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Arab Revolts

Arab Revolts : The List
Palestinians burn U.S. flags during a protest on Sept. 14 against a U.S.-made online film that insults Prophet Mohammad.

Anti-U.S. protests in the Arab world: What's next?

Muslim anger continues to simmer over an amateurish, mysterious, American-made video insulting the Prophet Mohammad. What's going to be the fallout?

Arab Revolts : The Bullpen
Paul Brandus

Paul Brandus: The Arab mess — and America's dilemma

The Arab world is plagued by poverty, repression, and unsustainable population growth. What's a global superpower to do?

Arab Revolts : The List
A Tunisian man holds his son as he casts a vote at a polling station in Marsa during the country's free democratic elections this weekend.

Tunisia's 'historic' election: 4 lessons

Moderate Islamists appear to be the big winner in historically secular Tunisia's first free elections. Is this a Pyrrhic victory for democracy?

Arab Revolts : Controversy
Saudi women may be allowed to vote beginning in 2015, but they still cannot drive.

10 lashes for driving: Is life really improving for Saudi women?

In one week, Saudi Arabia announces it's giving women the right to vote ... but continuing to whip them for getting behind the wheel of a car

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
King Abdullah announced this weekend that in 2015, Saudi Arabian women will have the right to vote, a seemingly major shift for the conservative Middle Eastern kingdom.

Saudi women win suffrage: Credit the Arab Spring?

King Abdullah announces that in four years, the puritanical kingdom will let women vote and run for office — though they still won't be able to drive

Arab Revolts : Burning Question
Anti-government protesters in Yemen chant during a funeral for people killed in recent clashes with security forces: About one-third of Yemen's population is going hungry during the conflict, Oxfam warns.

Can the West prevent Yemen from becoming 'another Somalia'?

Millions of Yemenis are going hungry as a violent stalemate between anti-government protesters and President Ali Abdullah Saleh drags on

Arab Revolts : Slideshow
Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, 1999

Hosni Mubarak's 'iron-fisted' 30-year rule: A visual history

After decades of authoritarian order, Egypt's toppled pharaoh is sick, caged, and fighting for his life and freedom

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh gives his first public speech Thursday since an apparent assassination attempt last month.

Yemen's wounded president's 'defiant' reappearance

Ali Abdullah Saleh reemerges after undergoing at least eight surgeries following an apparent assassination attempt — and refuses to step down

Arab Revolts : Analysis
A member of the Muslim Brotherhood speaks at a news conference: The United States will engage in "limited contacts" with the powerful Egyptian political group.

America's talks with the Muslim Brotherhood: A mistake?

The Obama administration will engage with Egypt's influential Islamic group. Will that help keep the movement in check, or seal its rise to power?

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Turkish soldiers patrol the Syrian refugees camp on the Turkish-Syrian border: Syrian soldiers have been amassing near the border and tensions between the neighboring countries is high.

Is Syria provoking war with Turkey?

As refugees flee Syria, soldiers are gathering on both sides of a long-disputed border — raising fears that fighting could break out soon

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Anti-government protesters in Yemen: Some worry that the fall of many Arab governments will make it harder for the U.S. to hunt terrorists in the region.

Has the Arab Spring weakened the U.S.?

Popular uprisings are stoking hopes of democratic reform in North Africa and the Middle East, but they are also creating new dangers

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Yemeni soldiers are lifted in the air by anti-government protesters Sunday, during a celebration of the (potentially permanent) departure of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

President Saleh leaves: Will Yemen descend into chaos?

Yemen's president flies to Saudi Arabia after being wounded in a daring attack. Now, uncertainty lingers over his Middle Eastern nation's future

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Two Saudi women walk past a parked car: A female Saudi activist, Manal al-Sharif, defied the conservative Muslim kingdom's ban on women driving, and spent five days in jail as a result.

Will Saudi women drivers spark a revolution?

Saudi Arabia has dodged the Arab Spring so far. But women demanding the right to get behind the wheel are trying to change that

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Erik Prince, the controversial billionaire defense contractor, is being paid a reported $529 million to recruit and train a United Arab Emirates counter-terrorism force.

An ex-Blackwater boss' mercenary army: 3 theories

Why is the oil-rich United Arab Emirates hiring controversial former U.S. security contractor Erik Prince to build it a private army?

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
In her first interview since her attack in Cairo, CBS News correspondent Lara Logan says she thought she was going to die at the hands of an angry mob.

Lara Logan's 'torturous' sexual assault in Egypt

The CBS News correspondent speaks publicly for the first time since being sexually assaulted while covering Egypt's revolt

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Critics say President Obama should do more to stop Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad from violently targeting pro-democracy protesters.

Why isn't the U.S. doing more in Syria?

America is still sticking with simple diplomatic pressure, even as Syria's army escalates its violence against the opposition

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