Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer talks about Bing during last year's CES show in Las Vegas: The search engine reportedly powers 30 percent of U.S. searches.

Could Bing overtake Google?

Microsoft's second-place search engine is making impressive strides, and now accounts for 30 percent of web searches. Is Google going down?

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Microsoft opened its first retail outlet in 2009: The company is reportedly considering a jump from its paltry eight locations to an Apple-like 300 stores.

The Microsoft Store: Coming soon to a mall near you?

Microsoft executives are reportedly debating whether to open new retail shops. Should they?

Microsoft : Fact Sheet
Paul Allen (left) poses with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates in 1984. In his new memoir, Allen accuses Gates of cheating him out of his share of the profits.

Paul Allen's 'bitter' Bill-Gates-bashing memoir

The Microsoft co-founder surprises pundits by slamming his former business partner in his new book. Here, 6 key takeaways from a published excerpt

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Bill Gates is selling Microsoft shares by the millions, leaving some commentators wondering if he views the company as a sinking ship.

Bill Gates: 'Souring' on Microsoft?

The billionaire founder of the software giant is selling Microsoft shares by the millions. Does he know something we don't?

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer sidestepped recent questions about a possible acquisition.

Should Microsoft buy Nokia?

The tech giant has $40 billion in its wallet and a desire to win more of the smartphone market. Should it go for Nokia, or Blackberry maker Research in Motion?

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
A roving hand feels its way through the 3D SexVilla, the first interactive porn game for built for Microsoft's Kinect.

The 'unsexy' Microsoft Kinect porn videogame

A lascivious game developer has put Kinect's motion sensor technology to use in a way Microsoft surely didn't intend

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
The Internet Explorer 9 will feature security add-ins including one that allows users to block specified websites from collecting personal information.

Will Microsoft's next web browser make surfing safer?

A new feature in Internet Explorer 9 will let users prevent websites from tracking their online activity. But is this really about privacy?

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer presented versions of the company's Slate computers earlier this year.

Will Steve Ballmer quit Microsoft?

The ebullient chief executive has sold $1.3 billion of Microsoft stock in the last few days. Does that mean he's on his way out?

Microsoft : Essay
A highly complex virus, of the old-fashioned variety

The last word: The ultimate computer worm?

The Atlantic’s Mark Bowden dissects Conficker, an invader nestled inside millions of PCs worldwide.

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
The creepy ad

Microsoft's 'sexting' ad

Outrage over images of a young man apparently engaged in "sexting" has led Microsoft to pull a new ad for its trendy Kin smart phone

Microsoft : Instant Guide
Is your browser watching you?

Is your browser spying on you?

Microsoft claims Google's Chrome web browser is "stealing your privacy." Are they right?

Microsoft : Opinion Brief
Can Microsoft chairman Steve Ballmer reinvigorate the company's ability to innovate?

Can Microsoft save itself?

A former Microsoft exec says the company has lost its ability to innovate. Is this the beginning of the end for the software giant?

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