America's Education Challenge

America's Education Challenge : The Bullpen
Dana Liebelson

Dana Liebelson: The growing undercover effort to get God into biology class

Meet the new creationism-in-sheep's-clothing: The "academic freedom" bill

America's Education Challenge : Analysis
Some studies have found that preschool can yield a rate of return between 7 and 10 percent, compared to 5.8 percent for stocks.

Is preschool really a better investment than buying stock?

Several studies suggest that the Obama administration's proposal for universal preschool education, though costly, would pay off

America's Education Challenge : By the numbers
Applications submitted to law schools in January decreased by 20 percent compared to a year before.

America's nosediving law-school applications: By the numbers

The number of students trying to get into law school is declining sharply as tuition and student debt rise while job openings dwindle

America's Education Challenge : U.S.
Apparently, the more you pay, the worse their GPA.

When parents pay for college, could kids' grades suffer?

Researchers believe that students who get endless checks from mom and dad may not take their education as seriously as those who foot the bill themselves

America's Education Challenge : Controversy
According to The New York Times, many low-income children who are struggling in school are being prescribed Adderall — even if they arguably don't need it.

Why some doctors think Adderall is the cure for academic failure

"It's too expensive to modify the kid's environment," says one doctor. "So we have to modify the kid."

America's Education Challenge : Opinion Brief
John Webster, a gym teacher at P.S. 330 in Queens, N.Y., was allegedly beaten up by a 6-year-old student, and is now suing the city.

The gym teacher who says he was beaten up by a first grader

A burly New York teacher is suing the city for the physical and emotional damage he allegedly endured at the hands of a 6-year-old student

America's Education Challenge : Instant Guide
For the first time in 25 years, Chicago teachers are on strike, after unions failed to reach an agreement with the city on compensation, benefits, and job security.

Why Chicago teachers are striking: A guide

A union battle in the Windy City has exploded onto the national stage, with implications for the future of organized labor and the presidential race

America's Education Challenge : The Bullpen
Bill Frist

Bill Frist: The crucial need to hold students to a higher standard

Far too many U.S. teens leave high school unprepared for college — not to mention the job market

America's Education Challenge : Analysis
A T-shirt mocks student abuse of Adderall: Many 4.0 high school students turn to the stimulant to help boost their test performance.

The confounding rise of teens abusing 'good-grade pills'

American schools have a drug problem, The New York Times reports, and it isn't with slackers doping up and dropping out

America's Education Challenge : Fact Sheet
An aerial view of the Horace Mann School's campus in New York City: A New York Times Magazine cover story documents a sex scandal that simmered secretly for decades inside the prestigious prep school.

The Horace Mann school's horrifying history of alleged sexual abuse

The New York Times Magazine unspools a real-life tale that reads like a stomach-churning mash-up of Charles Dickens and Gossip Girl

America's Education Challenge : By the numbers
New York University students cheer during their commencement ceremony: The average well wisher will spend just under $100 on a graduation present this year.

How much America spends on graduation gifts: By the numbers

This year's high-school and college graduates will get a generous send-off, but their haul will be a drop in the bucket next to their student-loan debt

America's Education Challenge : The List
A middle school student from Texas was recently placed on in-school suspension for shaving the image of his favorite NBA player, Matt Bonner, on his hair.

The 7 dumbest reasons schoolkids get suspended

A middle schooler is suspended for an elaborate haircut, a Florida teen for hugging a friend, New York high schoolers for Tebowing, and more

America's Education Challenge : Burning Question
Kindergarten students sit at a table with their teacher: Using smiley, neutral, and sad faces to indicate grades, Georgia's five-year-olds will soon be tasked with evaluating their teachers' abilities.

Should kindergarteners be allowed to evaluate teachers?

Under a new pilot program, Georgia will give students as young as 5 years old a say in grading their teachers on their knowledge and abilities

America's Education Challenge : Fact Sheet
A standardized test question asking New Jersey third graders to reveal a secret appeared on the tests of about 4,000 kids in 15 school districts.

New Jersey's 'reveal a secret' third-grade test question: The fallout

Parents complain after kids are asked to share something they're hiding. Is that an inappropriate question for a standardized test?

America's Education Challenge : Controversy
At least one of the Florida students who was forced to wear the "cone of shame" found the idea "funny." Parents didn't agree.

Should a teacher be fired for making students wear a doggie 'cone of shame'?

Parents complain after a high school teacher makes misbehaving and tardy teens wear the conical collars vets put on animals

America's Education Challenge : Opinion Brief
"I got in! I got in!" It's natural for high school students to exult in a college acceptance letter, but some schools want kids to keep it to themselves.

Should high schools stop seniors from bragging about college admissions?

To mitigate tension as kids get letters of acceptance — or rejection — from their dream schools, administrators are telling happy students to tone it down

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