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Nigerian Cardinal Francis Arinze attends a 2005 mass.

Is it time for the first African pope?

Two popular African Catholic cardinals — one from Ghana, the other from Nigeria — are among the frontrunners to replace Pope Benedict XVI

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The Dude abides.

11 upstart religions rooted in pop culture

With varying degrees of success, zealous fans have translated their love for brands of pop culture into cults, organizations, and federally recognized religious groups

Religion : In-depth briefing
The earliest circumcisions date back to around 2400 B.C.

To circumcise, or not to circumcise?

A practice that's been a religious obligation for millennia is now in dispute. Is circumcision "mutilation?"

Religion : The Bullpen
Matt K. Lewis

Matt K. Lewis: Angels in the newsroom

Many coastal media elites are quick to deride the millions of ordinary Americans who believe in angels. But we journalists could learn a thing or two from the numinous

Religion : Burning Question
With a caption that reads "Now that's progress," Dr. Pepper's "evolution of flavor" ad has infuriated evolution deniers.

Dr Pepper's new 'evolution' ad: Offensive to Christians?

A seemingly harmless ad campaign has landed the popular soft drink in hot water with Christian fundamentalists who don't believe we came from apes

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Rev. Sun Myung Moon in 2009: Jesus reportedly appeared to the future evangelist at the age of 15 and asked him to establish God's kingdom on Earth and bring peace to humankind.

The grandiose legacy of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The founding "messiah" of a religion mostly known for massive group weddings is dead. What happens to his multimillion-dollar business empire now?

Religion : Essay
According to a recent study, almost 40 percent of Americans who practice religion do so, "to forge a personal relationship with God."

How evangelicals hear the voice of God

When anthropologist Tanya Luhrmann studied how evangelicals pray, says Jill Wolfson, she came to a surprising realization

Religion : Opinion Brief
Parents' religious belief can cloud their judgment when deciding what is medically in the best interest of a terminally ill child, according to a new report.

Waiting for a miracle: Is it inhumane for religious parents to prolong treatment of sick kids?

The authors of a medical study argue that doctors should have the last word in end-of-life cases involving children, because some parents hold out too long for a miracle

Religion : In-depth briefing
Italian cardinals are subversively trying to gain more control in choosing Pope Benedict XVI's successor, according to a series of embarrassing leaks.

The Catholic Church's Vatileaks scandal: A guide

A series of embarrassing leaks has exposed conspiracies, corruption, backstabbing, and bitter rivalries within the Catholic Church's hierarchy

Religion : Analysis
With the Catholic Church mired in various scandals, Pope Benedict XVI has hired a Fox News journalist to help spin the Vatican a better public image.

Why the Vatican hired a Fox News reporter: 4 theories

Conspiracy theorists, start your engines: The pope just poached a "Fair and Balanced" reporter to hone the Holy See's media message

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A Fight Church coach waits for a boxing match to begin: Some evangelical pastors are preaching the benefits of Mixed Martial Arts as a way to get closer to God.

Fight Church: Evangelicals who fight in the name of Jesus

A new documentary stars men trying to answer an age-old question: "Can you love your neighbor as yourself and at the same time knee him in the face?"

Religion : The List
The late Christopher Hitchens' prolific atheist writing may have helped encourage millennials to turn away from the church.

3 reasons young Americans are giving up on God

A new survey finds that religious faith is still strong across all age groups, but something is shaking the beliefs of young adults

Religion : Burning Question
Religious people may be more apt to follow doctrinal beliefs than to be driven by compassion to help others in need.

Are highly religious people less compassionate?

A new study suggests non-believers are more likely than the faithful to be generous when they see a stranger in need

Religion : Fact Sheet
Nuns leaving Christmas Mass in Los Angeles: An umbrella group for U.S. nuns is under investigation for supporting President Obama's health care overhaul, among other supposedly anti-Catholic acts.

The Vatican's crackdown on 'radical feminist' nuns

The Catholic Church vows to punish and police the largest group of nuns in the U.S. after blasting its stances on abortion, health care, and homosexuality

Religion : In-depth briefing
The National Atheist Organization's "Reason Rally" in March: 19 percent of the American public spurns organized religion in favor of skepticism about faith.

The rise of atheism in America

The number of disbelievers is growing, but they remain America's least trusted minority. Why?

Religion : The Bullpen
Tish Durkin

Tish Durkin: What Ireland can teach the U.S. about separating church and state

Religious conservatives in the U.S. are desperate to introduce faith into the public sphere. Judging from the Irish model, that's not such a hot idea

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