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In a new study, Rhesus monkeys, like the one above, were outfitted with brain implants that significantly aided their decision-making abilities.

The futuristic brain implant that makes monkeys smarter

Researchers discover that stimulating a primate's prefrontal cortex with a special electrical pattern improves decision-making abilities by a startling 10 percent

Animal Kingdom : Controversy
Conservationists release a rare, Red River soft-shell turtle back into a lake, its natural habitat, outside of Hanoi, Vietnam, in 2008.

Are the world's most endangered species even worth saving?

Conservationists might not bother rescuing a giant soft-shell turtle or a pygmy three-toed sloth because these animals don't provide any clear benefits to humans

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A seagull pecks at a whale as it comes up for air in the souther Atlantic Ocean near Argentina: The incessant torment has changed the natural behavior habits of the mammals.

The flesh-eating seagulls that are attacking whales

Off Argentina's coast, the birds have trained themselves to swoop down on the endangered mammals to feast on their blubber when they surface for air

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While the poodle moth's genetic origins are still unknown, there is no denying its "adorably weird" appeal.

The completely bizarre Venezuelan poodle moth

What's fuzzy, adorable, and terrifying all at the same time? This mysterious little winged creature, which has become an overnight internet sensation

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7 shocking shark facts: A slideshow

7 shocking shark facts: A slideshow

The product of 450 million years of evolution, sharks are eerily bizarre and compulsively fascinating

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Snapper fish swim through Australia's Great Barrier Reef: Fish in these waters have been suffering from what researchers believe is a form of melanoma.

Can fish get skin cancer?

A team of scientists studying shark prey in Australia's Great Barrier Reef are shocked to find that 15 percent of the trout there have strange, discolored lesions

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A unique species of termites, Neocapritermes taracua, which can be found in the rainforests of French Guiana, are equipped with explosive, venomous sacks to protect their colony.

What termites and suicide bombers have in common

When faced by attackers, the termite species Neocapritermes taracua sends out kamikaze bugs equipped with explosive, venom-filled pouches

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The tiny brain-eating phorid fly, or Euryplatea nanaknihali, is able to rest comfortably on the eye of the average house fly, which is pictured here.

The tiny fly that gruesomely eats the brains of ants

A recently discovered fly has a nasty habit of laying its eggs inside the heads of ants, where its offspring hatch and break through the ants' brains to go free

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A typical 260-pound dolphin eats some 33 pounds of fish a day — that's the equivalent of you scarfing down roughly 20 pounds of steak.

7 surprising facts about dolphins

The friendly sea mammals can sniff out bombs, form complex networks, and eat dozens of pounds of fish a day

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C'sar, an African bull elephant from the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, undergoes surgery to remove cataracts from his aging eyes.

The farsighted elephant who may get contact lenses

Zookeepers remove cataracts from the eyes of a 38-year-old elephant to help him see, and now they're considering giving him a pair of contacts

Animal Kingdom : Controversy
An Adelie penguin: A 100-year-old report on the arctic animals revealed the raw sexual behavior of unattached male members who form "hooligan bands" on the fringes of the group.

Revealed: The horrific sexual depravity of 'hooligan' penguins

Necrophilia, rape, and murder — George Levick's 100-year-old observations on Adélie penguin culture are just now seeing print, and shocking readers

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An Iowa man hefts the woolly mammoth femur bone he and his two sons found in the woods behind their house.

The woolly mammoth skeleton dug up in a backyard

An Iowa man and his sons find what turns out to be a mammoth's femur on their property. Now researchers are excavating the rest of the giant mammal's remains

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A close-up of a dragonfly clinging to a twig: 300 million years ago, the dragonfly-like griffinfly bug was about the size of a hawk.

Solved: How flying insects evolved from hawk-sized to tiny

Giant flying bugs once boasted massive wingspans nearing 30 inches. But 150 million years ago, they began shrinking, and now scientists think they know why

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Lion-tailed macaques in captivity: Only 4,000 members of this endangered species remain, and most American zoos have had to phase them out.

How zoos decide which endangered species to save

With limited resources and a growing number of disappearing breeds, zoos are having to choose which animals to rescue, and which to let disappear

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Because humans can't hear certain high-frequency sounds, there are some noises dolphins make that are unintelligible. This new speaker could help decipher them.

Could humans one day communicate with dolphins?

A new device mimics the sounds of the ocean's smartest creatures, and could one day allow human-dolphin dialogue

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Rainy days are downers for the newly discovered Rhinopithecus strykeri monkeys, who start sneezing at the slightest drizzle.

The 10 weirdest new species of 2012

A mushroom named after SpongeBob, a sneezing monkey, and a blue tarantula top this year's list of Earth's most bizarre residents

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