Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom : Essay
Shark hunting has become an obsession for one Miami fisherman who has killed more than 100,000 of the fish in nearly three decades.

The last shark hunter in Miami

Mark Quartiano has killed over 100,000 sharks, says Juliet Eilperin, and he's starting to feel a bit uneasy

Animal Kingdom : The List
More and more polar bears are leaving their icy homes in search of food and shelter on land.

5 strange facts about polar bears

The ice-dwelling mammals have something in common with President Barack Obama: A touch of Irish ancestry

Animal Kingdom : Opinion Brief
Gamera, a 12-year-old tortoise who lost his front leg, moves about quite capably thanks to a wheel supplied by a neighborhood hardware store.

The tortoise who can 'walk-and-roll'

After his front leg is amputated, a young tortoise gets a little help from a local hardware store

Animal Kingdom : Controversy
The polar bear cubs Gregor and Aleut and their mother Vera explore their enclosure at the Tiergarten zoo in Nuremberg, Germany, 24 March 2011. The two cubs were born on 16 December 2010 and left their breeding burrow for the first time on 23 March 2010.

The longest swim: How climate change is killing baby polar bears

Polar bears are making epic journeys in search of increasingly rare ice floes — and the littlest cubs aren't surviving the swim  

Animal Kingdom : Burning Question
America is suffering from an intense heat wave, and cows in Texas coping by gulping down water may be doing themselves more harm than good.

Are cattle drinking themselves to death?

Cows often die during a drought, but in some cases it's not because the animals can't find water

Animal Kingdom : Controversy
Honeybees have been dying off in record numbers since 2006, and Canadian researchers are trying to breed disease-resistant "super-bees" to reverse the trend.

Can 'super-bees' solve the world's food crisis?

The honeybees who pollinate our crops are disappearing, but researchers are trying to breed survivor insects to carry on

Animal Kingdom : Opinion Brief
A recreation of the pliosaur: The largest and most intact fossilized skull of this oceanic predator was unveiled last week.

A 'jaw-dropping' look at the Earth's 'most fearsome predator'

If "Jaws" kept you out of the water, you might not want to know about the oceanic beast that could rip a car in half

Animal Kingdom : Instant Guide
OK, yes, they look scary, but sharks are actually hunted by humans in great numbers and are in danger of becoming extinct.

Are sharks becoming extinct?

Cuba and the Bahamas join a growing list of nations trying protect the ultimate predator before it's too late

Animal Kingdom : Opinion Brief
Skunks are kind of cute, but their stinky defense mechanism makes them a less-than-perfect pets... unless you're the Florida couple who owns 15.

Skunks: The hot new pet?

Take away the stink, and a skunk might just take the dog's place at the foot of your bed

Animal Kingdom : Slideshow
A new species of Nembrotha nudibranch (sea slug)

The Philippines' explosion of new species: A slideshow

On a recent expedition, scientists discovered 300 strange, beautiful, previously undocumented creatures

Animal Kingdom : Slideshow
Snake carcasses left to air-dry in China.

Welcome to China's 'Snake Village': A slideshow

A small farm town is "raking in the yuan" by raising millions of slithering, poisonous reptiles that become food, wine, virility drugs, and more

Animal Kingdom : Slideshow
A male Furcifer timoni chameleon

Madagascar's 'treasure trove' of new species: A slideshow

Scientists discover 41 new mammals, 69 amphibians, and hundreds of heretofore-unknown plants on this "jewel" of an African island

Animal Kingdom : Instant Guide
The number of koala bears worldwide has decreased by as much as 95 percent since the 1990s, and STDs have rendered much of the remaining population infertile.

Koalas: An endangered species?

People often assume there's a koala in every gum tree in Australia, but disease and habitat destruction are imperiling the lovable marsupials

Animal Kingdom : Instant Guide
Horses can reportedly pass herpes onto one another through playful nuzzling.

Why are horses catching herpes?

An outbreak of the deadly equine herpes virus is spreading throughout the Western states and threatens to become a nationwide problem

Animal Kingdom : Fact Sheet
Scientists have created eight sounds that signify dolphin-friendly terms like "seaweed." The hope is that the animals will mimic those sounds, allowing scientists to decipher them, and one day, chat with the sea mammals.

The 'awesome' machine that could let us talk to dolphins

Scientists hope a new computer translation system will allow divers to make sense of dolphin sounds — and even talk back  

Animal Kingdom : Petty Controversy
Shown here: A creature who can't quite believe that her "human carer" referred to her as a lowly "pet."

Petty controversy: Is it insulting to call animals 'pets?'

The Journal of Animal Ethics says people will start treating their "companion animals" better when they stop talking down to them

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