Bankrupt USA : Business
The U.K.'s Welfare Reform Act of 2012 has brought many changes to the government's benefits system.

Welfare states are unfair states

America must avoid replicating the failed European model of government

Bankrupt USA : Analysis
Protesters, many of whom are Wendy's employees, demonstrate outside a New York City location on Nov. 29.

Should fast-food workers be able to unionize?

Workers in New York City walk off the job at some of the country's biggest chains, demanding a living wage

Bankrupt USA : Forecast
Gold bricks: Many economists argue that a gold standard would severely curtail the emergency powers of the Federal Reserve.

What would happen if the U.S. went back to the gold standard?

The GOP promises to establish a "gold commission" to examine whether the dollar should be linked to gold — even though the idea has long been discredited

Bankrupt USA : By the numbers
A boy waves a flag during the annual Memorial Day Parade in New Canaan, Conn., one of the wealthiest communities in the U.S.: According to a new report, the median family income dropped 8 percent from 2007 to 2010.

The dwindling wealth of the American family: By the numbers

The Great Recession wiped out a huge chunk of the average family's wealth, setting the U.S. back by nearly two decades

Bankrupt USA : Instant Guide
Gov. Jerry Brown (D) will attempt to tackle California's crippling budget shortfall by slashing social services and limiting state workers to a four-day week.

California's financial apocalypse: A concise guide

Gov. Jerry Brown says his state is almost $16 billion short on its budget. The 74-year-old Democrat has a plan to close the gap — but Californians won't like it

Bankrupt USA : Opinion Brief
An Occupy Wall Street protester: The Occupy movement helped spotlight America's class inequality problem.

The American nightmare: What happened to economic mobility in the U.S.?

America prides itself as a land of economic opportunity. But, when Canadians have better odds of improving their lives, some say that notion has become a myth

Bankrupt USA : Opinion Brief
A broken window at an empty storefront in downtown Vallejo, Calif., a city that filed for bankruptcy protection in 2008.

Is California the next Greece?

The Golden State used to be at the vanguard of the U.S. economy. Now, not so much

Bankrupt USA : In-depth briefing
A man at an Ohio foodbank: Last year, 45 million Americans received food stamps.

Americans' growing dependency on food stamps

One in seven U.S. citizens receives aid to buy food. Are we feeding the hungry, breeding dependency, or both?

Bankrupt USA : The List
Cassandra Martin, age 6, lies on a bed in a Texas shelter in 2009: Thanks to the recession, 1 in 45 American children is now homeless.

America's 'bleak' child homelessness problem

A new report finds that a stunning 1 in 45 kids doesn't have a permanent roof over his head

Bankrupt USA : Burning Question
The congressional super committee charged with slashing America's deficits may try to save billions by retiring the venerable dollar bill in favor of the little-loved dollar coin.

The dollar bill: R.I.P.?

The deficit-cutting super committee may try to scrap the greenback, in the hopes that Americans will finally embrace the little-loved dollar coin  

Bankrupt USA : The Bullpen
David Frum

David Frum: The American Dream moves to Denmark

At the GOP's latest debate, Rick Santorum utters some hard truths about our economic decline

Bankrupt USA : Analysis
The California headquarters of solar-panel maker Solyndra: The FBI's raid here Thursday may take a toll on President Obama, who gave the company hundreds of millions of dollars in stimulus money.

What the FBI's Solyndra raid means: 3 theories

The saga of the bankrupt company that once played a starring role in President Obama's green jobs push takes an unexpected turn

Bankrupt USA : By the numbers
California's state capitol: The nation's largest state has been plagued for years by budget shortfalls, as have local governments across the country.

The municipal bankruptcy epidemic: By the numbers

Across the country, local government agencies face gaping budget deficits caused, in part, by massive borrowing and shrinking tax revenues

Bankrupt USA : Opinion Brief
On July 14, Standard & Poor's said there was a 50 percent chance it would downgrade the U.S. government's credit rating within three months because of the messy debt-ceiling debate.

Is the U.S. still due for a painful credit downgrade?

Washington's last-minute deal might not slow down the ballooning growth of America's debt enough to please credit ratings agencies

Bankrupt USA : Analysis
The housing market could be one of the casualties of a lowered government credit rating.

5 consequences of a U.S. credit downgrade

The federal government's top-notch AAA credit rating hangs in the balance as Congress battles over the debt ceiling — and its fate could directly affect you

Bankrupt USA : Opinion Brief
The floor of the New York Stock Exchange: Even if Congress agrees on a debt-ceiling plan, America's AAA credit rating may still be in jeopardy.

A U.S. credit downgrade: Inevitable?

With the ratings agencies disgusted by the debt-ceiling stalemate, it may be too late for Congress to save the government's top-notch credit rating

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