Disaster in Japan

Disaster in Japan : Instant Guide
About 3 million gallons of radioactive water from Japan's damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant will be dumped directly into the Pacific Ocean.

Is it safe for Fukushima to dump radioactive water into the sea?

Japan pumps contaminated water from the tsunami-damaged Fukushima nuclear plant right into the Pacific Ocean. An instant guide

Disaster in Japan : Opinion Brief
The "tsunami dog" is taken to a vet by its coast guard rescuers after being discovered clinging to detritus at sea.

A tsunami dog's 'remarkable' rescue... after 3 weeks

A dog stranded at sea after Japan's catastrophic tsunami is reunited with its owner, after she sees a TV report on her pet's dramatic rescue

Disaster in Japan : Burning Question
About 50 workers stayed behind at the Fukushima plant, enduring horrendous conditions and potentially signing themselves up for certain death, to prevent a total nuclear meltdown.

Are the Fukushima 50 doomed to death?

Japan's nuclear heroes are credited with protecting their nation from a catastrophic meltdown. But at what cost to themselves? An instant guide

Disaster in Japan : The List
An earthquake survivor hugs his dog in a Japanese evacuation center. Hundreds of pets have been left without owners after the disasters that rocked the island nation.

Japan's 'miracle' animal survivors

Humans aren't the only ones affected by Japan's catastrophic earthquake and tsunami. Here, four heartwarming accounts of animals that defied the odds and survived

Disaster in Japan : Instant Guide
A father holds his feverish son in a Japanese emergency center as brave workers battle leaks at the Fukushima plant, and fears of a nuclear meltdown grow.

Has Japan 'lost the race' to prevent a total nuclear meltdown?

Nuclear fuel apparently melts through the bottom of a container at one of the Fukushima reactors, heightening fears of a major meltdown

Disaster in Japan : Opinion Brief
Cars collect at the side of a building as tsunami waves ravage Japan's Kesennuma port earlier this month.

Japan: The most horrifying tsunami video yet

Stunning new footage of an entire town's destruction vividly depicts the scope of Japan's disaster

Disaster in Japan : Fact Sheet
The city of Boston covered by an early spring fog: Very low levels of radiation have been detected in samples of rainwater in Boston.

Radioactive rain from Japan: Is Boston in danger?

Small amounts of radiation are found in rainwater from California to Massachusetts. Does it pose a health threat?

Disaster in Japan : Forecast
Japan's damaged Fukushima nuclear plant emits smoke and steam days after a 9.0-magnitude earthquake: Two emergency workers have suffered radiation burns trying to prevent a total meltdown.

The Fukushima 50: What's the prognosis for Japan's nuclear heroes?

Two emergency workers at Japan's battered nuclear plant have suffered radiation burns. What else might happen to the crews fighting to prevent a post-tsunami meltdown?

Disaster in Japan : The List
A U.S. naval airman delivers water to a Japanese citizen after the earthquake: Radiation levels made Tokyo's tap water unsafe for babies.

Japan's radioactive tap water and 3 other new risks

Japanese officials set off warning bells in Tokyo by reporting that the city's tap water could imperil infants. And that's not the only contamination risk sparked by the nuclear crisis

Disaster in Japan : Instant Guide
Japanese medics check evacuees for radiation: Since the nuclear threat, authorities have found rising levels of radiation in the seawater.

Japan's next threat: Radioactive seawater?

Just when Japan's nuclear crisis looks to be settling down, authorities discover high levels of radiation in seawater off the shore of Fukushima

Disaster in Japan : By the numbers
A tsunami survivor weeps in the devastated town of Natori: 390,000 Japanese were left homeless after the disaster.

Rebuilding Japan: By the numbers

Japan has a big financial challenge in the wake of its devastating chain of disasters. Here, a look at just how big

Disaster in Japan : Fact Sheet
A Japanese medic checks a mother and son last week for radiation exposure: Officials say Japan's nuclear crisis may now be under control.

Japan's nuclear disaster: Is the worst over?

Dozens of Japanese workers have risked their lives trying to ward off a total nuclear meltdown. And now the crisis appears to be stabilizing

Disaster in Japan : Slideshow
After Japan's crisis, a woman is seen praying in a makeshift shelter.

Japan's crisis: Faces of despair

Alone, with their children, or clinging to their pets, survivors of the earthquake and tsunami visibly struggle to deal with the aftermath

Disaster in Japan : Instant Guide
Aerial view of the Japanese town Wakuya following the earthquake: In a 1988 article, Michael Lewis predicted a similar crisis would one day devastate the island nation.

Did Michael Lewis predict Japan's disaster in 1988?

The author of "The Blind Side" wrote an uncannily prescient article on the devastation an earthquake could do to Japan, and the world economy

Disaster in Japan : Instant Guide
A pharmacist holds up a bottle of strong iodine solution, which, in the wake of Japan's nuclear crisis, has become a hot (and probably unnecessary) commodity for radiation-panicked Californians.

California's radiation panic: 6 key questions

The United Nations projects that a plume of radiation from Japan will reach California on Friday. Here, a brief guide to the concerns

Disaster in Japan : The List
A Japanese soldier smiles at the 4-month-old baby girl who was rescued from beneath a pile of debris three days after the quake hit.

Japan's disaster: 5 inspiring survival stories

Even when it seems things can't get worse, true tales of bravery and good fortune are emerging from crisis-struck Japan

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