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Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
A man throws a rock at a tank in Dara'a, Syria on Monday: The U.S. has threatened sanctions as violence increases.

Are sanctions enough in Syria?

With the Assad regime escalating violence against protesters, the Obama administration considers sanctions. Would that help?

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Young Yemeni protesters demand that President Ali Abdullah Saleh be brought to justice for his alleged corruption, instead of being granted immunity

Will Yemen's protesters accept Saleh's resignation deal?

The country's struggling president agrees to step down in exchange for immunity. But not everyone in the opposition is willing to accept his terms

Arab Revolts : Fact Sheet
Syrians gained some ground when President Bashar al-Assad dropped a repressive 48-year-old emergency law last week, but protesters still demand more.

'Great Friday': Is Syria on the brink of revolution?

As a day of reckoning approaches, the country's embattled government desperately clings to power

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Syrian protesters called for greater freedoms on Sunday, one day after President Bashar Al-Assad promised to lift a repressive 48-year-old emergency law.

Lifting Syria's 48-year-old 'emergency' law: Have the protesters won?

Syria's embattled president says he's scrapping a law that kept generations of Syrians under the government's thumb. But has anything really changed?

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
President Obama recently sent National Security Adviser Tom Donilon (left) to Saudi Arabi, as U.S. relations with the House of Saud fray over the Arab Spring.

Are the Saudis 'dumping' Obama?

America's alliance with Saudi Arabia is a bedrock of Mideast foreign policy. But will the House of Saud's anger with Obama lead it to sever ties?

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Thousands of anti-government Syrian demonstrators took to the streets Friday shouting "God, Syria, Freedom" in demand of democratic reforms.

Syria in crisis: Will Assad's concessions be enough?

Embattled President Bashar Al-Assad forms a new government and releases some prisoners. But will he have to give protesters more?

Arab Revolts : Photos
Showing the bottom of your shoe is a sign of disrespect in Middle Eastern cultures, which is why footwear can be so prominent during protests.

Shoe-throwing as protest: A photo timeline

Across the Arab world, protesters have been showing dictators their disdain — by lobbing shoes and flashing their soles

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Syrian President Bashir al-Assad addressed his country Wednesday for the first time since protests erupted, but spent much of the speech blaming others for the unrest.

Syria: Assad's 'failed' speech

Though many hoped President Bashir al-Assad would announce reforms, he lashes out instead. Did he miss a chance to quell anti-government protests?

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
As Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and his troops respond to the country's uprisings with force, killing at least 60 protesters in recent weeks, the U.S. debates another possible military intervention.

Should the U.S. intervene in Syria?

Bashar Al-Assad unleashes violence on protesters, and Joe Lieberman backs U.S. intervention. Hillary Clinton says no way. Who's right?

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
A Yemeni anti-government rebel shouts during March protests: Top Yemeni military officers have joined the opposition, igniting concerns of a military coup.

A military coup in Yemen?

As the high commander of the Yemeni army turns against the country's president, the parallels with Egypt's revolution grow stronger

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Syrians protesters call for an end to 48 years of emergency law in their Middle Eastern nation.

Is Syria on the verge of falling?

Police fire on demonstrators in Syria, fueling anti-government protests, but the country's infamously oppressive regime may be "a tough nut to crack"

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Bahrainis protest in front of a heavily guarded cabinet house in the capital: The U.S. has done little to intervene on behalf of the unarmed citizens.

Where's America's outrage over Bahrain?

Many Americans are gnashing their teeth over Moammar Gadhafi's near-crushing of Libya's armed rebellion, but yawning over U.S. ally Bahrain's crackdown on peaceful protests

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Policemen guard the prime minister's office in Manama, Bahrain: Troops from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states are helping the Bahrain kingdom fight protesters.

Will Saudi Arabia crush Bahrain's protests?

The House of Saud sends troops to help Bahrain's royal family restore calm. Is a violent showdown ahead?

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal, using a figure of speech, said the kingdom would "cut off any finger," raised against the regime.

Can Saudi Arabia prevent a 'day of rage'?

Activists plan to press for political and social reforms on Friday. Will the House of Saud face an uprising like the ones that have rattled the region?

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi remains in power, but some worry that his eventual defeat could boost al Qaeda's power in the region.

Are the Mideast uprisings strengthening al Qaeda?

It isn't Osama bin Laden who's out there toppling autocratic Arab regimes — but will he and his terrorist network benefit anyway?

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
As people rise up against the dictatorships of the Middle East, Vogue has published a glowing profile of Syrian First Lady Asma al-Assad.

Vogue's 'tone-deaf' puff piece on Syria's first lady

The fashion magazine's ill-timed and "fawning" profile of Asma al-Assad, the glamorous wife of Syria's despotic leader, is generating outrage

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