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Marijuana in America

Marijuana in America : Best Video
Light 'em up: Former Rep. Tom Tancredo is a man of his word. 

Tom Tancredo and the conservative case for smoking weed

If the GOP firebrand can agree to light up in support of freedom, marijuana proponents argue, what are Democrats waiting for?

Marijuana in America : In-depth briefing
Adolescents who smoked marijuana at least four times a week, lost an average of 8 IQ points between the ages of 13 and 38, according to a study from New Zealand.

Is marijuana bad for you?

1 in 3 Americans admit to having smoked pot. 5 million use it almost every day. And experts say we still know surprisingly little about this drug

Marijuana in America : Controversy
A woman holds a joint at a 2010 pro-marijuana '4/20' celebration in front of the state capitol building in Colorado.

Legalized pot: What happens now in Colorado and Washington?

Amazingly, recreational marijuana is now perfectly legal in two states. But it's still illegal according to the feds

Marijuana in America : Instant Guide
Marijuana plants flourish under grow lights at a warehouse in Denver: Colorado voters, as well as those in Washington and Oregon, will decide Tuesday whether their state should legalize recreational pot use.

How would Romney and Obama deal with states that legalize pot?

It's likely that at least one state will legalize marijuana for recreational use on Tuesday. Would either candidate allow that?

Marijuana in America : Instant Guide
In Colorado, where medical marijuana is legal, vets say they've seen a sharp increase in the number of dogs being admitted for illnesses stemming from eating pot pastries.

The worrying rise in 'stoner dogs': A brief guide

In states where marijuana is legal, vets are seeing a staggering rise in dogs getting sick from pot

Marijuana in America : Burning Question
Subjects of a new study who began smoking pot as teens saw an eight-point drop-off in their IQ when they were tested as adults.

Does smoking pot as a teen permanently damage your intelligence?

A four-decade-long study finds that people who start using marijuana before age 18 have lower IQ scores later in life

Marijuana in America : Instant Guide
Alleged high school pot dealer Tyler Pagenstecher was known to have a ready supply of high-grade pot for $350 to $400 an ounce.

The high schooler who allegedly ran a $3 million drug ring

Prosecutors charge that an Ohio teen kept his lucrative business hidden for three years, until his reputation as a source of righteous weed caught up to him

Marijuana in America : Analysis
The leaves of the marijuana plant contain two compounds that increase the amount of energy the body burns, according to a new study.

How marijuana could help cure obesity-related diseases

A British company says that two compounds found in marijuana leaves could treat patients whose weight puts them at high risk for heart disease and stroke

Marijuana in America : Fact Sheet
A special strain of medical marijuana cultivated in Israel looks, smells, and tastes the same as the average drug, except it doesn't get you high.

Invented: Marijuana that doesn't get you high

An Israeli firm introduces a new strain of weed called Avidekel, which offers the substance's health benefits — without the special side effect

Marijuana in America : The List
President Obama's Drug Enforcement Administration has taken the position that "medical marijuana is not medicine," going so far as to call the drug a “mortal danger," says Michael Scherer at TIME.

Why Obama got tough on medical marijuana: 3 theories

In 2008, President Obama promised to give the medical marijuana world breathing room. Now he's bringing down the hammer. What gives?

Marijuana in America : Forecast
A new crop of California wines infused with marijuana may have a skunky bouquet, but they probably pair well with pot brownies.

Marijuana-infused wine: The new high?

Looking for a new way to get buzzed? You're in luck: California winemakers are livening up bottles of syrah and cabernet sauvignon by adding weed

Marijuana in America : The List
The good news is teens are smoking and drinking less. The bad news is they are smoking marijuana more.

Marijuana’s 'historic' surge among teens: 4 theories

Teenagers are getting high in record numbers. And everything from hippie parents to the prevalence of dispensaries could be at fault

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
A rally supporting medical marijuana in Florida: According to a new poll, 50 percent of Americans say it's time to legalize pot.

Are Americans ready to legalize pot?

A new poll puts support for decriminalizing marijuana at a record high

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
Sour apple-flavored Pothead Lollipops contain no marijuana, but critics say the candy's pro-drug message is dangerous for kids.

Pot-shaped candy: 'Addictive gateway treat'?

Pothead Lollipops are shaped like marijuana leaves. Should they be banned to protect kids from their pro-pot message?

Marijuana in America : Instant Guide
Marijuana users, lampooned for decades for indulging in high-caloric treats, are actually less likely to be obese than Americans who don't smoke pot, according to a new study.

Fight obesity... with marijuana?

Forget the munchies. A surprising new study suggests that pot smokers are less likely to be obese than their drug-free counterparts

Marijuana in America : Controversy
New York City Child Services are cracking down on parents who smoke pot even casually, with some losing custody of their kids.

Does pot possession equal child neglect?

In New York City, hundreds of parents are facing child-neglect charges after being caught with small amounts of marijuana. Is that fair?

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