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2012 Elections

2012 Elections
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) joins members of the Democratic House caucus on the steps of the U.S. Capitol on Sept. 21 to call on Congress to continue working on legislation before recessing for the fall elections.

4 ways the election could tip the balance of power in Washington

Everybody's focused on the presidential election, but what about the House and the Senate? A quick guide to the congressional scenarios

2012 Elections
Dusk falls over the White House: On Election Night, Ohio and Virginia will be two of the most important states in play in the presidential race.

Election Night 2012: A viewer's guide

How and what to watch for as the votes pour in

2012 Elections
Tea Partier Richard Mourdock was once a lock for Indiana's Senate seat. And then he started talking about rape and pregnancy...

Did Richard Mourdock's rape comments cost the GOP the Senate?

A new poll shows the Republican candidate behind by double digits, potentially putting a safely red seat in Democratic hands

2012 Elections
AIDS Healthcare Foundation president Michael Weinstein (center) is surrounded by former porn stars at the launch of the Los Angeles ballot initiative for mandatory condoms in adult films.

The 4 strangest ballot initiatives of the 2012 elections

Next Tuesday, gay marriage, abortion, and gay marriage will be on ballots in some states. In others, condoms, the Grand Canyon, and the right to fish will be on the line

2012 Elections
Elizabeth Warren speaks at the Democratic National Convention: The Democratic nominee has a slim lead over Scott Brown in the Massacusetts Senate race.

6 signs Democrats will hold on to the Senate

In many key races, GOP gaffes have created Democratic opportunities

2012 Elections
Democratic candidate for Wisconsin's Senate seat, Rep. Tammy Baldwin, debates Republican candidate former Gov. Tommy Thompson on Oct. 18.

Wisconsin Senate: The race at a glance

The race to replace retiring Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.) is one of the closest in the country — and has implications for the presidential race, too

2012 Elections
Presidential candidate Mitt Romney endorsed Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, who's since said that pregnancies from rape are "something God intended."

Anatomy of a campaign ad: 'The Romney-Mourdock ticket'

Liberal super PAC American Bridge releases a video aligning Mitt Romney with the Republican Indiana Senate candidate whose abortion views are fueling outrage

2012 Elections
Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock shakes hands with Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan: On Tuesday, Mourdock made an ill-advised remark about rape and pregnancy.

Indiana Senate: The race at a glance

When Hoosier State Republicans cast aside Sen. Richard Lugar in favor of Richard Mourdock, they may have thrown away a safe Senate seat, too

2012 Elections
Republican Richard Mourdock participates in a debate in New Albany, Ind., on Oct. 23: Mourdock's comments about pregnancy and rape are being likened to Todd Akin's.

Did Richard Mourdock's rape comment cost the GOP Indiana's Senate seat?

The Indiana Republican says that pregnancy from rape is "something that God intended to happen"

2012 Elections
Supporters of gay marriage in California: Four states will address the same-sex marriage issue in November.

5 controversial ballot initiatives from around the nation

Rival activists are squaring off on everything from gay rights to the death penalty

2012 Elections
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) discussed many more important things than Fifty Shades of Grey during her debate against Republican challenger Wendy Long.

New York Senate debate: The sexist Fifty Shades of Grey question

Has the nation's mommy porn obsession officially gone too far?

2012 Elections
Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey Jr. (D) was first elected in the Democratic wave of 2006 — and his re-election bid is turning out to be a lot harder than most politicos expected.

Pennsylvania Senate: The race at a glance

Sen. Bob Casey (D) was supposed to win re-election in a cakewalk. Thanks to a heavy-spending challenger, Casey is now sprinting

2012 Elections
Independent former Maine Gov. Angus King is the heavy favorite to win retiring Sen. Olympia Snowe's seat.

Maine Senate: The race at a glance

The race to replace Olympia Snowe has become a complicated three-person affair. And frontrunner Angus King won't even say which party he'd caucus with

2012 Elections
The Office's Rainn Wilson wants to make Election Day less of a pain for those who can't take time off work to cast a vote.

Rainn Wilson's pitch to make Voting Day a national holiday

Can The Office's Dwight Schrute convince America that Election Day should become a federal holiday... or happen on the weekend?

2012 Elections
Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) looks on as Richard Carmona, right, shakes hands with moderator Ted Simons before an Arizona Senate debate on Oct. 10: Flake looked to have an easy victory ahead of him, but some analysts have recently labeled the race a toss-up.

Arizona Senate: The race at a glance

The race for the seat being vacated by Sen. Jon Kyl (R) was supposed to be an easy GOP win, but it isn't turning out that way

2012 Elections
Democrat Tim Kaine (left) shakes hands with Republican George Allen before the start of their Virginia Senate debate on Sept. 20.

Virginia Senate: The race at a glance

Former Sen. George Allen wants his old seat back. He's going to have to fight former Gov. Tim Kaine to get it

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