The Drug War

The Drug War : Analysis
Mexican drug smugglers are reportedly using pneumatic cannons to shoot cans full of marijuana over the U.S.-Mexico border.

Mexican drug cartels' ingenious pot-smuggling cannons

What's the inspiration behind the new devices? Evidently, Mythbusters has made its way to Mexican cable — or drug lords really like the shirt-shooters at NBA games

The Drug War : Fact Sheet
Classroom know-it-alls may be more likely to experiment with drugs as they enter adulthood, according to a new study.

Are smart kids more likely to use drugs? 

An ambitious new study suggests a surprising link between a child's IQ and his use of illegal substances as an adult

The Drug War : Instant Guide
Drugs, particularly prescription varieties, killed one person every 14 minutes in 2009 and for the first time surpassed driving-related fatalities.

Drugs: Deadlier than car accidents?

The number of Americans killed each year by drugs is on the rise — largely due to prescription substances that are perfectly legal

The Drug War : Analysis
A new fingerprint scanner that uses colored florescent dyes, among other things, can quickly reveal whether a driver is under the influence of drugs.

The drug test that's as simple as the Breathalyzer

A new technology that analyzes the sweat from fingerprints could revolutionize the way police and employers detect drug use

The Drug War : The List
Marijuana is still the world's drug of choice, according to the United Nations.

The U.N. World Drug Report: 6 takeaways

Pot is still the king of drugs, Canada is to blame for the meth crisis, and homemade synthetics such as the ecstasy-like "Meow Meow" are on the rise

The Drug War : Controversy
Cocaine users may be snorting a flesh-eating drug; 82 percent of street cocaine is laced with a veterinary drug used to deworm animals, according to a new study.

America's flesh-eating cocaine problem

Parents have long warned that drugs will fry your brain. Now doctors say cocaine might also rot your skin — literally

The Drug War : Fact Sheet
Two 16-year-olds, with their backs turned, were among those arrested as suspected members of a violent Mexican drug cartel: One of the teens said she was a "hitwoman."

Mexico's drug war: 4 'chilling' new revelations

As drug violence spins out of control, Mexican gangs are reportedly kidnapping bus passengers and forcing them to fight to the death

The Drug War : Fact Sheet
Much like eBay sellers, Silk Road dealers deliver customers' orders to their homesââ¬Â¦ except that the packages contain illegal drugs instead of vintage tea towels.

Silk Road: The of illegal drugs

A new website flouts the government by allowing users to anonymously buy and sell marijuana, LSD, heroin, and much more... really

The Drug War : Opinion Brief
The submarine can reportedly transport about 8 tons of drugs and four people, though it was found by authorities before its maiden voyage.

Colombia's 100-foot drug-smuggling submarine

Deep in the South American jungle, cocaine traffickers get amphibious

The Drug War : Opinion Brief
The drug catapult is reportedly capable of launching 4.4. pounds of marijuana at a time.

Mexico's drug-flinging catapult

A group of marijuana runners ditched the usual smuggling techniques and got creative in the desert

The Drug War : Burning Question
In lab trials on mice, the effects of the cocaine-addiction vaccine lasted at least 13 weeks.

A vaccine for cocaine addiction?

A new vaccine could immunize drug addicts from the high-inducing effects of specific narcotics

The Drug War : Controversy
The walls of the 1,800-foot drug-smuggling tunnel are still damp, leading authorities to believe it is only a month old.

The 'sophisticated' U.S.-Mexico drug tunnel

U.S. drug agents found an elaborate passageway linking two warehouses in San Diego and Tijuana. Oh, and 30 tons of marijuana

The Drug War : The List
Marisol Valles Garcia is Mexico's youngest police chief and works in a town just 60 miles from Ciudad Juarez, the country's most violent city.

5 signs that Mexico is losing its drug war

In Mexico, drug violence has become a routine part of the news. But some moments stand out as particularly frightening

The Drug War : Instant Guide
Tiffany Hartley stands by her story, but many question whether or not her husband was really killed by Mexican drug-runners.

Mexican pirate attack: Truth or fiction?

Tiffany Hartley claims her husband was killed by Mexican drug-runners. Why can't anyone find the body?

The Drug War : Flashback
Marijuana use has plummeted since Portugal decriminalized drugs.

Portugal's unorthodox war on drugs

Portugal decriminalized the possession of recreational drugs 10 years ago. Could its policy provide lessons for U.S. lawmakers?

The Drug War : Opinion Brief
A Colombian parrot has run afoul of the local drug squad.

Cops vs. parrots?

Police bust Lorenzo, a "gangster" bird, for conspiring with a South American drug cartel. Only in Colombia?

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