Walmart : Opinion Brief
Wal-Mart made a big Holiday push, slashing prices during the shopping season, but failed to increase traffic to its stores.

What is behind Walmart's record slump?

The discount-retailing giant's sales fell for the seventh straight quarter. Here are four key factors behind Walmart's struggles

Walmart : Opinion Brief
First lady Michelle Obama endorses a new program that will provide Walmart shoppers with healthier and more affordable food choices.

Can Walmart make America eat healthier?

Backed by Michelle Obama, Walmart has pledged to make its packaged foods healthier and cut prices on fruits and vegetables — but some commentators are suspicious

Walmart : Opinion Brief
Will the Supreme Court allow a multi-billion dollar class action suit against Walmart to move forward?

Can Walmart beat the biggest class action suit in history?

The Supreme Court will decide if 1.5 million female employees are able to sue the retail giant. But even if Walmart wins, the fallout could be devastating

Walmart : Opinion Brief
Walmart customers can even get free shipping on big-ticket items like flat-screen TVs and laptops.

Is Walmart starting a 'free shipping' war?

Will the mega-retailer steamroll the competition with free shipping, or will it crush its own big feet?

Walmart : Opinion Brief
Walmart's initiative to sell local fruits and vegetables could have a big impact, given the chain's size and national reach.

Walmart's 'ground-breaking' plan to sell local vegetables

The world's biggest retailer announces a push to help small farms and the environment. Has Walmart really gone green, or is it just PR?

Walmart : Fact Sheet
The superstore chain is hoping to squeeze it's big box stores into some small urban spaces.

Walmart's 'aggressive' new convenience-store strategy

Hungry for profits, the retail giant plans to start building smaller stores in urban areas. Will Walmart conquer America's cities?

Walmart : Opinion Brief
Wal-mart: Too "big brother" for comfort?

Walmart's 'creepy' underwear-tracking scheme

Walmart is preparing to attach remote-tracking tags to jeans and underwear. Too much information, or just good business?

Walmart : Opinion Brief
Is Walmart's clown commercial too scary?

Walmart's 'creepy' clown commercial

America's talking about the "dark humor" in Wal-Mart's new TV ad, but not everyone's laughing

Walmart : The List
America's favorite superstore.

Walmart rage: 7 legendary shopper meltdowns

Bargain hunting at the mega-store can certainly be stressful, but is there any call for smashing up the TV aisle with a baseball bat?

Walmart : Flashback
A mob (not pictured) trampled a Walmart employee on Black Friday.

Black, black Friday

A death at Walmart: When shopping fervor goes too far

Walmart : Opinion Brief
Holiday shoppers crowd New York's Fifth Avenue on 'Black Friday', the day after Thanksgiving in 2006.

Walmart's big Black Friday surprise

The world's biggest retailer is reinventing Black Friday — as a month-long shopping event

Walmart : Opinion Brief
Walmart's 'Dad Remembered' casket: $995 on

Walmart's discount-coffin controversy

Is retailing giant Walmart being smart or creepy by offering shoppers a way to cut funeral costs?

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