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Arab Revolts : Fact Sheet
Google executive Wael Ghonim speaks to the tens of thousands of protesters who returned to Tahrir Square Tuesday after his release from government detention.

The Google executive who fueled Egypt's uprising

Wael Ghonim, a marketing manager with the search giant, has become the new face of the anti-Mubarak revolt. Who is he?

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Protesters will likely crowd Egypt's Tahrir Square until Mubarak officially resigns - or secular infighting breaks up the movement - say some commentators.

What can break the Egyptian stalemate? 5 theories

As the protests on the streets of Cairo enter their third week, commentators predict what it will take to bring stability back to Egypt

Arab Revolts : Best Column
More than four years after the first broadcast of Al Jazeera English, few U.S. cable providers even carry it.

Why American cable should carry Al Jazeera

Broadcasting the Middle Eastern news network in the U.S. would dispel stereotypes and broaden our understanding of the region, argues The New York Times' Frank Rich

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman (center) holds talks with representatives of political parties including the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.

Can the Muslim Brotherhood unite Egypt?

The Egyptian government has invited the controversial Muslim Brotherhood to join talks about the nation's future. Is this a sign of where the country is heading?

Arab Revolts : Sunday Talk Show Briefing
Does Obama know what to do in Egypt?

The U.S.: Mixed signals on Egypt?

The Obama administration is reacting to the rapidly unfolding events in Egypt with some possibly mixed messaging. Does Team Obama know what it wants?

Arab Revolts : The List
Anderson Cooper suffered blows to the head before he went into hiding in order to broadcast safely.

Egypt's crackdown on journalists: 5 'terrifying' incidents

Pro-Mubarak activists have attacked the foreign media on the streets of Cairo. Here, five of the most dramatic attacks

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Anti-government protesters pile into Tahrir Square Friday for what they have dubbed the "day of departure," despite President Mubarak's refusal to stand down.

Will 'chaos' reign if Mubarak resigns?

The embattled Egyptian president says he'd be willing to step down immediately — but won't because the country would fall apart. How valid is that forecast?

Arab Revolts : Fact Sheet
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia walks with President Obama during a White House visit last year. The U.S. has had a good relationship with Saudi Arabia since the 1970s.

5 dictators the U.S. still supports

America was a key backer of the Mubarak regime — at least, until the uprising in Cairo intensified this week. Which other autocrats in the region still enjoy U.S. support?

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Anti-government protesters clash with supporters of President Mubarak, who were reportedly armed with clubs, rocks, knives, and firebombs.

Egypt: What the violence means

Supporters of embattled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak have emerged to fight with anti-government protesters. What's next for the uprising?

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Bush's much-debated "freedom agenda" was intended to speed democracy to the Middle East.

Does Egypt prove Bush was right?

George W. Bush said we could launch a wave of democratic reform in the Arab world by standing firm against tyranny. Does the uprising in Egypt vindicate him?

Arab Revolts : The List
While Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak says he will not run in the fall elections, other Arabic governments, including Yemen and Syria, are taking action to defuse protests in their own countries.

The Egypt effect: How other Arabian rulers are reacting

As the world wonders if another "domino" country will fall after Egypt, autocratic regimes are trying to placate the masses before they take to the streets

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Anti-Mubarak demonstrators may have brought Egypt closer to open elections, but it's still unclear what Egyptian democracy will look like.

Would Egyptian democracy be a 'nightmare'?

The massive anti-government demonstrations have put the country a step closer to free and fair elections. But will that be a victory or defeat for the cause of human rights?

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Change in Egypt has to begin "now," Obama said Tuesday, the ninth day of the anti-Mubarak protests.

Egyptian uprising: Is Obama trying to force Mubarak out?

After a special visit from an Obama envoy Tuesday, the embattled Egyptian leader said he'll step down in September. Is the U.S. elbowing its longtime ally out of power?

Arab Revolts : Instant Guide
Looters taking advantage of Egypt's political chaos have already ruined some of the Egyptian Museum of Cairo's antiquities, including two mummies.

Will Egypt's ancient treasures survive?

Egypt has been called the "greatest open-air museum in the world." Could its antiquities be at risk of damage while the political upheaval continues?

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Juju says Mubarak should "let the people Egypt vote" lest they create more problems for him in the long run.

Egypt's Mubarak 'schooled' by an 8-year-old girl?

Juju, an 8-year-old Saudi girl, has some choice words for Hosni Mubarak. Could this be the final indignity for the embattled president?

Arab Revolts : Opinion Brief
Members of the Muslim Brotherhood rallied with other Egyptian opposition groups in Cairo last December.

Should Americans fear an Islamist takeover in Egypt?

The Muslim Brotherhood is poised to grab a powerful role if Egypt's Hosni Mubarak falls. Would that be disastrous for the U.S.?

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