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Birther Movement : The List
More than half of Mississippi Republicans (incorrectly) think President Obama is a Muslim, according to a new PPP survey.

'Obama is a Muslim' and 6 other persistent conspiracy theories

The president who boldly authorized the assassination of Osama bin Laden is having a hard time killing the kooky theories that have dogged him for years

Birther Movement : Opinion Brief
President Obama delivers his statement on the death of Osama bin Laden last Sunday; A new conspiracy theory that the al Qaeda leader is still ticking is obsessing ex-birthers.

Are 'deathers' the new birthers?

Skeptics who think Osama bin Laden's still alive are piping up just as conspiracy theorists who doubt Obama's birthplace have subsided

Birther Movement : Opinion Brief
Donald Trump sits seemingly unamused during the White House Correspondents' dinner Saturday as Seth Meyers and President Obama joke about his birtherism fixation.

Obama mocks Trump: Did The Donald get what he deserved?

President Obama roasted the potential candidate and "birther" conspiracist at the White House Correspondents' dinner — to the consternation of a "stone-faced" Trump

Birther Movement : Opinion Brief
People argue over a Colorado birther billboard that stirred up controversy in 2009: Would the conspiracy theories persist, ask pundits, if Obama were white?

Why birthers won't quit: Racism?

Birth certificate or not, diehards refuse to believe Obama was born in the U.S. Does the fact that he's black have anything to do with it?

Birther Movement : In-depth briefing
Donald Trump may have been the loudest member of the birther movement but he's not alone. Prior to this week, 45 percent of Republicans believed Obama was born in Kenya, according to a poll.

The origin of the birthers

Until this week, 45 percent of Republicans believed the president was born outside the U.S. How did this rumor start?

Birther Movement : Opinion Brief
Reality TV star and would-be presidential candidate Donald Trump took credit on Wednesday for getting President Obama to release his long-form birth certificate.

Obama's birth certificate: A win for Donald Trump?

The blustering real estate tycoon immediately declared victory after the president released his long-form birth certificate. Does Trump deserve credit?

Birther Movement : Analysis
Barack Obama tried to silence fringe conspiracy theorists by releasing his long-form birth certificate on Wednesday, but many wonder what took him so long.

Why did Obama release his birth certificate? 5 theories

After years of conspiracy-spinning from his critics, the president has produced his long-form birth certificate. What took him so long... and why now?

Birther Movement : The Bullpen
David Frum

David Frum: The end of birtherism

Even fringe conspiracy theorists will have to abandon their birther delusions after Obama releases his birth certificate

Birther Movement : Opinion Brief
President Obama said Wednesday that the distraction over his citizenship wasn't good for the country, and released his long-form birth certificate to the public.

Obama releases his birth certificate: Is 'birtherism' dead?

The president unveils (even more) definitive proof that he was born in Hawaii. Will this finally put an end to the fringe Right's favorite conspiracy theory?

Birther Movement : Opinion Brief
Robert De Niro ripped Donald Trump's wild conspiracy theories over the weekend... as did New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

Is Donald Trump's birtherism a 'terrible mistake'?

Both New York's Mayor Bloomberg and Oscar-winner Robert De Niro rip The Donald for his continued obsession with Barack Obama's birth certificate

Birther Movement : Opinion Brief
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R), who last year approved the nation's strictest immigration law, shocked the political world by vetoing a controversial "birther bill" this week.

Jan Brewer's birther bill veto: 4 theories

Arizona's Republican governor stuns conservatives by vetoing a controversial bill requiring presidential candidates to submit proof of U.S. citizenship

Birther Movement : Opinion Brief
An Arizona bill would require presidential candidates, including President Obama, to provide very specific citizenship documentation before their names are put on the 2012 ballot.

Arizona's 'crazy' birther bill

The state legislature passes a bill that would require presidential candidates to present their birth certificates. Could Arizona really keep Obama off the ballot?

Birther Movement : Opinion Brief
Sarah Palin said on Saturday that she believes President Obama was born in Hawaii, but still supports Donald Trump's investigation into the president's birthplace.

Is Sarah Palin a 'birther' now?

The Alaskan political celebrity says on Fox News that it's not crazy for Donald Trump to question whether President Obama was really born in the U.S.

Birther Movement : Opinion Brief
Since jumping on the "birther" bandwagon, Donald Trump has been pushed near the top of the GOP presidential pile, behind only Mitt Romney, according to a recent poll.

Is Donald Trump's 'birther' strategy actually working?

The real estate magnate who's flirting with a White House bid is thriving in the polls, in spite of his much-criticized stance on Obama's citizenship

Birther Movement : Opinion Brief
In an interview Donald Trump, a potential GOP presidential hopeful, says Obama's background and childhood seem strange.

Is Donald Trump a birther?

The mega-rich presidential hopeful says he's not sure Barack Obama was born in the United States. Political stunt, or sincere belief?

Birther Movement : Opinion Brief
Although Mike Huckabee claims he misspoke when he said the president was raised in Kenya, some pundits believe he was pandering to a right-wing audience.

Mike Huckabee's 'venomous' birther gambit

The potential 2012 Republican presidential candidate falsely claims that Barack Obama grew up in Kenya. Was this a dog whistle for the GOP's growing "birther" base?

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