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Animal Kingdom : Opinion Brief
A protest sign reads "Knut - Please don't stuff!": Many demonstrators gathered earlier this month to denounce the Berlin Zoo's plan to stuff and display the beloved polar bear.

Should Knut the polar bear be stuffed?

The beloved bear's grieving fans are outraged after zookeepers in Berlin send their deceased star attraction to a taxidermist

Animal Kingdom : Opinion Brief
A wily squirrel (not pictured) that was allegedly chasing students around a Texas middle school was pepper sprayed by an officer as teenagers screamed, "Don't spray him!"

The cop who pepper sprayed a baby squirrel

At a Texas middle school, students and teachers looked on in horror as an officer maced a small rodent

Animal Kingdom : Opinion Brief
Tilikum leaps during a Sea World show Thursday: The killer whale is back at work after killing his trainer last year.

Should Tilikum the killer killer whale return to work?

He shook his trainer to death in front of a shocked crowd just over a year ago. Now, he's back entertaining children — and provoking new fears

Animal Kingdom : Opinion Brief
The slow loris has become an internet sensation, but a new report alleges that the tiny endangered species is being poached and abused for our entertainment.

The abuse behind an adorable YouTube sensation

The cuddly, monkey-like slow loris appears in a number of viral videos, but his path to stardom may have been filled with horrible cruelty and abuse

Animal Kingdom : Slideshow
Knut, the beloved Berlin polar bear pictured in 2007, died over the weekend at the age of four.

The short life of Knut the polar bear: A photo tribute

Berlin's beloved, troubled polar bear died suddenly over the weekend at the age of four. Here's a look back at his life

Animal Kingdom : Flashback
The mighty T-Rex may now be only the second-biggest land-based dinosaur, after scientists unearthed an apparent bone from a giant new species that roamed the world 90 million years ago.

Bigger than T-Rex: The world's largest plant-eating dinosaur

Scientists in Africa think they've found the remains of a new type of dinosaur: The "Angolan giant"

Animal Kingdom : Opinion Brief
An antidote to air-rage: The diverting sight of penguins strutting down the aisle.

March of the penguins: Airborne edition

On their way back to SeaWorld, penguins are unleashed on a Southwest Airlines flight — to the delight of their fellow passengers

Animal Kingdom : Opinion Brief
A new study may topple the animal kingdom's intelligence hierarchy, after elephants proved they can cooperate to solve problems.

Elephants: The world's smartest animals?

They never forget, and a new study proves these brainy pachyderms can cooperate to solve problems, too. Watch out, dolphins!

Animal Kingdom : Opinion Brief
Turbo the Doberman, with his owner, might have drowned in a canal had persistent dolphins not splashed loudly enough to alert neighbors.

The dolphins that helped save a lost Doberman

In a remarkable case of cross-species compassion, a group of the marine mammals came to the aid of a dog stranded in a Florida canal

Animal Kingdom : Opinion Brief
A mother chimp watches the 16-month-old child and occasionally prods it to see if it is really dead.

How chimps mourn their dead

A touching video of an ape mourning her dead infant reveals that some simians grieve the way humans do

Animal Kingdom : Opinion Brief
Girl, the 8-year-old Malayan tiger, has so far successfully taken to her artificial hip.

The world's first hip replacement... for a tiger

An East German cat endured a grueling operation for the sake of a brand-new hip. Can she recover?

Animal Kingdom : Opinion Brief
Ambam, the Silverback gorilla, first learned to balance upright and then mastered a human-like gait.

The gorilla that walks like a man

A rather intimidating video that shows a silverback gorilla strolling about on his hind legs evokes the sci-fi film Planet of the Apes

Animal Kingdom : Instant Guide
Scientists in Japan want to clone a woolly mammoth using the same technique that cloned a mouse that was in deep freeze for 16 years.

Cloning the woolly mammoth: A worrying precedent?

A team of scientists is attempting to resurrect the woolly mammoth — a species that has been extinct for thousands of years. Is this Jurassic Park science unethical?

Animal Kingdom : Opinion Brief
Up until 2007, 100,000 horses a year were slaughtered in the U.S, but now the task is outsourced to Mexico.

Time to start slaughtering horses?

Some horse owners, ranchers, and even some animal-welfare groups want to bring back the horse slaughtering industry to create jobs and deal with unwanted and wild animals

Animal Kingdom : Opinion Brief
Chris Jessen already had a few panda cows on his Colorado farm and one gave birth to a panda calf.

What is a Panda Cow?

A proud Colorado farmer has bred a rare cross-breed miniature cow. There are only 24 such animals in the world, and they can fetch up to $30,000 each. What are they?

Animal Kingdom : Instant Guide
Researchers dress in panda costumes so that the cubs have only minimal contact with humans.

The return of the giant panda

A breeding breakthrough heralds a brighter future for the much-loved symbol of China

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