Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer shows off the company's new tablet, Surface, at a June 18 news conference: The sleek iPad competitor may be priced far below expectations.

Microsoft's plan to sell the Surface tablet for only $199: Bad idea?

A new report says that the price of the game-changing slab will drastically undercut the iPad, fueling sales — but at what cost to Microsoft?

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Microsoft's webmail has a new name (, a new look, and a whole new set of features, including Facebook and Skype integration.

Microsoft's Hotmail reboot: Will the new Outlook convert Gmail users?

A long-forgotten webmail service gets a Windows 8-style facelift, and tech junkies hail its beauty, simplicity, and focus on privacy

Microsoft : The List
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gets riled up while presenting the next version of Office, which has been overhauled to make the software more compatible with touchscreens.

Microsoft's sophisticated new Office 2013: What's new?

Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are all getting a touchscreen-friendly facelift, and eager PC users can try them out now for free

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Microsoft's Bing currently accounts for about 15 percent of America's online search market, which is still dominated by Google.

Is Microsoft's Bing search engine officially a disaster?

The software giant just wrote off $6.2 billion from its Bing-anchored online unit, wiping out the venerable company's entire quarterly profit

Microsoft : Analysis
Microsoft will have to figure out how to monetize Yammer's membership: Only 20 percent of users pay for premium services.

Why Microsoft bought Yammer: 3 theories

In a bid to give its staid image a jolt of cool, the software giant snaps up a red-hot business-networking platform for $1.2 billion in cash

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveils Surface, the company's iPad rival: The tech giant is attracting the right kind of attention for its recent torrent of innovation.

Is Microsoft the new Apple?

This week's hyped rollout of the Surface tablet and Windows Phone 8 OS has the tech world abuzz, leading some to wonder if Microsoft has Apple-fied its image

Microsoft : The List
The update to Microsoft's mobile operating system includes the Wallet app that stores credit card, membership card, and frequent flier card information.

Microsoft's overhauled mobile operating system: 5 talking points

The tech titan introduces Windows Phone 8, featuring a next-level start screen, Nokia maps, and a renewed focus on mobile payments

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Microsoft's Surface reinvents the way users interact with tablets, but is the sleek attachable keyboard a step forward, or backward?

Does Microsoft Surface make the Macbook Air obsolete?

A clever detachable keyboard transforms the new Windows 8 tablet into a portable workstation that could relegate ultrabooks to the history books, says Gizmodo

Microsoft : Fact Sheet
Surface, Microsoft's answer to the iPad, features a "brilliant" magnetic cover that doubles as a keyboard.

Microsoft's game-changing Surface tablets: 5 talking points

The venerable tech giant leaps into the hardware business with a dynamic line of Windows 8 touchscreen slabs. Should Apple be afraid?

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
More than two years after the iPad first took the tech world by storm, Microsoft will unveil a tablet of its own.

Is Microsoft smart to build its own tablet?

The software giant is planning a competitor to the iPad, but some of Microsoft's past forays into hardware — remember the doomed Zune? — don't bode well

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Nokia's Lumia smartphone on display in April: The cheaper smartphone offering didn't boost the struggling company's sales as both Nokia and Microsoft had hoped.

Should Microsoft rescue Nokia?

The Finnish cellphone maker is in deep financial trouble, triggering speculation that Microsoft will swoop in to protect its Windows Phone investment

Microsoft : The List
An Xbox executive presents Microsoft's SmartGlass, an app that lets you transfer that Game of Thrones episode you're watching on your tablet to your TV with just one tap.

SmartGlass and 4 other new Microsoft innovations

Apple, Sony, and Google better watch out — the Xbox is pushing hard to become king of the living room

Microsoft : Instant Guide
Microsoft's new social network, which lets users track other people's search queries, is neither a Facebook rival nor a Twitter rip-off. But it might be too niche to take off. A guide to Microsoft's confusing new social network — pronounced "social" — is being touted as a new "experiment in open search." But where does it fit within an already crowded space?

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Users of Bing's reimagined search page can post questions to "Friends Who Might Know" or "People Who Know," which culls answers from proven experts on social media.

Bing's Facebook-inspired redesign: A better way to search?

Watch out, Google: Microsoft's search engine just unveiled a flashy new makeover that's making some tech bloggers swoon

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
The Nokia Lumia 900's sleek design and 4.3-inch screen may not make up for its problematic software.

The Lumia 900 Windows Phone: Underwhelming?

Reviews are finally in for Nokia and Microsoft's long-awaited $99 handset — and the word is, it's pretty but no iPhone killer

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Despite being bigger and cheaper than an iPhone, the Nokia Lumia 900 may still struggle to win over the Apple masses.

Will a $100 Windows phone help Microsoft catch up to Apple?

Nokia's impressive Lumia 900 will sell for half the asking price of the iPhone 4S — and Microsoft hopes the discount will convince buyers to ditch Apple

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