Nature Gone Awry

Nature Gone Awry : Opinion Brief
The waters of Redondo Beach, Calif. had an alarming glitter to them Tuesday after hundreds of thousands of small, dead fish appeared floating along the top.

California's 'sardine apocalypse'

Hundreds of thousands of silvery fish suffocate in a California marina, creating a "carpet of death" on the water's surface

Nature Gone Awry : The List
The dead birds found in Arkansas, Louisiana, Sweden (pictured), and other places, strike some observers as too much of a coincidence to be explained by simple science.

The 'Aflockalypse': 5 craziest conspiracy theories

What really killed the birds in Arkansas and elsewhere? Inventive theorists are blaming everything from End Times to a bird-targeting UFO

Nature Gone Awry : Opinion Brief
Google kindly located the reported incidents of mass animal deaths in a map that could elevate or ease the public's concern.

Google's mass-animal-death map

The search engine has been used to map all the mass deaths of birds, fish, and other creatures around the world—and the resulting picture isn't pretty

Nature Gone Awry : Opinion Brief
The Arkansas blackbirds, and other mass animal deaths, may have explanations, but they are still an "eerie" coincidence, says one commentator.

Arkansas blackbirds: Is 2011's animal-death scare overblown?

A spate of mass animal deaths has the internet buzzing with theories about the "Aflockalypse." But are such creature die-offs really so uncommon?

Nature Gone Awry : Fact Sheet
A rash of mass bird and sea-creature deaths have given people looking for ill omens plenty of fodder in the first days of 2011.

The Arkansas blackbirds and 8 other mysterious mass animal deaths

After 5,000 redwing blackbirds fell dead in Arkansas, other fish, birds, and even crabs have been dying en masse across the globe — sparking apocalyptic fears

Nature Gone Awry : Opinion Brief
Blackbirds that migrate around Arkansas' agricultural fields may have been spooked by New Years fireworks.

Why 5,000 blackbirds fell from the sky and 100,000 fish died: 5 theories

In the past few days, there have been not one but two creepy, large-scale wildlife deaths in Arkansas. What's to blame?

Nature Gone Awry : In-depth briefing
The Japanese kudzu vine engulfs a Tennessee hillside.

Nature's marauders: The rise of the invasive species

From creeping kudzu to walking fish, invasive species are colonizing America and the world

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