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Gaming Obsessions : The List
The new PlayStation 4 controller is rumored to include touchscreen capabilities.

4 things we'd like to see from Sony's PlayStation 4

Success won't come easy. But here are a few features we'd eagerly welcome

Gaming Obsessions : Burning Question
Nintendo's Wii U was projected to sell 5.5 million systems; so far it has only sold 3.06 million.

Is it game over for Nintendo?

The Wii U is a bust (so far). And the legendary gaming company's future is looking increasingly bleak

Gaming Obsessions : The List
Pac-Man: High art?

The 14 video games New York's MoMA just classified as art

The Museum of Modern Art adds 14 games to its art collection. Sadly, Pong, Mario, and Zelda haven't made the cut — yet

Gaming Obsessions : Best Video
The new footage employs live-action scenes and CGI to tease one of the biggest gaming releases of the year: Halo 4.

Watch: David Fincher's live-action Halo 4 trailer

The Xbox's signature title gets a movie-grade makeover for its newest TV spot

Gaming Obsessions : Opinion Brief
On Thursday, Nintendo announced that it will make its Wii U available for purchase on Nov. 18. The basic 8GB system will cost $299.

Can the Wii-U save Nintendo?

At long last, the legendary gaming company reveals pricing and a release date for its next-generation console — but smashing success is hardly a sure bet

Gaming Obsessions : Analysis
Playing video games for extended periods of time with little food or sleep can actually be fatal.

The teen hospitalized after a 4-day video-game binge

Here's one way to tell that you've been spending too much time with the Xbox: Your lips turn blue and you collapse

Gaming Obsessions : The List
Gamers scoop up a new World of Warcraft game in 2010: Since the online game reached its peak audience two years ago, more than 3 million subscribers have jumped ship.

World of Warcraft loses millions of subscribers in 3 months: 4 theories

Fans of one of the most popular online gaming titles ever are increasingly jumping ship. Has WoW simply grown too stale? Is Diablo 3 to blame?

Gaming Obsessions : Opinion Brief
From the people who brought you the time-wasting game Angry Birds comes Amazing Alex, a physics-based puzzle game that wants to be your new addiction.

Amazing Alex: A worthy follow-up to Angry Birds?

Finnish videogame maker Rovio unveils its followup to the best-selling bird-slinging franchise, and critics are already pining for the old game's swine villains

Gaming Obsessions : Fact Sheet
The Ouya game console is an open-source platform, meaning any independent developer can build games for it, a potential threat for big players like Nintendo and Sony.

Ouya: Can a $99 Android-powered gaming console topple Xbox?

Fans are fawning over an independent, open-source game system that's already attracted over $4 million in funding on Kickstarter

Gaming Obsessions : Controversy
In an attempt to give its strong heroine Lara Croft more vulnerability, Tomb Raider developers decided to make her the victim of attempted rape.

Rebooting Tomb Raiders' Lara Croft as a rape victim: Revolting?

In an ill-conceived effort to inspire male gamers to protect the iconic heroine, videogame developers have her fighting off a thuggish sexual predator

Gaming Obsessions : Burning Question
"Booth babes" from the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo: The models that show off the latest in technology go through grueling days in skimpy clothing for little pay.

Is it time for trade shows to banish 'booth babes'?

Parading scantily clad women around at technology conferences has become increasingly controversial, and some say it's time for the industry to grow up

Gaming Obsessions : Opinion Brief
Nintendo's latest gaming console the Wii U Gamepad, allows gamers to play games on the controller as well as on their televisions.

Nintendo's 'quirky' new Wii U: Underwhelming?

Making a puzzling debut at E3, the legendary gaming company's new console features a monstrous controller equipped with a touchscreen

Gaming Obsessions : Instant Guide
A new head-mounted controller allows users to control the video games they play with their brainwaves -- and only at a cost of $130.

The video games you play with your mind

Companies like NeuroSky Inc., and Emotiv Systems are developing consumer-grade headsets that read the brain's electrical signals to control onscreen action

Gaming Obsessions : Best Video
Users of the new Facebook game "Journey of Jesus: The Calling" are invited to explore a colorful, cartoonish version of biblical Israel.

Journey of Jesus: The world's first Christ-centric video game?

Can Jesus take down Farmville? Game developer Lightside is banking on the notion that gospel can be addictively fun

Gaming Obsessions : Opinion Brief
Microsoft will reportedly begin selling its Xbox 360 bundled with Kinect for just $99... provided you agree to a $360, two-year contract.

A $99 Xbox bundle: Microsoft's key to market domination?

The Xbox 360 console will reportedly be bundled with Kinect for a price that seems too good to be true. Perhaps it is

Gaming Obsessions : The List
Even though Draw Something once acquired 20 million users in a single day, the game is hemorrhaging users because it's buggy and insufficiently challenging.

Draw Something's disastrous month: 3 theories behind the slump

The popular Pictionary-like game just lost another 5 million users. Why are so many people suddenly abandoning the overnight gaming sensation?

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