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2012 Elections

2012 Elections
Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) released an apology video after he was slammed for comments he made about abortion and "legitimate rape." 

The 9 worst political gaffes of 2012

In an election season riddled with gaffes, flubs, and verbal miscues, here are the lowlights

2012 Elections
"Recall Walker' pins sit in a basket in the Rock County Democratic Party Headquarters on June 4. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker survived.

Recall-mania: Why American voters are increasingly eager to oust lawmakers

Across the nation, a record 168 officials faced recall votes this year

2012 Elections
Holly Solomon was so enraged by the results of the presidential race that she allegedly ran over her husband, who she blamed for President Obama's re-election.

Secession threats, aggravated assault, and more overreactions to the election [Updated]

Whenever America votes, one side always goes home disappointed. This time, however, some voters are going to extremes to vent their frustration

2012 Elections
Nate Silver, not drunk, in 2009: The numbers guru's spot-on predictions inspired a waggish election-night meme.

'Drunk Nate Silver': The best tweets from the funniest post-election meme

The New York Times stats wizard was spot-on in his election forecasts, defying his many critics. And all the thanks he got was Twitter immortality

2012 Elections
Puerto Rican supporters of Governor-elect Garcia Padilla celebrate his win on election day: A majority of voters also cast ballots in favor of becoming America's 51st state.

Is Puerto Rico on the verge of becoming the 51st state?

A majority of Puerto Ricans vote in favor of full statehood. But don't start designing a new U.S. flag quite yet

2012 Elections
Revelers holding signs that say "Women for Obama" run through the streets after the election is called for the president.

The failed 'war on women': 5 big election victories for women

One surefire way to lose an election bid? Make offensive, inaccurate comments about rape and abortion

2012 Elections
President Obama after his victory speech in Chicago: In total, $931,471,420 was spent on the campaign to re-elect Obama.

The multibillion-dollar 2012 election: By the numbers

So much money spent for so little change in Washington

2012 Elections
Democrat Tim Kaine pumps his fists as he celebrates his Senate victory in Virginia.

Democrats hold the Senate: What it means

Democrats prevail in several tight races, and pundits blame the GOP's penchant for nominating severely conservative candidates

2012 Elections
On Election Night, an account parodying Chris Christie revealed a winning sense of humor in 140 characters or less.

The funniest tweets from Election Night 2012

An account parodying New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie won the night... at least on Twitter

2012 Elections
Deb Fischer waves before her Republican National Convention speech on Aug. 28: Once she's sworn in as a senator in January, you can expect to see a whole lot more of Fischer.

Nebraska Senate race: First reactions to Republican Deb Fischer's victory

The Tea Party-backed senator-elect came from nowhere to trounce veteran Democrat Bob Kerrey

2012 Elections
Go ahead and celebrate, Sen.-elect Tim Kaine.

Virginia Senate race: First reactions to Democrat Tim Kaine's victory

The former DNC chairman beats back the GOP candidate most famous for coining the unfortunate term "macaca"

2012 Elections
Democrat Joe Donnelly has to be feeling good: He beat Republican Richard Mourdock, who was once a heavy favorite in Indiana's Senate race.

Indiana Senate race: First reactions to Democrat Joe Donnelly's victory

Tea Party-backed Richard Mourdock incited a media firestorm with his comments about rape and pregnancy. Those remarks also seem to have cost him a Senate seat

2012 Elections
An elderly Michigan man reportedly died and then came back to life while filling out his ballot on Tuesday.

The man who died while voting... and then came back to life to make sure his ballot was cast

The strange story of one particularly dedicated Michigan voter

2012 Elections
Progressive hero Elizabeth Warren speaks at the Democratic National Convention on Sept 5: She has now unseated GOP Sen. Scott Brown in Massachusetts, delivering a clutch win for Democrats.

Massachusetts Senate race: First reactions to Democrat Elizabeth Warren's victory

The U.S. Senate has a brand-new progressive hero

2012 Elections
Democrat Chris Murphy (right) shakes hands with Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) at a rally in Hartford, Conn. on Nov. 5: Murphy has joined Blumenthal as a Democrat who body-slammed Linda McMahon in a U.S. Senate race.

Connecticut Senate race: First reactions to Democrat Chris Murphy's victory

Republican Linda McMahon is now a two-time loser, after yet another Dem thumps the former wrestling exec

2012 Elections
Former Maine Gov. Angus King, an independent who will likely caucus with the Democrats, has won his race to replace retiring GOP Sen. Olympia Snowe.

Maine Senate race: First reactions to independent Angus King's victory

The independent former governor secures an easy win in the race to replace retiring Republican Olympia Snowe

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