Disaster in Japan

Disaster in Japan : Opinion Brief
Japanese troops in anti-radiation gear search for evacuees near a disaster-struck nuclear plant.

Japan's nuclear nightmare: Is the government doing enough?

Some are criticizing Japan's leaders for failing to be transparent with its citizens, and for not reacting quickly enough to the island nation's spiralling crisis

Disaster in Japan : World Reactions
Protesters insist that Germany shutter its older nuclear plants after the disaster in Japan ââ¬â a demand that Chancellor Angela Merkel acceded to.

Japan's crisis: The world rethinks nuclear power

After a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami, Japan grapples with a nuclear nightmare that has other countries questioning the risks of nuclear energy

Disaster in Japan : Forecast
San Onofre, one of California's two operating nuclear plants, is rated to withstand a 7.0 earthquake: In Japan it wasn't the quake but the tsunami that damaged its Fukushima reactors.

What happens if a Japan-sized earthquake hits California?

As Japan picks up the pieces after a 9.0-magnitude quake, anxious Californians confront worst-case-scenario forecasts for their state

Disaster in Japan : Opinion Brief
The normally-busy Shubuya Station crossing is quiet after last week's earthquake in Japan: The disaster's effect on the island nation's economy could derail the fragile global recovery.

Could Japan's crisis prompt a global economic collapse?

The earthquake's devastation cripples the world's third-largest economy. Will Japan's disaster derail the delicate global recovery, too?

Disaster in Japan : The Bullpen
Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey: Japan quake: Does capitalism hasten recovery?

Despite the magnitude of the disaster, research suggests that the nation's recovery time will be short. Here's why

Disaster in Japan : Best Column
The Red Cross has been sent into Otsuchi, Japan to help with the recovery.

Why we shouldn't give money to Japan

Everyone wants to help victims in the disaster-stricken country, says Felix Salmon at Reuters. But donating money to Japan-specific relief funds isn't the answer

Disaster in Japan : Slideshow
The Japanese Red Cross comes to the aid of a devastated town.

Slideshow: After the quake, Japan picks up the pieces

Survivors in northern Japan survey the shocking damage to their homes and towns from last week's disaster

Disaster in Japan : Instant Guide
A doctor conducts radiation tests for those who might have been exposed during explosions at Japan's damaged nuclear power plant.

Japan's nuclear meltdown: Is it another Chernobyl?

The devastated island nation appears to be losing its fight to contain toxic radioactivity at its Fukushima nuclear reactors. Just how bad will it get?

Disaster in Japan : World
Japanese residents queue up in an orderly fashion outside a 7-Eleven; despite limited access to basic necessities, there has been no widespread looting after the catastrophic Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Why is there no looting in Japan?

A lawless atmosphere often follows natural disasters. How has Japan managed to maintain order in the aftermath of last week's earthquake and tsunami?

Disaster in Japan : Slideshow
Residents in northeastern Japan begin to assess the damage created by Friday's devastating earthquake.

History's worst earthquakes: A photo timeline

Japan's 8.9-magnitude temblor was the island nation's biggest ever. But, as these photos remind us, earthquake devastation is a harrowingly familiar sight

Disaster in Japan : Best Column
A San Francisco woman watches as waves hit the Pacific coast Friday: California didn't incur major damages from Japan's earthquake and tsunami... yet.

Japan's quake: Why California is next

Massive earthquakes sometimes trigger temblors across oceans, says Simon Winchester in Newsweek. And science suggests that, after Japan, the Big One could be coming to California

Disaster in Japan : Opinion Brief
A satellite view of Japan's Fukushima Dainii nuclear power plant: Experts are struggling to contain a possible meltdown after Friday's earthquake and tsunami.

Japan meltdown threat: Are nuclear plants too dangerous?

Even Japan's world-class experts are struggling to contain a total meltdown after a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami. Is it time to reconsider nuclear power?

Disaster in Japan : Sunday Talk Show Briefing
Will a nuclear threat only make the Japan situation worse?

Japan's nuclear problem... and ours?

The island nation is working hard to avoid total meltdowns at multiple nuclear power plants that were rocked by Friday's earthquake and tsunami

Disaster in Japan : The List
Smoke rises from buildings in Japan after the earthquake hit Friday; the country's strict building codes may have prevented further death and destruction.

Japan's 'remarkable' disaster preparation: 4 theories

Hundreds died in the earthquake and resulting tsunami, but many commentators say the damage would have been far worse in any other country

Disaster in Japan : Forecast
A house is ablaze after tsunami waves rip through a town in northeastern Japan Friday.

Japan's earthquake: 6 financial repercussions

Could the earthquake and tsunami destroy hopes of an economic recovery in Japan — or around the world?

Disaster in Japan : Fact Sheet
A geoscience monitor shows the curve of the earthquake that hit Japan, the fifth strongest quake ever recorded.

Japan's devastating earthquake: How it ranks in world history

Japan's 8.9-magnitude quake is one of the most powerful ever recorded. Here's how it compares to other historic temblors

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