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Marijuana in America

Marijuana in America : Instant Guide
Medical marijuana plants: In one small Oregon community, legally-grown pot is the town's driving economic force.

Oregon's tiny, 'idyllic' hotbed of marijuana

What happens to a town when pot growing is the bedrock of the local economy?

Marijuana in America : Fact Sheet
A compound found in marijuana may help stave off addicts' interest in and enjoyment of cocaine, according to new research.

Can marijuana curb cocaine addiction?

Compounds in marijuana may help cokeheads kick the habit — but don't light up just yet

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
Obama's Justice Department, surprised by the scale of new medical marijuana dispensaries, appears to be changing its tune.

Obama's medical marijuana 'reversal': A 'blatant contradiction'?

The Justice Department has threatened to crack down on medical marijuana businesses, even those allowed under state laws — and advocates aren't pleased

Marijuana in America : Burning Question
A car accident in Chula Vista, Calif.: In California alone, as many as 1,000 car accidents and fatalities are blamed on drugged drivers each year, according to new data.

Stoned drivers: As bad as drunk drivers?

New data reveals that many drivers get behind the wheel after smoking pot, spurring calls for the cannabis equivalent of a blood-alcohol test

Marijuana in America : Controversy
Opposites attract? Reps. Ron Paul (R-Texas) and Barney Frank (D-Mass.) are joining forces to limit the feds' role in marijuana prohibition.

Ron Paul and Barney Frank's 'unusual' alliance to legalize pot

Can a Texas libertarian and Massachusetts liberal really get the feds to mellow out and quit prosecuting weed smokers?

Marijuana in America : Instant Guide
Even marijuana plants can be tormented by weeds, which is why Miracle-Gro wants to tap into the industry with targeted products.

Miracle-Gro for marijuana?

Even weed growers may need a little help from more traditional weed-killing gardening products

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
This grandmother, smoking a joint in 1979, has nothing on the "marijuana grannies" who were caught allegedly growing 800 marijuana plants in their California home.

California's 'marijuana grannies' and the 800 pot-plant bust

Police arrest two entrepreneurial senior citizens over a suspected marijuana-growing operation in their San Bruno, California home

Marijuana in America : Irony Alert
Rhode Island lawmaker Robert Watson (R) made some cutting statements about pot smokers in February... and now suffers the shame of being busted on pot charges.

Irony alert: Anti-marijuana lawmaker busted for marijuana

Rhode Island's GOP House minority leader is famous for two things: Criticizing gays, Guatemalans, and pot smokers; and now, being busted for smoking pot

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
One joint is equal to two pounds of carbon emissions, according to a new study that finds growing weed is not so eco-friendly.

Marijuana isn't 'green?'

A new study claims that growing pot uses a whopping 1 percent of America's electricity, and pollutes the air with massive amounts of greenhouse gas

Marijuana in America : Instant Guide
In a move stoners may consider irreverent, scientists may have figured out how to separate the pain-relieving and mind-altering effects of cannabis.

Marijuana without the high: A painkiller breakthrough

Scientists believe they can isolate the pain-easing benefits of medical marijuana — so sufferers can consume it without becoming foggy and paranoid

Marijuana in America : Only in America
Willie Nelson could save himself from a marijuana charge and jail time with a private courtroom concert for a big fan: His prosecutor.

Only in America: Can Willie Nelson evade pot charges with a song?

The 77-year-old music legend (and pothead) is offered a plea deal that involves just one C-note... and an actual melody

Marijuana in America : Only in America
Grizzly bears are "equal opportunity maulers," says the Montana Supreme Court, ruling that a park worker should get workers' comp after getting stoned, trying to feed a bear, and being attacked.

Only in America: Get high, get mauled by a bear, get workers' comp

Montana's Supreme Court says a park worker mauled by a grizzly should get workers' comp... even though he was trying to feed bears while stoned

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
The first weGrow superstore - the one-stop shop for legal pot growers - opened over the weekend, and its owners say it will become "the Walmart of Weed."

The 'Walmart of Weed': Coming to a town near you?

The ambitious pot farmers superstore weGrow opens its first franchise. Has medical marijuana gone mainstream?

Marijuana in America : Audio
A research-minded pot dealer quickly discovered that growing marijuana in Connecticut will cost him an arrest and $5,000 in bail.

The pot grower who called 911 on himself

A Connecticut man calls the cops to check on the legalities of growing marijuana in his house — only to be taken aback when they trace his call and arrest him

Marijuana in America : Fact Sheet
Canna Cola comes in five flavors with a "mild marijuana taste," including the Dr. Pepper-inspired "Doc Weed."

Forget Four Loko: The rise of marijuana soda

A California entrepeneur has plans to launch a new THC-laced cola this year. Can soda pot compete with soda pop?

Marijuana in America : Fact Sheet
Smoking marijuana may trigger immune-suppressing cells.

The possible link between marijuana and cancer

New research suggests that smoking pot can suppress immune-system functions, leaving the body vulnerable to deadly disease

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