Robots : Instant Guide
After schooling humans on "Jeopardy!" IBM's Watson finds new employment as a diagnostic tool for doctors.

Watson: First 'Jeopardy!'... now the doctor's office

The supercomputer made quick work of his human competitors on "Jeopardy!" Now his creators want Watson to help you stay healthy

Robots : Opinion Brief
Three robots will compete in an endurance race, circling the 100-meter course little more than 421 times.

The world's first robot marathon

In Japan, four mini-machines will compete in an epic race next week. On your marks, get set...

Robots : Opinion Brief
"My puny human brain, just a few bucks worth of water, salts, and proteins, hung in there just fine against a jillion-dollar supercomputer," says Ken Jennings in Slate.

'Jeopardy!' Are machines smarter than humans?

An IBM supercomputer crushed its human competitors on a quiz show. What does this mean for our future?

Robots : Forecast
According to futurologist Raymond Kurzweil, robots will advance well beyond the role of helpful sidekick by mid-century.

TIME's report on our robotic future: 5 incredible predictions

Our species may become obsolete by 2045, says the magazine ominously, overtaken by artificial intelligence

Robots : Burning Question
A robot that can lie would excel in the political arena, some say.

Is teaching robots to lie a bad idea?

Scientists have taught robots how to deceive others, prompting fears of a Terminator 2–style apocalypse

Robots : Fact Sheet
Engineers are working on an artificial "e-skin" that can help robots negotiate the world in a more delicate and careful way.

E-skin: The breakthrough that lets robots 'feel'

A new artificial skin could have profound effects on the way robots sense objects — and maybe even help them wash wineglasses without smashing them

Robots : The List
Your breakthrough invention could make you rich.

5 multi-million dollar prizes for inventors

From moon-roving robots to synthetic meat, some innovation contests are offering serious monetary incentives for creative thinkers

Robots : Essay
An asteroid collision: Not likely, says Scientific American

The last word: What are the odds?

Nuclear holocaust. Human cloning. Scientific American weighs the likelihood of various game-changing events

Robots : Fact Sheet
Will Jeopardy! contestants be any match for Watson?

Rise of the machine: I.B.M.'s Watson supercomputer

I.B.M.'s 'Jeopardy!'-playing supercomputer blurs the lines between human and machine

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