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Charlie Sheen's Meltdown

Charlie Sheen's Meltdown : Forecast
Charlie Sheen has been fired from his lucrative CBS sitcom, but the "Winning!" actor could easily make some cash through his Twitter feed.

What's next for Charlie Sheen? 5 possibilities

Now that CBS has sacked the out-of-control star, will Sheen sign with a cable network, launch a stadium tour... or fly to Haiti?

Charlie Sheen's Meltdown : Opinion Brief
Charlie Sheen debuted his "Winning!" tattoo during the inaugural webisode of "Sheen's Korner."

Did Charlie Sheen go from winning to losing with 'Sheen's Korner'?

The spiralling actor rambles for an hour to a live online audience of more than 100,000 viewers... many of whom were not impressed

Charlie Sheen's Meltdown : Best Column
Charlie Sheen has reportedly threatened his third wife, Brooke Mueller, multiple times, yet interviewers dismiss his antics as rebellious.

Charlie Sheen abuses women: Why doesn't anyone care?

The media's willingness to let the female-unfriendly actor off the hook exposes a disturbing double standard, says Anna Holmes in The New York Times

Charlie Sheen's Meltdown : Opinion Brief
No matter what Charlie Sheen may be suffering from, the networks who are interviewing him on-air (ABC, pictured) are reaping huge ratings.

Diagnosing Charlie Sheen: 5 theories

The actor's bizarre media blitz has raised questions about his drug use and psychological wellbeing. Here, five armchair diagnoses

Charlie Sheen's Meltdown : Instant Guide
Adding to his own internet fame, Charlie Sheen joined Twitter Tuesday; his first Tweet included this picture and the caption "Winning...!"

The Charlie Sheen debacle: 4 viral internet phenomena

The actor's public breakdown is providing loads of fodder for websites and viral videos. Behold, some of the most talked about Sheen memes

Charlie Sheen's Meltdown : Opinion Brief
Charlie Sheen's third appearance on the "Today" show this week took viewers into the mansion home of the self-proclaimed "rock star from Mars."

Is the media enabling the Charlie Sheen trainwreck?

The troubled star is spouting off on nearly every network TV talk show. Is all the attention just encouraging Sheen's bad behavior?

Charlie Sheen's Meltdown : Fact Sheet
The now jobless Charlie Sheen said during an interview that, yes, he's on a drug and it is called "Charlie Sheen."

Charlie Sheen's epic unraveling: The fallout

The TV star's outrageous rants are doing more than just imperiling his career. A rundown of four key side effects

Charlie Sheen's Meltdown : Opinion Brief
Charlie Sheen hit the "Today" show Monday to prove he is sound in both body and mind. The effort fell short, according to bloggers.

Charlie Sheen's 'Today' interview: The rantings of a 'terribly ill' man

The increasingly unhinged actor takes to the airwaves to defend his erratic behavior, declaring that he's "a rock star from Mars"

Charlie Sheen's Meltdown : Opinion Brief
Charlie Sheen may have just kissed his career goodbye after a rambling, anti-semitic rant on a talk radio show.

Did Charlie Sheen just commit 'career suicide'?

After the "Two and a Half Men" star's rant on talk radio, will anyone employ him again?

Charlie Sheen's Meltdown : Twitter Take
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