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Birther Movement

Birther Movement : Opinion Brief
Republicans need to "focus on the real issues," not distractions like birthers, says Karl Rove.

Karl Rove vs. birthers

The former Bush adviser says it's time for the GOP to stamp out birtherism, a dubious conservative movement that is hurting Republicans more than it hurts Obama

Birther Movement : Opinion Brief
Obama continues to face some Americans skeptical of his citizenship, despite providing a Hawaii certificate of birth while campaigning in 2008.

The birthers' new momentum

Lawmakers in 10 states are considering new rules inspired by birthers who insist President Obama isn't a citizen. Will they ever give up?

Birther Movement : Opinion Brief
"The American people have the right to think what they want to think," John Boehner said Sunday about the president's citizenship.

John Boehner's 'birther' cynicism?

The House Speaker says President Obama really is a U.S. citizen, but that he won't stop fellow Republicans from denying the truth

Birther Movement : Opinion Brief
A 2008 New Yorker cover depicted Obama in religious headgear to mock conspiracy theorists who believe the president is a Muslim.

Obama's headscarf dilemma

Obama is reportedly skipping a trip to India's Sikh Golden Temple. Is he avoiding the visit because he doesn't want to look like a Muslim?

Birther Movement : Opinion Brief
The artist behind the billboard says it's intended to get people to "think."

The most offensive anti-Obama billboard ever?

An ambitiously hateful billboard — created by a Colorado cartoonist with reported Tea Party ties — is being condemned by both major parties

Birther Movement : Flashback
Does Hillary Clinton think Obama is a Muslim?

7 prominent people who think (or have hinted) Obama is a Muslim

Many people have been accused of either refusing to believe or not making it clear enough that the president is an avowed Christian

Birther Movement : Opinion Brief
Pundits are at a loss to explain why 18 percent of Americans say the President is a Muslim.

Obama: The Muslim misconception

Almost 1 in 5 Americans think Obama is a Muslim. Does this prove he's too guarded about his Christian faith — or just that there are a lot of dumb people out there?

Birther Movement : Opinion Brief
"Birthers" are focusing on a new element of Obama's identity: his Social Security card.

Birthers' new fixation: Obama's Social Security number?

Hawaii is now ignoring repeat requests for Obama's birth certificate. But these days intrepid "birthers" are more interested in his Social Security number

Birther Movement : Opinion Brief
A piece of advice, sir: Don't go asking the state of Hawaii.

Hawaii vs. 'birthers'

Hawaii wants to outlaw "birthers" from requesting confirmation of President Obama's birthplace. Is a ban on these "vexatious requesters" a good idea?

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