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Arab Revolts

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Pro-democracy protesters in Tehran: Egypt and Tunisia's regimes were overthrown by the secular, young, and internet-savvy, not by al Qaeda, which has some wondering if the terror group has been weakened by these revolts.

Will the Arab revolts cripple terrorists?

Al Qaeda is a mere sideline observer of the uprisings sweeping the Arab world. Are the revolts making Osama bin Laden irrelevant?

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has promised Saudis a hefty benefits package in an apparent attempt to stave off unrest.

Arab uprisings: Is Saudi Arabia next?

King Abdullah is showering his people with cash and releasing political prisoners to stave off protests. What if it doesn't work?

Arab Revolts : Best Column
Saddam Hussein's military protection may have saved him from an uprising, were he in power today. Here, an Iraqi passes Saddam propaganda in the late 1980s.

Could Saddam Hussein have survived the Arab uprisings?

TIME's Bobby Ghosh considers whether the revolutionary wave sweeping the Arab world would have toppled the Iraqi dictator

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
As part of his new aid package, King Abdullah will be giving all government employees a 15 percent raise, while giving the unemployed and students new financial assistance.

Can Saudi Arabia buy its way out of revolution?

King Abdullah lavishes billions on his people in a bid to stave off unrest. Will it work?

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Mourners and protesters march into Bahrain's Pearl Square moments before police opened fire on the group.

Chaos in Bahrain: Police open fire on mourners

As marchers grieved the loss of compatriots, security forces let loose with bullets and tear gas. Here's the video

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
News of Lara Logan's sexual assault in Egypt sparked harsh rants from commentators on both the left and right.

The 'appalling' coverage of Lara Logan's sexual assault

Some writers are taking heat for their insensitive, partisan reactions to Logan's Egyptian ordeal. Why such disrespect?

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
CBS chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan, who has spent years reporting from war zones, is recuperating after her brutal attack in Egypt.

The sexual assault of Lara Logan: What's the fallout for female journalists?

In the aftermath of the disturbing attack on the CBS correspondent in Egypt, media organizations face tough questions about female reporters' safety

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Crewmen aboard a U.S. military flotilla stationed in Bahrain, the tiny island which serves as a Middle East anchor for U.S. military strategy.

Will the Bahrain crisis benefit Iran?

The uprising in Bahrain could force a U.S. Navy fleet out of the Gulf, and ease pressure on Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Arab Revolts : The List
Though Egyptian protesters went without basic necessities, rumors emerged that they were being compensated with Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Egypt's protests: 5 curious twists

The uprising against President Hosni Mubarak involved many surprises. Here are some you may have missed

Arab Revolts : Instant Guide
Hosni Mubarak and his family could reportedly be worth as much as $70 billion, more than Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates.

Hosni Mubarak's 'stolen' $70 billion fortune

Now that Egypt's longtime president has stepped down, attention turns to the wealth he allegedly piled up over three decades in power

Arab Revolts : Sunday Talk Show Briefing
Mubarak is out. What happens next with Egypt and the rest of the world?

After Egypt, who should the U.S. back?

Hosni Mubarak's fall has opened up a huge opportunity for the Arab world, and huge risks for despots, protesters, and the U.S.

Arab Revolts : In-depth briefing
Muslim Brotherhood member Mohamed el-Balatagy (top-center) protests in Cairo's Tahrir Square last week.

Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood

All eyes are on Egypt's biggest opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood. What are the Brotherhood's goals?

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak finally resigned Friday - but not before Obama was raked over the coals by his critics for his handling of the crisis.

Obama's 'inept' handling of Egypt's crisis

As protesters lambasted Mubarak for delaying his resignation, the White House took heat for its diplomatic struggles

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Despite the continuing protests and reports he would resign, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is not stepping down.

Mubarak's refusal to resign: Did he just make things worse?

The Egyptian president defies reports of his resignation and clings to power — provoking protesters and embarrassing the U.S. Now what?

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
After nearly three weeks of resistance, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak may finally step down today.

Mubarak's rumored resignation: The speculation

It looked like the Egyptian protests might have finally toppled the unpopular president, igniting a wave of commentary

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu worries that whoever replaces Mubarak's regime in Egypt will be harder to live with.

What the Egypt protests mean for Mideast peace

Israelis are worried that neighboring Egypt could become a new Iran. But what does the uprising mean for Israel's negotiations with the Palestinians?

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