Nature Gone Awry

Nature Gone Awry : Controversy
French apiarist Andre Frieh holds up samples of honey: The bright blue sample is believed to have been contaminated by a plant involved in candy production in Ribeauville, France.

Why are French bees producing colored honey?

Bees in one French town are crafting honey in startling shades of blue and green, and beekeepers are blaming a nearby candy plant

Nature Gone Awry : Fact Sheet
Some of the devastation wrought by San Francisco's 7.1-magnitude earthquake in 1989: Scientists predict that Oregon may suffer a much more powerful quake in the next 50 years.

Is a major earthquake going to hit Oregon?

A new study forecasts that the Beaver State could be rattled by a massive earthquake as powerful as Japan's devastating 2011 temblor

Nature Gone Awry : By the numbers
A corn plant struggles to survive in a drought-stricken Illinois field: 38 percent of U.S. corn crops are in bad shape due to the season's severe heat.

America's worst drought in decades: By the numbers

It's been an abysmally dry and scorching summer so far, triggering comparisons to the 1930s Dust Bowl. Here, a look at just how bad it's been

Nature Gone Awry : Instant Guide
Residents of a small Wisconsin town have had trouble sleeping this week, their dreams interrupted by loud inexplicable noises they've compared to thunderclaps.

Wisconsin's 'baffling' booms: A concise guide

Scientists believe tiny earthquakes are the likeliest explanation for the state's new noise-pollution phenomenon, but competing theories abound

Nature Gone Awry : The List
Thanks to the warm winter, bears are waking up from their months-long hibernation earlier than usual... and they're hungry.

The 'freakishly warm' winter: 4 unwelcome side effects

You better enjoy these last, unusually balmy days of winter, because come spring, nature has a few surprises for us — like ravenous bears

Nature Gone Awry : Analysis
Buzzards fly around two dead dolphins on a beach in Peru: This year's unusual number of beached dolphins is being blamed on everything from warm weather to something they ate.

Why are dolphins beaching themselves? 4 theories

Scientists aren't sure why the beloved marine mammals are getting stranded in unprecedented numbers this winter. But they have a few ideas

Nature Gone Awry : Best Video
On a farm in the Republic of Georgia, a newborn lamb with six limbs drinks milk from its mother.

Europe's freakishly cute six-legged lamb

An Eastern European village rejoices over a strange new addition to its livestock pool

Nature Gone Awry : Fact Sheet
For the second New Year's in a row, flocks of blackbirds, disoriented by local fireworks, flew into buildings and trees, their dead bodies littering an Arkansas town.

The return of Arkansas' mass bird deaths

Ominously, scores of blackbirds once again fell from the sky above a small southern town on New Year's Eve. But this time, intentional mischief may be to blame

Nature Gone Awry : Opinion Brief
A night surfer is seen against glow-in-the-dark waves caused by bioluminescent phytoplankton in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of San Diego.

San Diego's 'dazzling' glow-in-the-dark waves

California's beaches are gleaming like a "beautiful hallucination" — and surfers are stoked. What's behind this nocturnal lightshow? 

Nature Gone Awry : Opinion Brief
Tiny ants with a nasty bite crawl over an exterminator's hand.

The 'crazy hairy ants' invading America

These tiny biting insects are pretty much exactly what they sound like — and the U.S. South is their newest playground

Nature Gone Awry : Opinion Brief
Millions of insatiable king crabs have recently migrated to the oceans around Antarctica, and are expected to destroy much of the local marine life.

The giant crabs invading Antarctica

Hulking crustaceans with appetites to match are taking over the oceans near the South Pole

Nature Gone Awry : Burning Question
An Indonesian villager walks through a dried-up field affected by a 2009 El Nino weather system: Researchers say El Nino may drive poor countries into civil strife.

Does El Niño cause civil wars?

Researchers believe there's a strong link between armed conflict and the occurrence of El Niño weather patterns

Nature Gone Awry : Slideshow
Stoned animals: A slideshow

Stoned animals: A slideshow

Apparently, some animals like to party as much as humans do. A look at drug- and booze-abusers in the wild

Nature Gone Awry : Best Video
A local Arizona photographer was able to capture Tuesday's powerful, 100-mile-wide, 60 mph wall of dust as it descended upon Phoenix.

The 'apocalyptic' time-lapse video of Phoenix's dust storm

A "mythical," mile-high haboob swept through Arizona on Tuesday evening. And thanks to a quick-witted photographer, we can see it roll in, too

Nature Gone Awry : Opinion Brief
Crows nesting near a Washington state police station parking lot have been ganging up on officers, dive-bombing them, and splattering their cars with droppings.

Real-life Angry Birds?

A daring flock of crows creates a "danger zone" in the parking lot of a Washington police department, where the birds routinely dive-bomb officers

Nature Gone Awry : Instant Guide
Rose-ringed parakeets are taking over Britain, with more than 30,000 now living in the country, versus their native India, up from just 1,500 in 1995.

London's 'ludicrous' parakeet problem

Rose-ringed parakeets have proliferated and become a nuisance in the suburbs around England's capital in recent years. A guide to the bird boom

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