Walmart : Analysis
Members of OUR Walmart march to the superstore's headquarters in 2011 to present their unified demands: The Walmart employee group is organizing a strike on Black Friday.

Why Walmart is freaking out over a Black Friday labor strike

The world's largest employer is taking pre-emptive action against striking workers, a sign that it sees the disruption as a significant threat

Walmart : Opinion Brief
Amazon used to have the market cornered on the instant gratification cherished by online shoppers, but now Walmart's competing head-to-head, at least in the holiday season.

Is Walmart's same-day delivery service a threat to Amazon?

The country's largest brick-and-mortar retailer is trying to beat Amazon at its own game

Walmart : Fact Sheet
Walmart will no longer stock the Kindle Fire, likely because once customers purchase the gadget, they are more likely to buy goods directly from Amazon — bypassing big-box stores like Walmart.

Walmart stops selling Kindles: Inside the war against Amazon

The country's largest retail chain is ditching Amazon's tablets, the latest sally in an ongoing battle between traditional big box retailers and online upstarts

Walmart : Opinion Brief
Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has proposed a slew of economic reform measures, some of which could threaten the country's small businesses by loosening restrictions on foreign companies.

Can India's government survive Walmart?

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has proposed letting the retail giant into the country, but his opponents are threatening to bring down his coalition

Walmart : Instant Guide
A new smartphone-app-based system would allow Walmart customers to scan bar codes as they take items off the shelves and bypass checkout lines.

Walmart's 'Scan & Go' iPhone app: The future of shopping?

The discount shopping giant experiments with letting customers use smartphones to speed through the checkout process. Will it work?

Walmart : Burning Question
Walmart's massive revenue gives it greater buying power to negotiate prices so it comes away with cheaper goods than even

Is Walmart a better deal than Amazon?

A new study shows that the brick-and-mortar retailer has cheaper prices, but the online giant is still winning over Walmart's customers

Walmart : Analysis
Only 15 percent of Walmart customers use credit cards to make their purchases, and now the retail giant will allow customers to pay cash even for online shopping.

Walmart's strange online cash payment system: A guide

In a bid to expand its internet business, the retail giant offers an odd online payment option that will still require customers to trek to the store

Walmart : Controversy
A busy Mexican Walmart: The retail chain's south-of-the-border scandal could mean jail time for some executives.

Walmart's Mexican bribery scandal: What's next for the retail giant?

The company faces a slew of legal and commercial repercussions in the wake of a report alleging that its Mexican unit paid $24 million in bribes to local officials

Walmart : Flashback
A Walmart store in Mexico City: Executives at Walmart's Arkansas headquarters allegedly covered up a $24 million bribery scheme perpetrated by its Mexican subsidiary.

Walmart's explosive Mexican bribery scandal: A concise guide

The New York Times reports that Walmart allegedly paid at least $24 million in bribes to become a dominant retailer in Mexico

Walmart : Forecast
Big-box stores like Walmart are feeling the pinch, as online purchases account for a rapidly increasing share of the retail market.

Walmart vs. Amazon: Can brick-and-mortar stores hang onto shoppers?

Not even the world's largest retailer is safe from Amazon, as more consumers turn to the web to buy everything from diapers to televisions

Walmart : The List
Shoppers at an Arkansas Walmart scramble for $2 waffle makers: The chain's Black Friday deals inspired unhinged behavior from rioting to parking lot shootings.

Walmart's violent Black Friday: 5 'grim' incidents

Crowds who came looking for holiday deals came face-to-face with riots, shootings, and pepper-spray attacks

Walmart : Burning Question
In a direct assault on Netflix, Walmart's new online streaming service offers 20,000 titles for rent or purchase, but an uncompetitive pricing scheme may undermine it.

Can Walmart topple Netflix?

The retail giant pushes into the video streaming market (again), just as the dominant Netflix suffers a moment of weakness

Walmart : Winners and Losers
A massive sex-discrimination case against Walmart was thrown out by the Supreme Court on Monday, which bodes will for the big-business community, but not for the little guy.

Walmart's big sex-discrimination court victory: Winners and losers

The Supreme Court sides with Walmart in a monumental case. Who benefits from the ruling, and who gets burned?

Walmart : Instant Guide
A 2004 Walmart gun display: After limiting its sales of firearms to a third of its outlets, the super chain is bringing back shotguns, hunting rifles, and bullets to 500 more stores.

Why are more Walmart stores selling guns again?

The struggling retailer is reintroducing firearms and ammunition at hundreds of its locations. What's behind the decision?

Walmart : Analysis
Fresh, cheap produce delivered to your door for a $5 fee? That's the offer from Walmart, which is directly challenging online retail businesses like Amazon and Fresh Direct.

Walmart's risky online grocery service

The retail giant is testing a grocery delivery service to fend off online competitors like Amazon. But this is a tricky business. Can Walmart pull it off?

Walmart : Opinion Brief
A Walmart protester in 2003: Female Walmart employees are paid less than their male colleagues, claim the plaintiffs in the biggest class-action discrimination case ever.

Did Walmart discriminate against 2 million women?

The Supreme Court hears arguments in a massive class-action discrimination suit against the retail giant

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