before the Oscars honor the best films of the year, the annual Razzie Awards dishonor the worst. Who were this year's lousiest performers?

2011 Oscar Race : Fact Sheet
The young Oscar hosts' personalities didn't quite mesh: While Anne Hathaway was a ball of eager energy, commentators found James Franco flat and disconnected.

Oscars recap: 5 things people are talking about

Some say last night's listless ceremony was the "worst Oscars ever." But that's not all they're saying...

2011 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
Some critics aren't amused by Anne Hathaway's zany, booty-shaking Oscar promos.

Is Anne Hathaway funny enough to host the Oscars?

A series of promotional videos feature the starlet dancing, bantering, and mugging for the camera. Awkward or hilarious?

2011 Oscar Race : Burning Question
Natalie Portman's performance in "Black Swan" seems to have enticed audiences back to the theater for "Swan Lake" revivals.

Did 'Black Swan' make ballet 'hot' again?

Performances of "Swan Lake" in London, New York, and Philadelphia are benefiting from the buzz surrounding the Natalie Portman film

2011 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
Bansky, as depicted for TIME's "100 most influential people of 2010" issue: The Academy initially denied Banksy's request to come to the Oscars ceremony in disguise.

Banksy vs. the Oscars: Should nominees wear disguises?

The Oscar-nominated documentary director and street artist wants to wear a disguise to the awards show to preserve his anonymity — but the Academy is nervous

2011 Oscar Race : Best Column
Christopher Nolan (top, right), at an Oscar nominee lunch, failed to earn a Best Director nod for "Inception," which is in the running for Best Picture.

Oscar snub: Why 'Inception' director Christopher Nolan wasn't nominated

Is Hollywood just jealous of the critical and commercial success the young Nolan has already achieved? asks Chris Lee in The Daily Beast

2011 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
This stencil appeared in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. Did the prankster artist Banksy do it?

Street art in L.A.: Banksy's guerilla Oscar campaign?

Images that look like those of the anonymous Oscar-nominated street artist are popping up around Los Angeles — and fueling speculation

2011 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
Melissa Leo, pictured after her Golden Globes win for Best Supporting Actress, is shelling out to raise her odds of an Oscar victory.

Melissa Leo's 'rogue' Oscar campaign

The Best Supporting Actress frontrunner has taken out ads at her own expense to win over Oscar voters. Will the immodest move pay off or backfire?

2011 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
"The King's Speech" is raking in the pre-Oscar awards, with honors including Outstanding Performance by a Cast at the SAG Awards on Saturday.

Is 'The King's Speech' a lock to win Best Picture?

After the calculatedly heartwarming biopic swept the top awards from Hollywood's three major guilds, some say the Oscar race is as good as over. Others beg to differ

2011 Oscar Race : Fact Sheet
Detractors of "The King's Speech" point out that it distorts facts about Britain's Royal Family.

'The King's Speech' backlash: Top 5 gripes

After sweeping the SAG Awards last weekend, the British drama looks set to win big at the Oscars. But not everyone thinks it's cinematic royalty...

2011 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
The visual effects in "Black Swan" are key to the transformation of Natalie Portman's character, Nina.

The 'impressive' visual tricks behind 'Black Swan'

Though the ballet-thriller failed to earn an Oscar nod for Visual Effects, this video revealing the film's behind-the-scenes trickery makes a case that it should have

2011 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
Oscar hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway prepare an emergency response in the event of a wardrobe malfunction on the big night.

Video preview: James Franco and Anne Hathaway as Oscar hosts

Critics questioned the wisdom of choosing Franco and Hathaway to host the Academy Awards — until this disarming clip hit the internet

2011 Oscar Race : Opinion Brief
Some critics think Ryan Gosling's work as the lovably miserable male lead in "Blue Valentine" was conspicuously overlooked.

Oscar nominations: Top 7 'glaring' snubs

The nominations are in for the 2011 Academy Awards, and critics are lamenting that some great turns, both in front of and behind the lens, got overlooked

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