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The Groupon Phenomenon

The Groupon Phenomenon : The List
If you're willing to pay $1000, Groupon will allow you to name your baby "Clembough."

7 peculiar new Groupon offers

The daily deals site is promoting offers that have triggered plenty of head-scratching — ranging from cheap circumcisions to the opportunity to be tucked into bed

The Groupon Phenomenon : Opinion Brief
Groupon CEO Andrew Mason during the company's IPO last year: The daily deals site is still uncertain when it might start turning a profit.

Is Groupon primed for a comeback?

The struggling daily-deals site sees its share price soar after releasing a better-than-expected earnings report

The Groupon Phenomenon : The List
Groupon CEO Andrew Mason: Just a month after going public, Groupon is already trading below its IPO price, perhaps because investors are shorting the daily deals site's stock.

Groupon's burst IPO bubble: 4 theories

When the daily deals company went public in early November, its share price soared. Now it's collapsed and investors are preparing for a crash landing

The Groupon Phenomenon : Analysis
Groupon employees ring the opening bell in celebration of the company's IPO at the Nasdaq in New York.

Groupon's 'gangbusters' IPO: 4 takeaways

At long last, the daily deals giant goes public. Does its soaring stock price finally prove Groupon's worth — or lack thereof?

The Groupon Phenomenon : Burning Question
Groupon CEO Andrew Mason: Groupon prepares for its Nov. 4 IPO, which may give the cash-strapped daily deals site the infusion of capital it needs.

Will Groupon's IPO save it?

The daily deals giant is finally going public on November 4 — potentially giving the cash-strapped company the massive capital infusion it craves

The Groupon Phenomenon : Opinion Brief
Groupon employees at headquarters in Chicago: The start-up is delaying its anticipated IPO as the investor frenzy appears to cool.

Groupon's IPO delay: Is the tech bubble bursting?

Investors will have to wait to buy stock in Groupon and fellow internet darling Zynga — but they may be losing interest in risky new internet companies anyway

The Groupon Phenomenon : Opinion Brief
Groupon's impressive IPO filing in June has been tainted by the news that the company's number crunching was off by, oh, hundreds of millions of dollars.

Groupon's 'startling' reversal of fortune

A revised IPO filing reveals that the daily deals website isn't just unprofitable — it's bleeding hundreds of millions of dollars

The Groupon Phenomenon : Opinion Brief
Groupon members in Detroit got an offer for a discounted car this week, a first for the daily deals site that typically traffics in smaller-scale bargains.

Should Groupon sell cars?

The daily deals site offers its first-ever coupon for a car, prompting an outcry: Would Groupon be wiser to stick to spa and restaurant discounts?

The Groupon Phenomenon : Opinion Brief
Andrew Mason's Groupon IPO may not be as hot of a ticket as initially hoped, considering newly released financial records show the company is spending more than it makes.

IPO jitters: Is Groupon 'effectively insolvent'?

The company that created an internet coupon sensation is working on a splashy $30 billion IPO, but the details have many potential investors worried

The Groupon Phenomenon : By the numbers
In anticipation of its expected $750 million  Initial Public Offering, Groupon founder Andrew Mason told investors to temper their profit expectations.

Groupon's 'hotly anticipated' $750 million IPO: By the numbers

In two years, its revenue grew from only $94,000 to $713 million — and now the social site for deal seekers expects eager investors to buy in big-time

The Groupon Phenomenon : Opinion Brief
The Groupon sales bible: Some wonder if the trendy deal-of-the-day site's best days are already behind it.

Is Groupon's strategy doomed?

The daily deals site has been valued at $25 billion, but the customers and businesses who actually use it may not be getting their money's worth

The Groupon Phenomenon : Opinion Brief
The Groupon headquarters in Chicago: The daily deal site's revenue was reportedly down 30 percent in February and 32 percent in March.

Groupon's risky future

Stiff competition, staff turnover, and a dip in revenue have some wondering if tech's latest darling has already seen its best days. Has Groupon already peaked?

The Groupon Phenomenon : Opinion Brief
If Groupon can continue to get this kind of excitement out of its online coupon deals, maybe it really will justify a reported $25 billion price tag.

Is Groupon really worth $25 billion?

The leader in virtual coupons might be worth more than Google was when the search giant first started selling stock

The Groupon Phenomenon : Opinion Brief
CoupRecoup is just one in a series of websites catering to those who purchased Groupon-like deals and can't use them.

Will 'Groupon remorse' cool the fever for online deals?

Plenty of people never get to use the coupons before they expire. Will that sour them on the internet's hottest shopping trend?

The Groupon Phenomenon : Twitter Take
Twitter image

The latest tweets on 'Groupon'

Unfiltered, real-time commentary from the world at large

The Groupon Phenomenon : Opinion Brief
Groupon's Super Bowl commercial featuring Timothy Hutton was meant to "make fun of ourselves," says Groupon CEO, not trivialize humanitarian causes.

Groupon's 'tasteless' Super Bowl ad: Smart move?

Critics (and tweeters) slammed Groupon's controversial Tibet spot. But is the fact that we're still talking about it three days later proof that it worked?

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