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2012 Elections

2012 Elections
Despite having Pearl Jam on his side, Democratic Sen. Jon Tester just can't shake GOP Rep. Denny Rehberg in the Montana Senate race.

Montana Senate: The race at a glance

Millions of attack-ad dollars have flooded the Big Sky State, but voters are still evenly split between Democratic Sen. Jon Tester and his GOP challenger

2012 Elections
Republican Linda McMahon shakes hands with Democrat Chris Murphy after their Oct. 7 debate in the Connecticut Senate race.

Connecticut Senate: The race at a glance

Wrestling magnate Linda McMahon has turned the contest for a safe Democratic seat into a real nail-biter

2012 Elections
Maine state Senate candidate Colleen Lachowicz participates in World of Warcraft as her avatar, Santiaga, a green-skinned, mohawked, trash-talker.

When politics collides with World of Warcraft: Colleen Lachowicz' public shaming

While a Democratic Maine state Senate candidate is facing ridicule for her online life as a trash-talking assassin orc, the state GOP is taking flak for making it an issue

2012 Elections
Heidi Heitkamp, North Dakota's former attorney general, is giving Republican Rick Berg a real run for his money in the Peace Garden State.

North Dakota Senate: The race at a glance

Democrat Heidi Heitkamp has improbably turned a near-certain Republican pickup into a real race

2012 Elections
In a brutal new campaign ad from his Democratic challenger, Rep. Allen West's (R-Fla.) war-hero credentials are called into question.

The new anti-Allen West attack ad: 2012's nastiest race just got nastier

First, Rep. West hammered Democrat Patrick Murphy for his 2003 arrest after a bar brawl. Now, Murphy fires back by cataloging West's alleged war crimes

2012 Elections
The high of securing enough delegates to become the Republican presidential nominee didn't last very long for Romney, before his new iPhone app brought him crashing back to Earth.

13 embarrassing political typos [Updated]

President Obama's re-election campaign proves it's better at math than English, joining Mitt Romney in the mangled-spelling hall of fame

2012 Elections
Democrat Bob Kerrey, a former senator and governor in Nebraska, at his second debate with Republican Deb Fischer in Omaha, Neb., on Sept. 28.

Nebraska Senate: The race at a glance

Former Sen. Bob Kerrey (D) has an uphill climb to win his old Senate seat against GOP state legislator Deb Fischer

2012 Elections
Democrat Patrick Murphy's drunken 2003 mug shot is contrasted with a polished GOP Rep. Allen West in this harsh campaign ad.

Allen West's new ad: The most brutal clip of 2012?

The Florida Tea Party hero contrasts his 2003 military service with what his opponent was doing at the time — getting arrested after a drunken nightclub brawl. Ouch

2012 Elections
A sign lets voters know they can cast early ballots for the Florida primary on. Jan. 27: Early voting for the general election has already begun in 25 states.

Does early voting damage democracy?

Forget Nov. 6. More than two dozen states have already started voting

2012 Elections
Presidential hopeful Rick Perry fields a question during the Nov. 9, 2011, debate in which he suffered a disastrous mental lapse.

How Rick Perry's campaign imploded: 4 new revelations

A reporter who followed the Texas governor's failed bid for the White House dishes the unheard story behind the "oops" moment that sealed Perry's doom

2012 Elections
"We have a very excellent chance to take back the House," a confident House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said during a recent interview on CNN.

Are Republicans in danger of losing the House?

The GOP effort to seize control of the Senate is losing steam, and some Democrats are boasting that even the GOP's House majority is imperiled

2012 Elections
Virginia Senate candidate Tim Kaine speaks at the Democratic National Convention on Sept. 4: In a Sept. 20 debate, the Democrat went way off message on taxes.

Tim Kaine's 'tax the 47 percent' gaffe: Did he just lose Virginia?

In a key Senate race, the Democrat stumbles badly when asked about Mitt Romney's grumbling over Americans who pay no income taxes

2012 Elections
Mitt Romney and Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) in 2010: The Massachusetts senator is suddenly falling behind Democrat Elizabeth Warren, and some pundits blame Romney.

4 reasons Democrats are hopeful about holding the Senate

For months, the GOP seemed to have better than even odds at seizing the Senate. Not anymore. What went wrong?

2012 Elections
A federal court wasn't persuaded by the evidence Texas provided to show its voter ID law doesn't discriminate against low-income black and Latino voters.

The battle over voter ID laws

A panel of judges throws out Texas' strict new rule, saying it would disproportionately hurt low-income, minority voters. Why are these GOP-backed laws so controversial?

2012 Elections
President Obama and Sandra Fluke during a campaign stop on Aug. 8: The Georgetown grad student who spoke out for federal birth control funding will be speaking at the Democratic convention.

Would Democrats regret making their convention an 'anti-Akin affair'?

Liberals see abortion as a winning issue going into the convention, but critics warn that a heavy-handed focus on women's rights could backfire

2012 Elections
The public rewards the media for focusing on Mitt Romney's slips of the tongue instead of, say, his education policy, and a vicious cycle begins.

The media's obsession with political gaffes: 4 downsides

Political gaffes — both real and manufactured — are popping up every few minutes in 2012. And if you're sick of all the gotcha stories, you're not alone

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