Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Used personal computer keyboards wait to be recycled: PC sales are flat, but a "re-imagined" Windows operating system is expected to help move more units.

Can Windows 8 save the PC?

Sales of the once-dominant PC are sagging, but a new report claims that the October release of Windows 8 will reinvigorate the market

Microsoft : The List
Windows 8 uses an interface based on big colorful "tiles." It strongly resembles the Windows phone interface, currently seen on new Nokia smartphones.

6 reasons the 'reimagined' Windows 8 has people talking

Microsoft's sleek new operating system boasts a simplified, tablet-like interface that leaves competitors "in the relative dust"

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Ryan Seacrest and Steve Ballmer go in for a hug during the Microsoft CEO's final keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Steve Ballmer's final CES keynote: A total 'flop'?

The Microsoft CEO disappoints many tech junkies with his lackluster swan song at the Consumer Electronics Show

Microsoft : Instant Guide
A Microsoft smartphone: The tech giant has patented an app that would help users plot routes that avoid bad weather and bad neighborhoods.

Microsoft's 'avoid ghetto' app: 'Racist'?

A new technology designed to help pedestrians avoid bad neighborhoods has plenty of smartphone users up in arms

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
The Microsoft Windows Store, which will launch in February 2012, will let PC owners download apps, games, and media on their desktop computers.

Can the Windows 8 app store take on Apple?

Microsoft makes several concessions in an effort to woo app developers to its Apple-challenging Windows Store

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
On Tuesday, Microsoft released a new Xbox 360 feature that allows users to search TV shows using their voice or hand gestures.

Can Microsoft revolutionize TV before Apple?

Apple reportedly has a game-changing TV in the works. But with a new voice-control Xbox feature, Microsoft may have beaten its competitor to the punch

Microsoft : Forecast
In the future, as envisioned by Microsoft, cooks will consult touchscreen recipes that pop out of their counter tops.

Microsoft's 'astounding' vision of the future

The often uninspiring tech giant imagines a world where holographic touchscreens are everywhere and eyeglasses serve as universal translators

Microsoft : Slideshow
The Microsoft Zune.

The Microsoft Zune and 6 other not-so-dearly-departed gadgets

After years of dreadful sales, the failed iPod competitor joins other doomed tech toys in the digital junkyard

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Microsoft already attempted to purchase Yahoo once before in 2008. Today, the troubled internet portal is worth less than half of what Microsoft offered to pay at that time.

Should Microsoft buy Yahoo?

Steve Ballmer and Co. are reportedly weighing a multibillion-dollar bid for the troubled internet portal

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky introduces a tablet running Windows 8 Tuesday: Some say the innovation could actually, finally challenge Apple's iPad dominance.

Windows 8 vs. the iPad: Who wins?

A prototype of the Windows 8 tablet is generating torrents of buzz... and speculation that the iPad may have finally met its match

Microsoft : Analysis
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer discussing Bing: The two-year-old search engine now accounts for 30 percent of internet searches in America.

Bing's 'daunting mission' to beat Google: 5 talking points

Microsoft has already spent billions to take on the Google search juggernaut, and it's not giving up. Here's what you need to know

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Since unveiling the Windows Phone 7 last fall, Microsoft has made hundreds of improvements, and enthusiastic techies say the new operating system, Mango, has undoubtedly helped.

Does Mango make Microsoft a smartphone contender?

The tech reviews are in. Microsoft's drastically improved smartphone operating system might just bring it up to speed with Android and iPhone

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Blackberrys on display: Research in Motion has recently seen its stock lose half its value, leaving the company theoretically vulnerable to a Microsoft takeover.

Should Microsoft buy BlackBerry?

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is struggling mightily, fueling speculation that a Microsoft buyout is in the works

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has been at the helm of the tech giant for the last decade and investors say it's time for the company to switch things up.

Should Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer step down?

An influential hedge fund manager insists that the tech giant's stale stock would get a boost if Bill Gates' college buddy stepped aside

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (left) shakes hands with Skype CEO Tony Bates Tuesday: Microsoft acquired Skype for a hefty $8.5 billion.

Microsoft's 'audacious' $8.5 billion Skype purchase

In a bold, unexpected move, the computing giant buys the internet calling pioneer for an eye-popping figure

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Though Microsoft took a hit with its Window's operating system, it's making a profit in the gaming world with XBox and its Kinect controller.

Are the Xbox and Kinect saving Microsoft?

Microsoft's latest earnings report was boosted significantly by its booming video-gaming division — but its long-term future is far from assured

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