Budget Battles

Budget Battles : Opinion Brief
Members of the congressional supercommittee tasked with finding more than $1 trillion in deficit reductions: If the panel can't strike a deal by Nov. 23, automatic cuts will be triggered.

Budget countdown: Time to give up hope on the super committee?

The congressional panel is still stuck over raising taxes as part of a plan to slash $1 trillion in deficits — and the deadline is barely a week away

Budget Battles : Opinion Brief
Demonstrators in D.C. call on the congressional super committee to preserve Social Security benefits: The powerful bipartisan panel has to agree on $1.2 trillion in deficit savings by Nov. 23, or automatic cuts will be triggered.

Will the super committee 'save the economy' — or wreck it?

The congressional panel must "think big" to put the nation's finances in order. But time is running out, and compromise is in short supply

Budget Battles : Opinion Brief
President Obama's new tactic is to split his $447 billion jobs plan into pieces, and try to win Congress' approval bit by bit.

Can Obama save his jobs bill by splitting it up?

A united GOP kills the $447 billion plan in the Senate, and the president vows to soldier on by pushing some of the package's elements individually

Budget Battles : Analysis
Two Senate Democrats voted against debating President Obama's $447 billion jobs bill on Tuesday, and Democrats were still nine votes short of breaking a GOP filibuster.

The Senate's 'painfully public' rejection of Obama's jobs bill: 4 lessons

Two Democrats helped Senate Republicans block the president's jobs plan from even being debated. What does that say about Washington?

Budget Battles : Best Video
In 1985, President Ronald Reagan gave a speech calling for the wealthy to pay their fair share in taxes, and sounded an awful lot like President Obama stumping for his own tax plan today.

Would Reagan have supported Obama's tax hike?

In a new video montage from ThinkProgress, Presidents Obama and Reagan sound remarkably similar in their calls for the to rich pay their "fair share"

Budget Battles : Forecast
President Obama's tax proposal faces obvious Republican opposition, but now some centrist Democrats are also hinting that they'll resist the president's strategy.

Will Democrats block Obama's 'millionaire's tax'?

It's a given that much of the GOP will oppose the president's plan to raise taxes — but it's possible that some centrist Democrats might balk, too

Budget Battles : Opinion Brief
To shrink the deficit, President Obama says spending cuts and new taxes must go hand-in-hand, though Republicans insist the president is just promoting divisive "class warfare."

Obama's deficit-reduction plan: Just 'math'?

Look at the numbers, the president argues. Raising taxes on the rich isn't class warfare — it's a necessary step toward tackling the deficit

Budget Battles : Opinion Brief
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and two other Republican senators are defying conventional wisdom with a plan they say would save Social Security without tax hikes.

Can Social Security be fixed without raising taxes?

Yes, say three GOP senators, who have proposed reforms that would raise the retirement age to 70, and reduce benefits for more affluent pensioners

Budget Battles : Opinion Brief
House Speaker John Boehner's budget deal will hardly make a dent in the nation's deficit, says the Congressional Budget Office, which may cause some Republicans to vote against it.

Will Republicans revolt over Boehner's budget deal?

The CBO says the last-minute compromise that prevented a government shutdown will only cut the deficit by a mere $352 million. Will that provoke a Tea Party rebellion?

Budget Battles : The Bullpen
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: Boehner stands alone

The House speaker is the clear winner of Washington's budget battle — and will set the terms of the coming fight over entitlement spending

Budget Battles : The List
Some endangered animals, like the gray wolf, will no longer be protected because of budget cuts: Federal funding for high-speed rail and the United Nations was also trimmed in an 11th-hour deal.

The last-minute budget deal: What gets cut?

Congress settled on $38.5 billion in spending reductions late Friday, mere hours before the government would have shut down. Endangered wolves are on the chopping block. What else?

Budget Battles : Winners and Losers
House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) won more spending cuts in the budget deal that prevented a government shutdown than he originally demanded.

Government shutdown averted: Winners and losers

After weeks of tense negotiations, Democrats and Republicans agree to $38 billion in spending cuts, and avoid a government shutdown. Who got the better end of this deal?

Budget Battles : Sunday Talk Show Briefing
Who won the shutdown standoff?

The last-minute budget compromise: Who benefits?

Democrats and Republicans reached an 11th-hour deal to keep the federal government open for the rest of the fiscal year. Which side proved to be the better bargainers?

Budget Battles : The List
A border patrol officer at work: Across the nation, federal employees worry over what a government shutdown would mean to them.

The looming government shutdown: Federal workers weigh in

The government will shut down if a budget deal isn't reached this week. Here, some of the 800,000 federal employees to be affected share what it would mean for them

Budget Battles : Opinion Brief
Obama chided Republicans Tuesday for not compromising with Democrats on the 2011 budget, saying that "nobody gets 100 percent of what they want."

Can Obama prevent a government shutdown?

The president demands that lawmakers "act like grownups," and says he'll call meetings every day until a deal is reached. Can he really convince Republicans to budge?

Budget Battles : Sunday Talk Show Briefing
Who's in favor of - and opposed to - a government shutdown?

What's stopping a government shutdown?

Senators from both parties say they really want to stop the federal government from closing shop this week. So, what's the holdup?

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