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The Groupon Phenomenon

The Groupon Phenomenon : Opinion Brief
Google's rival deals-service will actually be known as "Google Offers." But that didn't stop Flickr user Sean MacEntee from mocking up this Google-meets-Groupon logo.

Can Google beat Groupon at its own game?

The search giant failed in its attempt to buy the popular group-discount site. Now it's launching its own version

The Groupon Phenomenon : Opinion Brief
Groupon may be moving quickly to take advantage of a particularly "frenzied period for web start-ups," reports The New York Times.

Is Groupon worth $15 billion?

After rejecting a $6 billion offer from Google, the online coupon site is eyeing an IPO that would value it at $15 billion. Analysts aren't sure that's such a bargain

The Groupon Phenomenon : Timeline
It seems a lot of people love their Groupon deals; which is perhaps why the site has ventured into 150 national markets in just two short years.

The Groupon phenomenon: A timeline

The daily-deals website is the fastest growing online venture ever. How did it get so big so quickly?

The Groupon Phenomenon : Opinion Brief
Groupon is a private, Chicago-based company that launched two years ago.

Should Google buy Groupon?

Google might spend billions to acquire the "deal-of-the-day" coupon site Groupon — but some analysts aren't sure the purchase makes sense

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