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Marijuana in America

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
The fact that marijuana use has increased may be the least of our troubles.

Marijuana: A gateway drug after all?

Obama's "drug czar" says pot is to blame for a surge in illicit drug use, but some disagree

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
A mother not only gave her 2-year-old daughter pot, but she also recorded the toddler taking a few tokes.

The mom who gave her baby pot

A video of a 2-year-old smoking marijuana has bloggers outraged, and the child's mother facing prosecution

Marijuana in America : Instant Guide
Prop 19 voters: Is this bud for you?

Prop 19: Will California legalize pot in November?

A ballot initiative legalizing marijuana is gaining traction with voters in America’s most populous state

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
The commercial mentions various illnesses that medical marijuana can be used to relieve.

America's first medical marijuana TV ad

A Sacramento, CA, dispensary — run by a conservative Christian — makes history with a TV commercial touting the benefits of medical pot

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
A new campaign lobbies for the legalization of marijuana.

Can 'Just Say Now' get marijuana legalized?

A new campaign that claims an unprecedented range of support — from bloggers to police officers — is mobilizing to push the pro-pot agenda through this fall

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
Marijuana: A race issue?

Marijuana legalization: The race debate

A ballot measure in California that would decriminalize pot is dividing the state's black community

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
Legalizing pot is popular among younger voters -- and they tend to vote Democratic, says The Atlantic's Joshua Green

Can marijuana save the Democrats in November?

A handful of states are voting to loosen marijuana laws. Could pot do for Democrats what anti-gay-marriage measures did for Republicans in 2004?

Marijuana in America : The List
Authorities found a car loaded with 800 lbs. of marijuana outside of McAllen, Texas.

America's 5 biggest pot busts

The 506 pounds of marijuana that Beverly Hills socialite Lisette Lee is accused of flying into Ohio is — relatively speaking — a fairly minor amount

Marijuana in America : By the numbers
One of Los Angeles' marijuana dispensaries.

L.A.'s marijuana industry: By the numbers

As Los Angeles cracks down on an illegal proliferation of medical marijuana dispensaries, here's a fact-based look at the city's pot trade

Marijuana in America : Instant Guide
"Marijuana moms" say pot is less damaging than alcohol.

Moms for marijuana?

In ever-increasing numbers, mothers are campaigning to legalize pot. Why? 

Marijuana in America : Essay
The cannabis plant.

'Marijuana is helping my 9-year-old'

Novelist Marie Myung Ok-Lee's young son suffers from autism. After deciding to treat him with pot, she has wrestled with the implications of that choice

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
Should K2 be banned?

K2: The artificial marijuana uproar

Should lawmakers ban this increasingly popular — and reportedly dangerous — legal marijuana substitute?

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
Smoke 'em if you've got 'em?

A big win for marijuana?

New studies from the University of California show that pot relieves pain and muscle spasms. Case closed on weed as medicine?

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda alludes to marijuana with its branding, but the "active" ingredient is a medicinal root.

L.A.'s soda fad: 'Weed in a can'?

Is Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda, which promises marijuana-like effects, a sign that Americans have grown more comfortable with drug use?

Marijuana in America : Artifact
Does this long lost video show Marilyn smoking a joint?

Was Marilyn Monroe a pot smoker?

A decades-old "home movie" allegedly shows the troubled icon — a known substance abuser — enjoying a joint

Marijuana in America : Opinion Brief
Is medical marijuana for kids a prescription for abuse?

Prescribing marijuana to kids

Debate is raging over the use of medicinal marijuana to treat childhood ADHD and autism

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