Budget Battles

Budget Battles : Politics
Erskine Bowles (left) and Alan Simpson are seen as budget experts.

Simpson-Bowles 2.0: Is the new bipartisan deficit plan too conservative?

The highly regarded duo are asking for more spending cuts and fewer revenues

Budget Battles : Analysis
President Obama makes a statement on Feb. 19 while surrounded by first responders who could lose their jobs if the cuts happen.

Who will the public blame if the sequester hits?

With potentially damaging automatic government spending cuts looming, Republicans and Democrats point fingers at each other

Budget Battles : Analysis
The sequester clock is ticking...

Is it too late to avert the sequester's deep spending cuts?

Politicians on both sides of the aisle say they want to avoid the automatic budget cuts due to hit on March 1... but many doubt they can make a deal

Budget Battles : Politics
President Obama is not eager to see $1.2 trillion in automatic spending cuts take effect.

President Obama's new short-term budget fix: Why kicking the can down the road is smart

Without federal intervention, a slate of massive across-the-board spending cuts promises to imperil the economic recovery

Budget Battles : Analysis
Would docking the pay of members of Congress actually get their attention?

Why the House GOP's clever 'No Budget, No Pay' ploy is pointless

Republicans have found a way to pressure Senate Democrats into finally passing a budget. So what?

Budget Battles : Politics
House Speaker John Boehner and his fellow Republicans have given the Treasury permission to effectively ignore the debt ceiling until May 18.

The House suspends the debt limit: Are Republicans in the driver's seat?

The battle over the budget deficit now moves to more favorable turf for the GOP

Budget Battles : Politics
House Republican leaders lay down the law for Congress: "No budget, no pay"

Republicans back down on the debt ceiling: What's next?

The GOP makes a hasty retreat, but the budget negotiations are far from over

Budget Battles : Opinion Brief
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) says Republicans are opening the door to, at least, a short-term compromise on the debt ceiling.

Why Republicans will vote to raise the debt ceiling

President Obama is demanding a "clean" vote to raise the debt ceiling. Surprisingly, he'll probably get it

Budget Battles : Best Video
Jon Stewart's debt solution: Rummage around the White House couch cushions. You never know what you might find!

Paul Krugman vs. Jon Stewart: The grudge match over a $1 trillion coin

For liberals, it's the ideological equivalent of watching your parents fight

Budget Battles : Politics
President Obama is more popular than the House GOP... for now.

Why is the GOP trying to commit political suicide?

Congressional Republicans seem intent on behaving like children and, in doing so, making the president look positively reasonable by comparison

Budget Battles : Opinion Brief
Is President Obama more flexible than he's making himself out to be?

Will Obama cave on the debt ceiling?

The president repeated again on Monday that he won't negotiate with Congress over the debt ceiling. History suggests otherwise

Budget Battles : Politics
President Obama came out swinging in his Jan. 14 news conference.

President Obama attacks the GOP on the debt ceiling

The president stands up for soldiers and Social Security recipients in an attempt to frame the budget debate to his advantage

Budget Battles : Politics
House Speaker John Boehner "assumes he can ultimately talk members out of default," reports Politico. But you never know...

Are half of House Republicans really willing to let the U.S. default?

Economic suicide is a real option for scores of lawmakers, says Politico

Budget Battles : Analysis
Sorry, trillion-dollar coin advocates: You're going to have to make do with the lowly $1 coin.

Why the Fed killed the $1 trillion platinum coin

No magic coin will save us from the coming debt-ceiling showdown

Budget Battles : Opinion Brief
Don't worry boys, just sit back and watch the country's fiscal problems right themselves.

How Congress can solve the U.S. budget crisis: Do nothing?

While apparently nobody was looking, says a fiscal think tank, Washington basically solved our budget problem

Budget Battles : The List
A $1 trillion face?

Debt-ceiling fight: Who should be on the $1 trillion platinum coin?

As the idea of neutering the debt ceiling with a mega-coin gains cache, it's time to start picking the trillion-dollar face

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