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The wild-tiger population has reportedly dropped 97 percent in the past century and, if the worldwide calamity continues, the animal could be extinct by 2022.

Can Vladimir Putin save endangered tigers?

The Russian leader is overseeing a summit devoted to doubling the animal's dwindling population by 2022. Will it work?

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Not-so extinct animals: slide Okapi

Not-so extinct animals

Creatures we once thought were lost to history

Animal Kingdom : Instant Guide
Ligers are the world's largest big cat, growing up to 12 feet long and 1,200 lbs.

What is a 'liger' — and why is it illegal?

Two lion-tiger hybrid cubs were born at a private zoo in Taiwan. Not everyone's excited.

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Jesulin de Ubrique.

The end of bullfighting?

Catalonia, a region in Spain, has broken with centuries of tradition and banned "la corrida." Is the "sport" of bullfighting doomed?

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Lions are among the African large mammal species that are declining.

Africa's big animal problem

Why are the populations of Africa's most iconic animals — lions, giraffes, zebras, and others — plummeting? And what's being done to stop it?

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